Thursday, September 16, 2010

Awards: the Pre-Launch Edition

This week's ceremony is brought to you by the letter P, for Procrastination. In theory, daughter and dad will set out on the long drive to school. Daughter is currently asleep. Her clothing might be packed, but books and miscellaneous, not much. The entire floor of her room is still covered with stuff. She has no idea what she did with the contract for her apartment. Yay, us.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Miranda, for her daughter's priceless rant on the hopelessness of everything:

"It doesn't matter what I do because I can't handle a simple little project with paper and crayons and gluing pictures so I am going to get straight F's and grow up and work at McDonalds and have a cat and live alone in a one room apartment. A one room apartment! Do you hear this?"

Old Skool Award, Fashion Division goes to Liz, for the combination of untended pits and sleeveless clothing.

Old Skool Award, Gourmet Division goes to Esperanza, who cooked too much oatmeal, and leftover oatmeal is yucky.

Old Skool Award, Interior Design Division goes to JenR, who longs for a clean house but will settle for less messy, and would hire someone except she would have to clean for the cleaner.

On the Road Again Award to Madeleine, with a Whoops! Laurel for the forgotten items.

Jumping Through the Hoops Award to Amy, who has finally rustled up enough letters of recommendation despite circumstances seriously limiting the pool of letter-writers. Go, Amy!

Nap Interrupted Award to Esperanza, whose Mini Baboo lost her nap mojo following the invasion of the relatives.

"My Name is Trouble" Award to Sue, for unbloggable unhappiness.

Slow Times Award to Sarah, who is trying to get up the motivation to go to work, but nothing is happening at work.

Best Antiwhine Award to Neighbor Lady, who still loves loves loves her job!

Condolences to everyone dealing with hormones, job stress, too much or too little to do, and frustrations of every kind. Thanks for playing!


Madeleine said...

Awards in the Face of Adversity Award to Kathy A.

kathy a. said...

Aw, you're sweet, Madeleine. I actually got some work done this morning! But I'm about ready to jump out of my skin right now, because daughter is still asleep due to staying up all night and not packing, and when daddy wakes her up in a few minutes, there will be so much to do in a short time that my head will explode.

My plan is to get in there with garbage bags [to pack bedding, towels, etc.], and haul out other useful items, while she is in the shower. Because daddy's plan is to start driving in 1-2 hours.

kathy a. said...

Sample moment of insanity --

Me: We have to pack the sheets, towels, comforter...

Beloved: You'll have to bring those on the plane. I don't want to weigh the car down too much.

Me: [bites tongue off while head pops]

JenR said...

Kathy a - for the price of bringing that stuff on the plane (even if it all fits in one suitcase), you might as well buy it all new when you get there. Eek. I can't imagine trying to bring it all along.

kathy a. said...

Most everything fit in the car, after all, and they are off. I'll do a sweep for forgotten items this afternoon. We'd all be less tense if the major packing had been done by, say, yesterday -- instead of 5 minutes before liftoff. She even found the apartment contract.

Beloved nixed the folding bookcase and folding bedside table -- useful, portable, and compact! Not so shippable. Gah. She'll need those things, and also to outfit the kitchen. I'm really wanting to nudge her toward independence and living w/in means, so trying not to go buy things we already have. Sorry for all the rambling...

esperanza said...

oh, kathy a, nothing can spark an--ahem--disagreement with Mr E faster than trying to pack the car for a trip. It's only gotten worse with two baboos and all their stuff. I guess you're making me grateful they aren't old enough to pack their own suitcases yet!

kathy a. said...

omg, there is no way i can hold today's whines in.

the first is a whine of my stupidity, trying to rent an apartment from 600 miles away. have you ever heard of a "studio apartment" where it turns out each bedroom has a separate entrance, but 4 rooms share kitchen and bath????? i never had, and this arrangement was not explained on the website, in the paperwork, or in my several conversations with the manager.

so, beloved calls me while i'm on the shuttle, and i can hear daughter in the background -- crying, yelling, angry, distraught. she really really doesn't want roommates, and we thought we had that problem covered.

she calmed down some -- there is no way she can find something else immediately, right when school is starting, so she will look around and we'll talk. got the internet hooked up, a lot unpacked, and hit the buy-everything store, the goodwill store [mug and 3 bowls for $2.50], and BB&B. dad's working on the wireless and the printer and dadly stuff. he'll leave tomorrow, and she and i will handle all the loose ends.

so meanwhile, back at the hotel -- my really difficult sister just sent me a FB friend request. i use a pseudonym on FB so i will not be searchable, and i had hoped to not be subjected to this particular torture -- apparently one of my other sisters friended her AND let my pseud slip. joy joy joy. this sister can be unbelievably nasty. my anxiety goes through the roof when i have to spend time with her.

so. tomorrow is another day. i think daughter's warming up to the idea of cooking food in the kitchen even though she might see someone there. i corrected the toilet paper situation -- what's up with that? not a roll in the place -- and promised to pay for all the TP they need as a gesture of goodwill. push comes to shove, i believe in toilet paper. i think that even in these difficult times, that is a stance upon which we can find peace.

Madeleine said...

OMG! Kathy, I think I see a BBB complaint in your near future. There is no way it is ethical to rent a "studio apartment" which is actually a "dorm room." Good luck working out the details.