Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doin' the Birthday!

Doin' The Birthday
To the tune of
Doin' The Pigeon

Doin' the B-B-Birthday
Doin' the B-B-Birthday
Settin' it all up her way
For the kind of par-tay
That sweeeeeeeeps her away

Doin' the B-B-Birthday
Doin' the B-B-Birthday
People may whine
But I don't mind
They'll never understand just how much running around I'm doing

Ahem. That last line may not scan properly.

Location: rented
RSVPs: all but two after a bit of reminding
Cupcakes: just ordered
Freezer available at location?: message left
Loot bag items: purchased (and SG says maybe she and her BFF will stuff them tomorrow afternoon)

At this point the main open question is "What major beef will My Love come up with when he gets back to this continent Friday night?" We have a tradition where I plan the party because he's too busy and then at the last minute he micromanages. But at least I'm expecting it, right?

Keep me company while I continue to avoid that report that was due three weeks ago, pixies. I need your distraction.


Jenevieve said...

PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS!!!!! I'm a VET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I seem to have forgotten all my whines.

I wanted to write a wee note just to say that this WW community has been amazing through school. You guys are awesome people!

liz said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on vet-dom!

:)Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

happy dancing for jeni! woo hooooo!

oh, madeleine, what a classy, stylish start to the whine-fest! sounds like a grand party, and everything's all set -- changes would be disruptive. if True Love wants to add a little something, he can go for it. ;)

kathy a. said...

oh, we need refreshments. breaking out the bubbly for jeni, and passing the cupcakes. and some healthy veggies and dip. woot!

esperanza said...

Hip Hip Hooray for Jeni!

And boo on micromanaging.

I'm sure I'll have something else later, but tops on my mind right now is this: while at the children's museum today, Sweet Baboo happily exploring (if happily = constant calls for mama) and Mini Baboo in the front baby carrier, Mama standing not-so-comfortably-but-ok, the strap on the carrier BROKE. Gradually, so I could feel her slipping and caught her (she wouldn't have fallen out, just sideways, but still). Those things are not supposed to BREAK. Of course, I got it second-hand and have no idea how it was treated before we owned it, but I didn't expect it to BREAK.

AW: I whined to a friend and she is letting us borrow her much nicer one.

W/AW: said friend only lives an hour away (close in my terms, so yippee!) but somehow we've only managed to see each other twice in the past year. Why is it so hard to connect with irl friends?

amy said...

I have two dozen papers to grade before tomorrow night (and a birthday party to schlep kids to tomorrow morning), and I feel like garbage. I thought maybe it was my period because ever since having Tater, my period is increasingly brutal, but on top of it, I've got a headache that goes down my whole spine, plus a sore throat and a heightened sensitivity to touch. Seems like a virus, maybe? Ugh. I just want to go to bed, and I might try it.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Congrats Dr. Jeni! Yay!

Good luck with the last minute "fixes" that will drive you crazy, Madeleine. And Happy party!

Esperanza - why is that middle distance friendship so hard? And glad to hear the museum was fun, even if boo on the breakage.

Amy - get well soon. Can you body tell the end is near? My husband and I both used to get the worst cold/virus just after a semester would end.

Madeleine said...

Hooray for Jeni! That's Dr. Jeni to you, Professor Surgery Question.

I ordered extra cupcakes, so there are plenty for the pixies. Chocolate or vanilla, with multicolored sprinkles (and a 10 candle on top if it is your party).

Amy, that sounds like a real sick sick. Take care.

kathy a. said...

crisis central: fam,
work. some done, but some is not
done at all. not close.

new dresses. cute, and
this time they actually
fit! unlike the bras.

BP: get your act
together, now. and you, too,
hill apologists.

amy said...

Ugh. It is definitely a real sick sick. I have bailed on my student papers and am going to email them shortly. It also seems unusually cruel of the universe that tonight is the night my husband chooses to watch monster trucks. To his credit, he's been awesome about *everything* else tonight. But really -- monster trucks? Really? He left the room to feed Tater (who is a non-stop cry-fest and booger-dispenser), and the remote is waaaaaaaaay over there. *sigh*

Sarah at ratatat said...

Yay Kathy on the fitting dresses. Not that non-fitting bras is a good thing.

Poor Amy. Oh no. The universe is cruel, isn't she?

