Monday, June 28, 2010

Just When You Least Expect It, Prizes!

Pixies worldwide are partying this week in honor of Jenevieve's PASSPASSPASSPASSPASS! We are so happy for you and we know you are the best brand-new vet anywhere.

Thanks for all the good wishes for Snuggly Girl's birthday. She won't be officially double digits until late July, but the party of her dreams requires school friends, and boy what a party it was. And, best of all, it is done. Except for the thank-you notes. Tune in next week for those whines . . .

Stylish Whine Award to kathy a., for a trio of haiku, with my favorite being this AW/W combo:

new dresses. cute, and
this time they actually
fit! unlike the bras.

Previously Unimagined Dental Adventures Award to Days for 4 remakes of the crown.

Foot Stompin' Antiwhine Award to Sue for escaping with her son for a fun concert.

Not Me Award to Sarah who didn't feel the quake.

Triple Protection Award for Amy, who is quite, quite, quite sure she isn't pregnant. Just really really sick. Hoping you feel better by now, Amy.

Take This Job and … Take It Award to KLee, who is unhappily re-assigned, but at least still has a job. With a side of "Fireplace, that's a lot of unpleasantness" for all the rest of the whines.

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to Esperanza for "clearly, I need to go to bed. I am typing 'jeepers.'" Runner up to Emily for "I am pleased to report that, despite the remnants of poison ivy, I am no longer living with the seven dwarfs (itchy, grumpy, sleepy, crabby, b*tchy, dopey). " (Wait, that's six. I guess Emily forgot "pixie.")

Gentle cluesticks this week for overly-optimistic co-workers, with more assertive pokes for family members who change plans at the last minute and make back-handed compliments, people who say thoughtless things to the parents of premies, and thought-she-was-a friends. A solid whack for each of Jeni's parents who seem less excited than the pixies about Jeni's graduation.

Any minute now kathy a. is going to open up the new thread. Thanks for your patience, everyone.


kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, madeleine!

we'll break out the new week in the morning.

Jenevieve said...

Yay, great awards!

emily said...

Re: the incorrect dwarf count

I guess I was still living with dopey ;-) --can't count! I'm going to blame the prednisone. (hey--it made me miserable, so I should at least get some benefit!)

Great awards!

KLee said...

Thanks for the awards -- I haven't even been AROUND lately, so you're still doing better than I am on the tardiness front. :)