Monday, May 31, 2010

WW - Style Week Edition!

The work week, it makes me, it makes me so whiny whiny
The work week, it makes me, it makes me so whiny whiny
I want to watch tv and sit on my hiney hiney
My friends at Wednesday Whines.

This week: A challenge! Cudgel your brainies brainies
This week: A challenge! Cudgel your brainies brainies
Whine with style to make sunshine out of rainies
My friends at Wednesday Whines

Your whine can be tragic, but write it with style-y style-y
Your whine can be tragic, but write it with style-y style-y
Awards this week will go on for a mile-y mile-y
My friends at Wednesday Whines

So bring on your Haikus! Your palindromes and parodies!
So bring on your Haikus! Your palindromes and parodies!
Sickness! Floods! Bark! Pook and Families!
My friends at Wednesday Whines


kathy a. said...

Liz is so stylin'
Stylin'! Can't wait to see what
The Pixies say. Woot!

esperanza said...

OK, I am so excited. I am never, never stylish (like, in any capacity), but I have been working on my haiku. Ready? Here it is:

Single parenting
Mr. E. gone all week long
Fireplacing meetings

Do you like it??? Is it stylish??? (See, I'm so unstylish I have to ask).

Liz Miller said...

Haikus! Very stylish! Well done!

Emily said...

When seasons change,
The loads of laundry become
Swimsuits and towels, not
Sweaters and jeans

Still many loads but,
Warm, sunny days,
Keep me from feeling it.

For reasons I can't explain,
Children help in summer,
With less complaining.

Free verse!
Esperanza--love your haiku!

Madeleine said...

reunion weekend
you look just the same but what
the heck is your name

everything's fine but
the kitchen sink. yes, really.
plumber coming soon.

A. Nonnie Moose said...

Hey, Dude! Don't give me grief.
From your lyin', I want relief.
Your nonsense makes nothing better,
That's why I wrote the lawyer a letter.

Hey, Dude! Don't be an ass.
Your non-answers don't get a pass.
Too bad you think I'm out of control,
But soon you'll know what you need to know.

And anytime you feel insane, hey Dude, refrain,
Don't hit the send on more inane.
For you should know that it's a fool who plays it cool
By making my world a little colder.

In honor of this holiday weekend's festive family e-mail slugfest with the greedy trustee causing problems with the parental estate.

JenR said...

am freezing at work
sick? but no thermometer
to tell me my temp

Sue said...

JenR - a well-placed hand under your armpit may reveal fever/not-fever. Sounds gross, but it used to work for my Mom when I was a kid and the most recent glass thermometer (along with its mercury!) had been broken.

The competition is tough here this week - so much stylin' going on!!!

I Can't Get No Computerization
I Can't Get No Intarwebs
(help me out here Mick...)
Computer = dead.

Anti-whine: Hubby's 'puter not so much dead.

Hubby whine:
I Can't Get No Computerization...
My wife stole mine, now it's missing....

Sorry folks, that's all I got. I'm here all week....two shows a night.

kathy a. said...

You are my Pixies, my only Pixies,
You make me smile when skies are gray.
You'll never know, dears, how much I love you.
Please keep right on whining away!

Days said...

An Ode to a Cluestick

Oh wondrous cluestick of pixieland,
How patiently you wait,
To be called into action
To set some poor soul straight.

We humble pixies rely on you
To quash ignorance at our command.
To enlighten the arrogant and uninformed.
You’re always in high demand!

My whine itself is style-less: I can't find a dress or suitable alternative for an outdoor wedding in the nearish future. Cursed height makes all the stylishly short sundresses outlandishly short.

Unknown said...

We have to pick up cardboard boxes
and packing paper too.
This week we got the final
eviction note, landlady: screw you

There is no available cheap housing
My daughter refuses to move
My son can't wait to leave this town
to find new friends with which to groove

In the meantime I caught the stomach flu
Vomiting and coming out the other end too
A fever and such dizziness, headache, and joints that ache
Who knew such an illness could affect this Jew?

Meanwhile the cats decide to stay out all night
and one particularly naughty one killed a little baby bunny.
Our crazy junkie neighbors watched from the porch
They said they thought the kill was funny.

Son has to appear in court early
Friday morn
This kid has been trouble since the moment he was born.
But this court date is totally because of me
I turned him in for stealing from me, you see

Lastly let us touch upon the atrocious weather.
Rain, more rain, downpours, lightening, thunder and hail
The week also has brought us Canadian smoke,
Burning my eyes and my throat and causing me to wail

All in all, it's been a week of very few smiles
fewer laughs, fewer hugs, fewer kisses, too much bile.

Sue said...

And on the third day,
the Divine One created
Hump Day for all the schmucks
Who need a glimmer of hope that
a horrid week will come to an end.

And She called it the Pixie Ball,
so that Whining Pixies everywhere
could fine consolation in one another's whines - be they Old Skool or otherwise.

And She saw that it was good,
So the Divine Creator had another
cup of Holy Java and said,
"When is this week going to be over anyway?"

And this was the third day. Hump day. And it was good. But not as good as the weekend.


Days said...

Itchy itchy, scratchy scratchy,
Got some sort of facial rash-y.

Sarah at ratatat said...

End of year hurries
compounded by her worries
time to try the meds?

I'm feeling lonely
no email replies arrive
I should really call

Haiku is an interesting form. What great fun Liz.

Madeleine said...

Ooooh, Days, short and rhymey!

Sarah, a nice showing.

Nice prose, Sue.

Liz Miller said...



Asks for

Anonymous said...

Like Sarah, we have worries here too
Trying to figure out what we should do

I want to start with trying ideas from a book
But I'm not sure exactly to which one I should look

Want to kiss her forehead, make worries go away-
Mama swoops in and saves the day?

A mama can dream....

--Neighbor Lady

amy said...

(To the tune of Elmo's World Theme)

La la la la!
La la la la! amy's world!

La la la la!
La la la la! amy's world!

Fundraising and walking,
That's all she does!
That's amy's world!

amy said...

The chocolate ice cream offering was lovely! (Not to say your others weren't also great.)

A vote for Days for Brevity Award

A vote for Kathy A for Bringing The Love with her initial offering and her Sunshine.

esperanza said...

O, potty training!
Diapers are so much better,
the Sweet Baboo says.

Darn mosquito bites.
Twelve itchy, puffy, red spots
on Mini Baboo.

Hey look--haikus are so easy my kids can whine in haiku!

And Amy, I now have that tune in my head. Thanks a lot.

amy said...

Oh, esperanza,
I'm sorry (in haiku form)!
Hope it leaves you soon!

Sue said...

The alarm clock rings
and is fortunate to
live another day.
For half an hour
I had murderous intentions
toward a clock.



Madeleine said...

Oops! No attachment.
Can't technology fix this?
Humans need some help.

JenR said...

Madeline - gmail will yell at you if you mention an attachment in your email but fail to actually attach it. So yes, technology can fix it.