Antiwhine: the kids missed the local tornado drama last night. Sound asleep, thank goodness. And 20-30 miles away from the worst of it. My heart goes out to them.

esperanza said...

Oh, Amy, so sorry you're puny. And that leave-the-tv-on-something-obnoxious-and-put-the-remote-across-the-room is my pet peeve! Even worse when you're too sick to get up and get it.

Sarah, glad you avoided tornado drama. That's never good.

kathy a. said...

esperanza -- those kinda near but not near enough friendships are hard. glad the baboos are good!

oh, amy. get some good rest, make everyone wait on you. for real.

yikes, sarah, about the tornado.

Days said...

Hurrah for Dr. Jeni!

Hip hip hooray and a happiest birthday wish to the wee birthday lass.

I have brought some virtual chewing gum to share in order to finally celebrate the successful fitting of my dental crown today, after 4 re-makes of the permanent crown(the most the head lab tech has ever made) and two months with a temporary crown and a ban on the gum chewing. The entire office celebrated the victory with the dentist and me.

Unfortunately, I will be celebrating with a face full of zips, having developed a sensitivity to the only face wash that has ever worked for my skin resulting in itchy red chemical burnt raccoon eyes. Recall the itchy facial rash whine of recent weeks - the culprit has been identified. Fireplace.

Am on the verge of getting sick again, but not nearly as sick as Amy, by the sounds of it, so the chicken soup is on me.

liz said...

(whispering quietly) Amy, um..., I'm just asking because of the sensitive to touch thing...but have you POS?

I know I'm asking that a lot lately.

kathy a. said...

Days -- dental whines always win, in my book. Four fittings of the crown!! omg, i feel faint. And zips, too.... These whines call for stronger measures than chocolate.

kathy a. said...

Workity whine -- My job on this Giant Project is to make sure the primary person gets it done right. And the person has written 2 large pieces, one more is in progress, and he's telling the deadline people he's almost done. Which means they have set a close deadline, but there are at least eleventy-three pieces still to do, and he hasn't even started those, and I know they will take way way longer than he is [optimistically to teh point of delusion] guessing.

Just venting. Been here and done this, and the gentle cluesticking is underway. But I had planned to do some other things this week.

Madeleine said...

Been to the library twice in the past two days. Sitting on my shelf? Book due yesterday. Sigh.

Days said...

AW: We are soliciting name suggestions for a striped, gray, bobtail kitten.

liz said...

@Days Bob? Dylan?

kathy a. said...

Yay, kittie!!! Well, Bob is an obvious possibility. [Polly is our polydactal cat.] I like dog names for cats, so we once had a Fido, and now have Spot. Cartoon characters work; one of our great former cats was Binkly, from Bloom County. Or a royal title; we upgraded our silliest cat to The Duke of Earl [also riffing on the song].

Kids can come up with interesting possibilities, although one of my sisters once named a pair of kittens Washing Machine and Dryer.

Madeleine said...

OMG, Snuggly Girl is begging for a gray striped kitten. I hope it brings your family lots of joy.

In other news, I just felt my first earthquake, I think. A very mild one. The house shook but nothing fell over. Everything is fine, it's just . . . odd.

liz said...

Madeleine, EastsideKate reported the same thing.

kathy a. said...

WOW! the USGS reports a 5.5 earthquake in the ontario/quebec border region:

that's a good-sized quake! they have a "did you feel that" button, and really do appreciate reports to get a better grip on how the quake played out.

Madeleine said...

Yep, I felt that!

Best tweet: Quebec is finally separating!

Other best tweet, but only if you've been following our local G20-overspending news cycle: Tsunami warnings on the Fake Lake.

Sue said...

Yay Hooray to Dr. Jeni!!!!!

Our little girl kitteh is getting some dental work done tomorrow. I'll tell her she's doing in honour of your grad - I'm sure that will make her much happier about it all. :)

Just home about an hour ago from a concert in Winnipeg featuring THE DIXIE CHICKS AND THE EAGLES!!!!!!!

WooHoo!!!!! I went at the last minute with my son who had two tickets and his friend bailed on him Thursday night.

So. Much. Fun.

Concert = Amazing.

Time with Son = Priceless.

Sarah at ratatat said...

I keep reading that people locally felt the quake (we're pretty far away in Wisconsin from Quebec) and now I feel cheated. Like to feel a small earthquake would be sort of cool. Am I dork? Yes.

