Monday, September 20, 2010

No Frills Whining

Pixies, I am too tired to do anything in the least creative this week.

Baboos who tag-team waking up in the wee hours, mamas who stay up too late doing nothing on teh Internets, daddies who have meetings during go-to-bed time, serious appointments with the school district, preacher's-wifey things, etc.

In antiwhines, the Sweet Baboo *loves* preschool, and Mini Baboo is crawling. I think that last one is an antiwhine.

What's happening in your world?


kathy a. said...

sorry about the sleeplessness, esperanza. but great news about the baboos!

friday was so bad that i emergency-whined in last week's thread. daughter had a meltdown when she found her "studio" apartment is a private room but shared kitchen/bath. but she rallied nicely after much shopping, organizing, and some decorating. it's not a bad place, just not what we were led to believe. i'm home now, and exhausted.

her funniest line about settling into the first apartment: "i didn't know it would be this much work."

AW: she has accomplished some stuff today! and is applying for jobs!

W: my really difficult sister learned my facebook alias, and wants me to friend her. i have an alias for reasons, and she is one of them. gah.

kathy a. said...

just shoot me. now daughter is desperately unhappy again. she heard people talking in the kitchen about how they want to be friends and maybe share internet and stuff. she wants nothing to do with them. i really don't know why she feels so strongly, but these kinds of feelings are why we tried to arrange a private apartment.

esperanza said...

I'm trying to leave sympathetic clucking noises, kathy a, but blogger is thwarting me. Let's see if it works this time.

JenR said...

I am one of the first people to arrive at my office building. We always turn on only half of the lights because all of them on is just too bright. Just after 7 every morning the light timer kicks in and turns the rest on. At 7:15 the office manager gets up and turns half off again. This has been going on for years. You would think she would have changed the timer by now.

I guess that's not really whine-worthy (or even a whine?) except that it annoyed me today.

Sue said...

kathy - sorry for the apartment whines and for the "but I don't you to be my friend" problem. I've had to deal with that one a few times as well. There are only so many church people I want as fb friends. I find that quietly ignoring the invite and playing dumb if asked about it tends to work.

sorry about the sleepiness esperanza, especially the preacher's-wifey stuff. Bleh. The rest could almost be manageable if you didn't have to turn into June Cleaver at a moment's notice. The standard life of pearls and bedroom slippers that is expected of preacher's wives - it sucks. Just ask my husband - heehee.

JenR - that light thing would annoy me too. No question.

Whine: I get tired just thinking about how much work I have to get done in the next two days. Where to start - ugh - that's always the hardest part.

Anti-whine: Church meeting out of town this weekend so I get to enjoy a lovely drive along the shores of Lake Superior. Beautiful this time of year!

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh KathyA - how miserable for your daughter. Hate learning experiences. :) And the FB sister issue, yikes.

Esperanza - yay on preschool and crawling. good luck with the rest.

JenR - that is so one of those annoyances that would just eat at me over time.

Sue - enjoy your trip along Lake Superior. very pretty.

Whine: Last week I talked to the child psychiatrist and assured her that I thought the dose of Z010ft was
working. My daughter was very even, leaning toward happy. And then she had a very hard weekend with anxiety just flaring at every turn. And this week is turning out that way too. Zoinks!

Sue said...

So sorry to hear that Sarah. Getting the meds just right is so difficult. I hope everything works out really soon.

kathy a. said...

oh no, sarah! crossing fingers this is just one of those bumps in the road.

jenr, that whine gets my vote!

so, daughter talked to one of the suitemates for 2 hours last night, and met another one. she handles transitions poorly, such as start of school. she'll work this out, one way or another. but oy, the drama.

Sue said...

Dear hurricane Igor (that's eye-gor for anyone who has seen Young Frankenstein),

Go away. You suck.

Signed, me.

esperanza said...

Sarah, that's discouraging, to say the least.

Sue, thanks for the preacher's wife sympathy. Pearls and such are SO not me that I think they've figured that out. It's the expectation that I will "volunteer" to do stuff that is wearing on me right now. This is the first church where I've really felt that, because this is the first church of Mr E's that I've really been a part of. Always before, I was serving a church myself, which was my built-in excuse for everything. Handy, no?

AW: the weather. It was fall today, at least by our standards. High 80's, not so fireplacing humid, nice breeze, lovely light, nice full moon tonight. Aaahhh.

esperanza said...

Oh, and the whole pregnant-butt-on-couch thing last year worked pretty well, but it's kind of expired now.

Sue said...

