Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Large Cluestick....

Wednesday Whining, your internet source for whines of all stripes -- from Bridezilla to Poison Ivy, we've got it all!

One unspoken whine -- we're 8 weeks along with this, no fireplacing end in sight -- is the BP disaster. There are acres of commentary out there in the intertubes, but I'll hazard the guess that the WW community pretty much agrees on the "you broke it, you bought it" principle. Your humble host therefore recognizes the Cluesticker in Chief for an excellent piece of work, persuading the perps to put aside an awesome $20 Billion as a down payment on damages owed to individuals harmed. Not a cap on the damages; not fines or criminal penalties, which will come later; not cleanup costs -- this is to help those harmed. Wow.

On to the awards! Emily wins the Style Award for her advice to Jeni, on the occasion of oral exams:
For oral exams do not despair,
Just imagine your tormentors in their underwear!

Many crossed fingers and much chocolate to Jenevieve, finishing her last finals!

Madeliene wins Old Skool, for her W/AW combo:
W: Raaaaaaain on our camp-fun day.
AW: Fewer mosquitoes, and the rain cleared in time for afternoon fun.

Emily also wins the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her, um, positive spin on my hot-flash-fueled rant.

Tummy Bug Begone Award to Esperanza. Oy. But yay for Sweet Baboo, and her encouraging report from the developmental pediatrician!

Bridezilla Award to Sue, for dealing with the special snowflake who probably picked her colors and the party favors months ago, but only got around to those tiny details such as when, where, and who will perform the ceremony at the last minute. And is surprised to learn that Sue has some other things to do, besides waiting for random brides-to-be to wander in and order up a ceremony. Runner up to Esperanza, who says:
Sue, chalk one more up to the "rather do a funeral than a wedding" list. Ugh. I'm sure *I* wasn't like that.

Preteen Award to Madeleine, who recognizes the warning signs.

Oh, Camp, Don't Do This Award to Sarah, whose daughter's camp just announced something that pushed the anxiety button. That button they are trying not to push.

Intrepid Bipeds Against Cancer Awards to Liz, who did miles and miles in a Relay for Life and also did something to her foot, and to Amy, who is in training for a run.

Perils of Modern Technology Award to Amy, whose phone died a bad death, complete with all the info she had stored there. ACK! I hope someone can help you recover the data. And also her car died, raising the dilemma of whether to fork out for the expensive fix, or what. You just never want to hear a mechanic utter the words "head gasket." Trust me.

Poison Ivy Award to Emily. We itch in sympathy.

A collective sigh of relief for JenR's SIL's niece, who is doing well enough to be out of ICU and actively complaining about the hospital food!

Thanks for playing! Join us next week, when the delightful Madeliene will host!


liz said...

I love the awards this week!!!

Sue said...

Great awards Kathy a. - as always!!

A double high five for any and all BP whines. I'm just left speechless at the level of horror in the whole mess.

Good news - no word from Bridezilla! I think I might have scared her off by telling her she and her beloved would need to meet with me at least two or three times in the next two weeks, just to plan the service. Then we would have to talk about music and a rehearsal date....

Seriously, I wonder what is on her invitations. Where did she tell her guests to show up for this shingdig????? I'll probably never know, making me wonder if I sounded a little "too" bitchy on the phone.

Bygones. I'm with esperanza. I'd rather do a dozen meaningful funerals that are truly a tribute to a life well lived, than to do one bridezilla wedding.

emily said...

Prednisone--the drug of choice for Wednesday whining :-).

I'm honored by my awards this week. Since I will now undoubtedly be subject to a higher degree of media scrutiny and in the interest of academic honesty, I must confess--the wording is mine, but the idea of imagining your examiners in their underwear should have been cited as follows:

"The Driver's Seat", The Brady Bunch. WABC, New York. 11 Jan 1974. Recorded Television Show


kathy a. said...

Emily, I can report that Award Central knew you had sources, but did not feel citation was necessary in this context.

For Jeni, two last words of encouragement: SpongeBob. Tighties.

Sue, I dunno -- but at least it does not sound like your problem any more. I don't think reality checks are mean.

Madeleine said...

Hahahaha. Great awards this week, and then even more fun in the comments...

Jenevieve said...

Awesome awards, and now I'm freeeeeeee! Thanks for the support, guys!

liz said...

Congratulations Jenevieve!!!!!

kathy a. said...

Yay, Jeni!