Days! 4 fitting on the crown! Oh no! Our dentist claims he has a machine that can makes crowns while you wait - no temporaries - and I can only think those will be terrible crowns.

Sue - what fun. The reviews when t e concert came near-ish here were that the Chicks were so awesome and the Eagles were kind of phoning it in. But the time with your son (that he asked you!) is a delight.

KathyA - sorry for the work drama and cluesticking needs.

Madeleine said...

Hooray for concert fun!

FYI, I'm am going on a field trip, too! To the zoo! Tomorrow. So awards will probably be Friday morning.

I did actually sort of start my dreaded report. Well, I cut-and-pasted the list of tasks from the project design into a word file and highlighted the headings. It's a start.

But tonight's freakout is BEDBUGS. Maybe. SG's BFF was over this afternoon and after a couple of hours of hanging out on the big bean bag mattress we got recently, she casually mentioned over dinner that she had to go home and clean her room because her family has bedbugs. AAAAAh! And her arm is all itchy. And SG's arm is all itchy now too. And AAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

My googling confirms what I remembered from previous reading: you don't itch on first exposure, it takes repeated exposure to trigger the allergic reaction. But why else would SG's arm have a bunch of bites on it tonight? AAaaaaah.

Anyway, tomorrow all the throw blankets near the bean bag will go in a hot wash. I should do it tonight but I don't want to stay up to change it. Maybe I will throw it in anyway.

I can't think how to clean the giant bean bag though. Steam is supposed to work on the bugs. Maybe we can try to steam the whole giant bean bag bit by bit? AAAaaaaaah.

The most authoritative website said "catch live ones and confirm that you really have them before you begin a major treatment plan." In other words, chill the fireplace out, Madeleine.

Also they don't carry disease, they are just a fireplacing pain in the fireplacing tush.

Any pixie advice is welcome.

Madeleine said...

Under anti-whines we have:

Loot bags: stuffed
Freezer at party spot: confirmed
Spouse: asked sweetly what other food he thinks we need, then, if cake, ice cream and fruit isn't enough? And he had no reply. Ha!

kathy a. said...

madeleine, i never thought i'd be mentioning mosquitos as a good thing -- but maybe that is what is itching SG?

yay about the party being all set!

AW: 2 good work-related things happened today, making me feel reasonably competent.

Madeleine said...

Right, or spiders! Love my spider buddies.

Congrats on work-things. Feeling reasonable competent is an excellent way to end the day :-)

kathy a. said...

ix-nay on the ider-spays.

esperanza said...

Argh. We have way too much Wednesday Itching going on. Last week with the poison ivy, this week with the bedbugs. I believe there was lice in recent memory.

And the nature whines: tornadoes, earthquakes. Jeepers, what's next?

And a tired whine from me: clearly, I need to go to bed. I am typing "jeepers."

amy said...

A nomination to esperanza for Mullet with: clearly, I need to go to bed. I am typing "jeepers."

Lulz, Liz, you *have* been suggesting the stick peeing a lot lately. Hmmm. What should we read into this? ;) No, I have not POAS because: 1) I am on my schmeriod; 2) I had my tubes tied when I had the c-section with Tater; and 3) there has been no, um, Rhymes-With-Hecks in this house in the last cycle. Which is a whine in its own right, for both me and mah husband, I suppose.

Thank you all for the get well wishes! I think the virtual chicken soup is helping, but I do still feel like garbage today. In classic bad cold form, all of the congestion is moving to my chest now that I'm a few days into it, and I will lose my voice later today. Standard. That's a drag, but the anti-whines are that my students rolled with the punches with me last night, were sympathetic, and are generally a good group. My Tuesday folks would not have been so forgiving about not getting their papers back. (They are a crabby bunch.) Oh, and AW that I don't see any of them again until Tuesday. Huzzah!

Congrats to Dr. Jeni for graduating! And to Sue for her fun night out! Long overdue, IMHO. Maybe a joint You Had It Coming Award for these pixies?

Hugs to Madeleine on the possibility of bedbugs. We were the Worried About Lice house a couple of weeks ago. Our story had a happy ending. I hope yours does too.

An update on my whine of last week or so: my little car that needs the head gasket still needs the head gasket. I had caved to all outside pressure to fix the car, but I, um, didn't get around to calling the mechanic to have him start on the car yet. Now it looks like my husband might be coming around to my side, citing that we simply don't have the cash right now to do something about the car. Not sure what our plan is yet, but my nausea over spending $1200 on a car that I couldn't get $1000 for if it were running is abating. Whew!

emily said...

