Thursday, June 3, 2010

Awards! Hosted by Sokka, the Haiku-bender

Plentiful Haikus
Flow through Wednesday sweeping
Unhappiness out

Esperanza wins the Most Stylish Single Parent Award

Emily wins the Every Load Has A Silver Clothes Line Award with her paean to Summer chores.

A Nonnie Mouse wins the Weird Al Award for her song to a Greedy Trustee.

Sue wins the And The Pixies Say, "AMEN" Award for her re-telling of Genesis.

Days wins the Couplet Award

Amy, I know of what you whine. And your Haiku apology is a thing of beauty.

I love Days' Ode to A Cluestick and Kathy A.'s Pixie Sunshine

And kudos to the rest of you all dealing with moving, mosquitos, potty training, waiting for news, possible illness, too short dresses (try Nordies?), anxious children, obnoxious alarm clocks, familiar strangers at reunions, plumbing issues, busted and/or misbehaving and/or appropriated computers, and songs you. just. cannot. get. out. of. your. head.

Thank you for your commiseration on my ice-cream-lessness.

Tune in next week when our host will be.......announced!

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liz said...

Testing comments. Are they working for you?

kathy a. said...

yes, comments are working!

lovely week, pixies! i laughed so hard. and liz, fabulous awards as always.

kathy a. said...

and links!

Emily said...

Thank you for the award....I loved the stylish whines!

A. Nonnie Moose said...

EEK! Weird Al!!!!111!!

Sue said...

Great awards!! Thanks for a fun week!

esperanza said...

Yes, very fun.

The Sweet Baboo watched the haiku movie with me. Her response? "More!"

amy said...

This was a fun Whiners' Ball! We should do it again. :)

Excellent multi-media awards, Liz!