Ah, but a toddler and a baby take up just as much time as the pregnant-butt-on-couch time did, right? Next time you are "voluntold", smile big and remind the person that parenthood is the most important job in the world and that is where your focus is right now.

Seriously. I can remember people telling me when the boys were really young "enjoy them now because the time goes by so quickly" - they were right. Now I have two wonderful adult sons, but every now and then I wish I could have some time back with them as babies. That load of laundry could have waited while we read one more book or played a game.

Enjoy your beautiful girls and don't let church ladies (or gents) bully you out of this precious time.

Sorry, long whistful post there....

Sarah at ratatat said...

Esperanza - hugs and luck in escaping.

This too shall pass, at least at my house.

Sue said...

Wednesday morning whine: I've got that "deer-caught-in-the-headlights" frozen feeling. I have more to do this morning than I usually need to do in three days. Don't know where to start. ACK!!!!!!

Also, we still haven't heard from relatives in Newfoundland. Worrisome for sure....

Ok - newsletter time.

kathy a. said...

esperanza -- excuse me, but toddler plus infant plus preacher's wife plus plus plus does not add up to "my plate is full"???

sue, hope you get through your stuff, and that your relatives are OK.

mini-whine: my sneakers stink.

mini-whine: cat pook.

apologies for all teh grown kid angst.

liz said...

Engorged with snot
Runny nose

Zyrtec not coping with it adequately.

liz said...

Esperanza, just say no.

Kathy, sending hugs to your daughter.

Sue, just say no.

Sue said...

Oh my. My father-in-law's cousin died in yesterday's hurricane in Newfoundland. He was 80 years old. He went out to see what kind of damage the hurricane had done to his property and he ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and was swept out to the Atlantic.

Very sad here tonight.

kathy a. said...

liz appears to be in the running for the 7 dwarves award.

((( sue )))

liz said...


Sue said...

Definitely liz for 7 Dwarves with added bonus "engorged with snot" award. (There has to be an award for that. Srsly.)

Whine: I'm off to a three day church meeting tomorrow. Wah.

Whine: I'm off to a three day church meeting tomorrow and today's wedding planning meeting was AWFUL - both the bride and the groom to be had horrible snot-award-worthy colds. Ugh. As if a church meeting out of town isn't bad enough - I get to go with bonus cold germs!!!!

Anti-whine: Have been jamming Cold-fx all afternoon in the hopes of fending off evil cold germs.

emily said...

Student teaching is keeping me so busy that I have little time for anything else! Even whining. And, I'm mostly observing at the moment. I'm not sure what happens when I have to document everything. Just being out of the house from 6:45am-4pm every day is harder than it looks! Plus getting up in the dark is no fun.

Also--I have a cold.

Hugs to everyone!

esperanza said...

wow, the whining took off while I was off being a good little volunteer. With third and fourth graders. Yes, I am certifiable.

Sue, many sympathies to your family. That is just tragic.

I am afraid to antiwhine this, but SB has been in school for a couple of weeks now and ~whisper~ no snot.

esperanza said...

Oh, and another...something. I think it's an antiwhine. Loooong time pixies may remember that I was "invited to resign" from a ministry job about five years ago (oh wait, I don't think I was a pixie then. Well, anyway, there it is). It was a crappy ending to what had come to be a crappy job that I should have left two years before. Ahem. In any case. Senior pastor of that church is retiring this Sunday, and I've been invited to her last Sunday and accompanying festivities.

And...what did I say? No. That's right, I said no. Not going, don't want to, you can't make me. So there.

Madeleine said...

{{Sue and family}}

Can you find the whine hidden in this anti-whine?

Today, SG's school had their not-previously-announced lice inspection. And she was pronounced clear, much to my surprise!

amy said...

Whine/Anti-whine combo: Had to spend a chunk of the weekend in the hospital with Tater for "asthma symptoms". This is the third time this year we've hauled butt to the ER for "asthma symptoms", and this time they were bad enough to warrant being hospitalized. Although no one wants to go into the hospital, the antiwhine here is that it qualifies him for a diagnosis, which we needed in order to finally get the preventative drugs he needs, rather than just the emergency drugs that don't do enough (because they aren't as strong as the hospital doses).

I'm so exhausted from the entire thing (and sick now, too) that I'm not even sad about it anymore. He was hospitalized, he was sick, he's getting better now, we have the right drugs, the end (hopefully). What's really getting me now is that I spent an hour today drafting a thank you note and update to everyone who left us kind wishes on FB. I had to go through the eleventy million FB comments in order to tag everyone, and when I went to save the draft of the note, FB lost all the tags. Fireplace!

amy said...