Second Esperanza for mullet! But maybe a tie with amy for "there has been no, um, Rhymes-With-Hecks in this house in the last cycle."

I am pleased to report that, despite the remnants of poison ivy, I am no longer living with the seven dwarfs (itchy, grumpy, sleepy, crabby, b*tchy, dopey). My legs are still unfit for human observation (being both hairy and rashy), but I think things are going in the right direction.

I will say--one positive thing of having poison ivy with steroids during a visit from my parents (and having the whole family descend for a celebration) is that when it's all over--it Feels So Good. And, of course we're very proud of our HS grad who was the reason for it all (well, not the poison ivy, but the visits/celebration)

Whine: my parents (as usual) changed their plans without telling me. They shifted everything by a day, and wanted to spend the final day with me (just me, because it was a weekday and everyone else had school/work).

Unfortunately, I had planned to use that day for party planning (antiwhine: I was able to outsource most of the party prep, since I was in no mental/physical state for it) and I needed to visit various food/party places on that day (my parents were supposed to be visiting relatives in neighboring state on that day and then come back for the party). My mom suggested that they could "help" and was very hurt when I refused. (My mom's idea of help is pretty much to criticize whatever choices I make and insist that I do other things so it's really Not Helpful.)

She also waited until 8pm (after the grad ceremony) while we were waiting in crowds of people for DH to get the car to inform me of their changed plans, so I may have been a *teeny* bit undiplomatic (not rude, just not overly apologetic) in my refusal. (In my defense, I *really* needed to soak in a bath, which was the only thing that helped with the Dwarfs)

Whine: at the family party, both my mom and my MIL (queens of the back-handed compliment) managed to compliment my recent fitness success in such a way that anyone (not just me) would interpret it not as "gee you look good" but as "gee, you used to be so flabby/fat".

Congrats to Dr. Jeni! My cats salute you.

Virtual chicken soup/chocolate (as appropriate) for all the ailing pixies.

Also--highly recommend the Aveeno Oatmeal bath for all your itchy/scratchies.

liz said...

Good for you, Emily, for saying "no" and sticking to it with your mom. And sending out the cluesticks for her (2 sets, one for the changing of the plans) and your MIL (one set). Dear Lord.

Jenevieve said...

Small, petty whine #1: When I called my parents to tell them I passed, my mom said 'Oh. Congratulations! I got some junk mail for you last week; want me just to toss it?'

My dad didn't even get on the phone.

I wish my parents could be happy for me. :(

And even smaller, more petty whine #2: I am too poor to buy myself a graduation gift (and therefore so is Matt), and certainly none are coming from my family. I know it's petty, but I had kind of hoped one would appear?

AW: YOU GUYS! Thanks for all the congratulations and virtual champagne! You rock!

esperanza said...

cluesticks for all not-acting-like-they-should parents. Jeepers!

liz said...

Jenevieve, email me at liz at millerhousehold dot com.

And I'm going to smack your parents upside the head with a hockey stick. Cluesticks aren't big enuf for this job.

kathy a. said...

we've got a lot of mullet contenders this week: esperanza for jeepers; amy for rhymes with hecks; emily for the 7 dwarves.

sign me up for the cluestick posse.

KLee said...

I've missed you guys! Things have been crazy here. I may have to sum up so I don't bore you all to death.

I am moving to a different school. It isn't what I want, and I'm way peeved about it, but apparently, there's nothing I can do. It was put to me in such a way that it was "take this job, and feel LUCKY that you still have one!" was the pervasive feeling. My school lost 11 staff members. It sucks, yea mightily.

My child DID NOT get into the school she wanted, and is in a major funk because most of her friends did. She can try again next year, but she's so down on herself that she can't see past the right now.

Juggling Freak has been very down lately as well, and I have no idea how to help him. I continue to be supportive, but I just don't know what else to do for him, and it kills me a little bit every day to see him suffering.

Took Offspring on a Girl Scout trip and got blessed out by someone I thought was a friend. Big scene, crying on both our parts, and the worst part is: I still have no idea what in hell I did. And, I apologized over and over, even though I had no idea what I did, and I'm afraid this person may no longer want anything to do with me, which is problematical.

