Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Frills Awards

Yep, still tired and busy, so the awards are as spiffy as the whining was.

Old Skool Whining Award to JenR, for the moving story of too many lights that are inexplicably off and on and off and on, when there is a perfectly good programmable timer right there.

Elevated Risk of Mullett Award to Liz, for the soon-to-become a classic, "engorged with snot." Unfortunately, we know just what you mean. Especially emily, who has the student teacher cold and Sue, with the snotty bride and groom to-be.

Style Award to Madeleine, for the talented hidden whine that involved--ew--lice. In her own daughter's hair. Lice always, always get an award from me. Ew.

Someday She'll be a Grownup Award to kathy a., for her daughter's growing pains involving apartments (aka rooms that aren't actually, you know, apartments), roommates, and middle-of-the-night phone calls that do not involve a dead body.

Introverts and Church Meetings Don't Mix Award to Sue, for the preparation, packing, travel, "socializing" and endurance of said meetings. Also, many hugs and sympathy to Sue's in-laws, who grieve the loss of the 80 year old in Hurricane Igor.

Congratulations, Your Doctor is Being a Doctor Award to Sarah at Ratatat, for eliciting a kind and helpful response from the doctor. Good thoughts for your daughter's medication calibration, too.

And more hugs and a nice, shiny Open Airways Award to amy and Tater, who had to take the drastic step of getting hospitalized just to get a good diagnosis and good medication.

Thanks for playing, and come back next week (except for you, A. Nonnie, are we bidding you farewell?)


Madeleine said...

Woo-hoo! If those are your no-frills awards, esperanza, I can't wait till you catch up on your sleep one of these decades and show us what you can really do!

And just FYI, Snuggly Girl has joined the engorged with snot crew.

kathy a. said...

excellent ceremony, esperanza! tissues all around, especially to the snot engorged.

A. Nonnie Moose said...

Yes, my tiresome persona is retiring. Passing the beverages and some nice warm buttered bread. And chocolate mint chip ice cream.

Sue said...

great awards esperanza!

A.Nonnie Moose - you will be missed! The Pixie Ball won't be the same without you.

Jenevieve said...

Great awards!

I miss you guys! I do skim, fyi.