I wish my toddler son would quit hitting me. I swear I am the only person he hits. WTH?

Madeleine said...

Amy, sweetie, you can just post "Thanks everyone for your kind wishes. We're all exhausted, but Tater is doing so much better. I'm off for a nap."

Tagging every single person who left you a 10-second "So sorry!" note? To me that seems like more politeness than needed. But then again I am a boor.

kathy a. said...

yay, esperanza, for just saying NO.

madeleine, do you suspect the lice were just hiding? ~shudder~ just reading the word "lice" makes me itchy.

amy, glad your poor little boy is feeling better. and the preventive meds really help.

on the agenda for today: discussing with daughter the fact that 1:15 a.m. phone calls mean someone is in the hospital; they are not appropriate for "my internet went out, i might have killed my computer going to a bad website."

Madeleine said...

kathy, sympathy on the phone call and the followup conversation.

I had removed all actual lice during many hours of combing last weekend. Many hours. But I was pretty sure I couldn't have gotten every nit and the school has an ill-advised no-nits policy. (Serendipitously, the NY Times on Tuesday had two articles on the L-word, including one saying every competent professional disagrees with no-nits policies. Should I send the article to the school board anonymously?)

Happily, these little buggers are much easier to get rid of than the dread bedbugs, because they cannot survive more than 48 hours without a host. Bedbugs can curl up in the corner forever waiting for you. (We have not yet had any sign of bedbugs at our house, despite the panic reported previously.)

Sue said...

Yay esperanza!!!! No was definitely the right answer. Can you say awwwwkward? That will be a good event to miss....

Boo to fb.

Amy - I'm glad your son is feeling better!

kathy a. - oh my. Those middle of the night calls are rough. It's amazing how many bad things can rush into your mind between the first ring and the second. I'm sure on *some* level it was a relief that it was only computer trouble, but I definitely see the "boundaries" discussion being necessary. Hope it goes well.

Whine: I'm leaving for a three day trip with enough stuff for three months. The problem is the weather. It's cold. Sweaters and socks take up space. Also, I take a lot of my own food (gluten-free, no onion, no garlic). I'm just too high-maintenance in the food department. If I asked the church ladies to figure it out, their heads would explode. So, I take my own.

Anywho, have a good day pixies. I'll check in later.

Anti-whine: hotel in the middle of nowhere has high speed internet. Excellent....

A. Nonnie Moose said...

Dear Pixies -- It appears that all the family estate drama is finally, finally resolved. Eleven months of angst, and eleventy-billion emails and phone calls later. This should have been easy-peasy. The parental units did all the right paperwork, the divisions were clear all along.

At least it is over now. I'm going wild with my share, paying off student loans and socking some into retirement for the first time in years. A few deferred home maintenance projects. And I really really want some housekeeping fairies for a major cleaning.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Good going on the "no" front Esperanza.

And so sorry to hear about the Newfoundland death in your family, Sue.

Amy - how absolutely nightmarish that they wouldn't proactively treat your son's asthma without a "diagnosis." Better sleep and well controlled symptoms going forward.

Madeleine - wishing you no nits going forward.

Anti-whine around here - The baby had her 2 year old checkup today. And I was psyching myself up to tell the doctor that it bothered me that he stepped out of caring for my oldest in ~ June with her headaches/stomachaches/anxiety. And I decided to ask for help and he was actually helpful and kind and not in a blow me off way.

Low expectations, give a cheer!

kathy a. said...

sarah -- that's good the doc was helpful and kind! xoxo

Sue said...

Good for you Sarah for asking doc the hard questions. I'm glad he responded professinally and appropriately. You rock.

Anti-whine: have settled in to the Little Teeny Town for our weekend long church meeting.

Whine: Three hour drive with two other lovely women (really - they're great) but ya know, when I'm driving long distances, it's music that keeps me alert and awake - not conversation. I know that's odd, but all I wanted to do was turn on the ipod and sing along. Wasn't going to happen. After an hour, I was ready to walk the 200 km remaining. Srsly, how long can three women talk about church stuff?

One person was quite offended when I did not go for supper with a small group to the Chinese restaurant. Thought I was "blowing them off" - first, I really *am* allergic to MSG. Second, I need to be alone. A full day in a small car with constant conversation? Ya. Need some down time.

Sheesh. The weekend hasn't even started and I'm in trouble for being a renegade outsider already.