On the plus side: the family got to go to California for my little brother's wedding, and it was fabulous! Had a good time with family, and there weren't even any flesh wounds to report.

Offpsring is now officially a hugh-schooler, and I feel older than them thar hills.

And.... and.... Well. That's all the good stuff I can think of now.

Thanks, pixies. I never knew how much I relied on you until I wasn't able to be here.

KLee said...

Uh -- that should be that Offspring is a HIGH schooler! She's not huge. Sorry!

liz said...


kathy a. said...

oh, klee. talk about a buttload of life changes, PLUS the extra stressy stuff. aaargh. just changing jobs would be enough, thank you. just the transition to HS, especially with offspring feeling bad about it, is enough.

my husband goes through down times -- thankfully not so often as in our younger years -- and i totally hear ya about not knowing what to do, because nothing helps. in fact, trying or confronting usually made him more distressed and drove us both nuts. so take this or leave it, but my advice is to focus more on holding your own head above water, helping offspring, and having some fun where you can. apply your own oxygen mask first.

much sympathy on the thought-she-was-a-friend person. been there, done that, hate the t-shirt. but again, i suggest the oxygen mask advice, even as i volunteer for the posse's response. xoxo

amy said...

I have to politely decline the Mullet nomination. "Rhymes With Hecks" is a term that was coined by one of the regular commenters at Not sure who... Her handle started with S, I think. Anyhoo, thanks all, but I can't take credit for it. :)

kathy a. said...

well, i trust madeleine will find some other grounds on which to honor amy.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Madeleine - bed bugs! Oh! IS the bean bag chair well loved? Maybe even if it is, it may be time for a new one.

Oh Klee, what a set of changes to take into summer. Good luck with the transitions.

Jeni - your parents make me so mad. Boo on them. I wish virtual champagne were real!

Emily - glad you are less itchy. And glad you survived the mom visit and held your boundaries.

Amy - Rhymes was heck was still well-used. Get well soon! Give the nice class better trades than the mean class. :)

Sue said...

(((KLee))) always good to hear from you, but I'm sorry it's so difficult right now.

Sarah - I would have said the opposite for the Winnipeg concert. The Chicks didn't have any video/background video show at all. They were AWESOME, and sang all the fan favourites, but the crowd really didn't go too crazy until The Eagles. They had an awesome show to go along with amazing music. I know they've been at it for a LONG time, but wow, can these guys hit those harmonies....

Whine: Today, my left achilles and calf are very sore, as is my left shoulder. the calf/achilles is probably from climbing up to the nosebleed section three or four times through the concert night and the shoulder is from straining my neck for six hours or so to see the stage (we weren't looking straight on to the stage). As is usually the case for me, the hurtin' part didn't happen until a full day - which was last night.

Anti-whine: my massage therapist has a cancellation tomorrow at 12:30. I lubs her. I will hug her. And feed her. And bring her home. And call her Angel.

As for pet names: my hubby is better at that than I am. I've always liked the Greek god/goddess names like Zeus and Athena. Not sure why, but they work for me.

Big pixie hugs to all at the ball this week.

* btw - our so called "fractious" skitteh (her chart has been flagged because she hissed and spit the last time she had dental work) did just fine today. She didn't draw blood from anyone. She was a perfect lady when I picked her up. So, she decided not to unleash her inner beast from hell...for now. She knows where I sleep. Eek.

Sue said...

That should read "kitteh", not "skitteh" - though she's been a bit skittish since we got home, so it kind of works.

kathy a. said...

wooot! babies!!!! my friends and colleagues had a difficult pregnancy -- she was on bedrest for months -- but their twins were born last week, and are teeny but doing well!!!

the boy was a bruiser at 3 lb. 13 oz.; the girl was a petite 1 lb. 13 oz., but neither needs a respirator. mama's scary edema and blood pressure finally settled down; she's been "home" a few days, but of course they spend all their time at the hospital. i'm hoping to do a food and book delivery this weekend.

Sue said...

Good news kathy!!! Pixie congrats to new babies!

Madeleine said...

New babies, and in decent shape for their size! Wheeee!

Awards didn't happen Friday morning. Whine, whine, shopping, hot, whine. Whatever.

kathy a. said...

the babes are so tiny that it makes my heart stop a little, especially the daughter. but they are 10 days now, holding their own, and i'm taking my lead from dad about being positive.

these folks were treated really badly by the entity that pays our bills, in recent months -- an unbloggable story, but it's been morton salt time at their place for a while.

esperanza said...

grow, babies, grow!

amy said...

Sending Grow, Babies! Vibes from the midwest!

And a big hug and smile for everyone who helps people with children in the hospital, even if it's just providing food or walking a dog. :D People Who Help People are the greatest people of all!

esperanza said...

Yes on the big hug and smile. I'm thinking someone needs to put together a website: How to Help Your Family/Friends Who Have a Baby in the NICU. And, of course, the companion: Things Not to Do/Say to Your Family/Friends Who Have a Baby in the NICU. Maybe there are too many slashes in those titles, hm?

kathy a. said...

the titles are great, esperanza. i'm grateful for any tips!

amy said...

Oh, Kathy, I think you'll do fine, but if you really do want specifics, I'd say one of the things that hurt me the most to hear was that my baby was in the right place, that she needed to stay where she was so the doctors could take care of her. Well, duh. I *knew* that, but I was still heartbroken because I wanted her home with me.

One of the most helpful things anyone said to me was that it was okay to be sad, and then she wasn't surprised when I cried right then and there.

I think something that didn't help was when people acted surprised that I was heading to the hospital. I mean, shouldn't I be home, recovering? Well, yes, but so should my baby, and if my baby is at the hospital, then so am I. C-section or no.

Helpful things might be to offer to do stuff that they might not have time to do, like run an errand that has to be done during hours when they'd like to be at the hospital, maybe even to pick up muffins or fruit for the NICU nurses, or care for any pets they have at home that are being neglected (for a good cause, naturally). I don't know how far they live from the hospital, but a gasoline card might be a nice gift if they are full up on food in the freezer.

kathy a. said...

they had asked me some weeks back if i might come by and play with their cats, since they anticipated needing to spend time in NICU. and of course i said yes. have reiterated that offer, and the offer to run errands.

oh, amy. how painful that must have been, hearing not only the "they are in the best place" lectures, but people saying you shouldn't be there with your baby. wtf?

my baby sister was a preemie, checking in at 2.5 lbs. in 1965, when babies that small really didn't live. but she did! i have a soft spot for preemies.

Jenevieve said...

Yay babies! My twin and I were preemies, too; 2lbs6oz and 2lbs14oz! I too have a special place for the wee ones!

Sue said...

I have twin nephews who were a bit early, but born at over 3 lbs each, so they didn't have to spend too much time in the NICU.

My sister was in serious trouble pre-birth with pre-eclampsia, so they made the decision to deliver the babes early. Someone actually came to visit her and asked her if she was "disappointed" because she had been deprived of a natural birth. ARGH.

Her response was spot on: "No. How could I be disappointed when my sons and I are all alive and doing well?" The "friend" who had asked crawled back under the rock she came from and left very quickly. My sister can kick some a*s when she needs to. At that moment, she needed to.

kathy - I can't think of anyone better to check in with the kittehs! You will be fine.

Sending Grow Babies Grow vibes along with the rest of the pixies.

kathy a. said...

how is it that people manage to say such bizarre things to new parents? my son was a c-section, too, and i got the same question about the "miracle of natural birth." let's just say there were some serious technical problems because of his position, and describing them made every single buttinsky blanch.

thanks for all the "grow baby grow" vibes!

mama and dad have relatives in town for the next week, but i'll be doing some kitty duty and running around after that.

Jenevieve said...

Hey, I got that same BS question too, after my c-section! Whatevs; people are lame.

esperanza said...

I will second all of amy's suggestions. Also--it is probably likely that baby boy will get to come home before baby girl, since he is bigger to start with. They may not want anyone else to stay with him, depending on his condition, but it might be nice for the two of them to be able to visit baby girl at the same time. And they will *definitely* need the food and errands help after the babies come home, too. Especially with two.

amy said...

What esperanza said.

And yeah, I don't know what's up with people. I do admit that I was bummed that my daughter's birth didn't go like everyone expects a birth to go, but I'm not twitchy over the c-section. I'll have a live baby, with a side of abdominal scar, over a baby funeral and a broken psyche any day. Probably the hardest to believe is that the person who wanted me to stay home to recover was my mom, and both she and my husband were the ones who said "But she's where she needs to be!" Yeah, I've been dispensing continued cluesticks over that for the last six years, LOL.