Monday, June 7, 2010

All Aboard the Whine Train!

Toot Toot! Welcome Aboard, Pixies!

Last week's Style Edition was a lot of fun. Thanks, Liz and everyone who played! Your entries for Style, Old Skool, and Mullet are welcome this week, too, should you wish to indulge.

In anti-whines, my son's birthday was this weekend! He and his lovely girlfriend joined us for a nice Thai dinner last night, and they just hung out all evening. Acting on a tip, we got him an illustrated history of baseball -- this for the kid who really didn't care that much for little league -- and he spent a long time beaming and leafing through it. His actual birthday, he was at the game.

Bitty whine: my favorite clogs have developed a challenging odor problem. I think it may be terminal.

W/AW/W: Angst in the larger family. Think it is ratcheting down. Had to be loving but stern with efforts to ratchet it back up. Isn't this kind of thing exhausting?

What's it like at your station, Pixies?


liz said...


amy said...

woke up with pink eye in my right eye. am the ONLY ONE IN THE HOUSE who appears afflicted. it seems to be abating after Teh Taking Of Teh Allergy Medicine, so i'm hopeful.

kathy a. said...

anon, i feel your pain. seriously.

amy, my left eye has had some kind of stye or something the last few days, but it's going down. uck. wash towels in hot water. often.

liz needs to elaborate. preferably in verse. ;)

liz said...

For most of the day
I was cranky, nay I was steaming
Blogger wouldn't let me in
I was silently screaming

I couldna comment
Couldna post, couldna whine
Liss and Deeky had issues
Others were just fine

My two personal blogs are on Blogger
As is, of course, dub dub here
I could have posted on my group political blog
But only with anger or cheer.

Whininess is not part of DBQ's personna
Hard to maintain that pose
So Blogger, home of Blogspot
Today you got right up my nose.

Anonymous said...

Liz whines style.
--ooops meant to type "Liz wins style."
But it works either way.
--Neighbor Lady

Sarah at ratatat said...

Pink Eye - Oh no! And a stye. Poor Amy and Kathy. See well soon.

Liz - style for sure. And a swift kick to Google to fix that.

Whine: we're off to the pediatric neurologist for my daughter's headaches. Our pediatrician blew me off. And while she is still easily bent out of shape, whatever headache pattern we were in all spring seems to have slowed dramatically.

Whine: I still vote allergies. At least those I understand.

Anti-whine: finally made myself call a guy to refi the mortgage. Wish me luck.

liz said...

Sarah, if the ped. neurologist doesn't have anything for you, can you try otc allergy medicine to see if it helps?

You might want to check Google for recent pollen counts. Look for something that dropped off dramatically just recently and ask an allergist to test for that?

emily said...

Huge Antiwhine--Prom is over and a fine time was had by all.

Whine--the parents supervising the post-prom party (held at the HS) made my daughter call home to tell us she was leaving at 3am (party officially ended at 4am). I'm not sure how much more trouble a kid can get in at that hour of the morning, especially when they start letting kids leave without permission at 3:30.

And--the parent didn't even talk to me--my daughter could have called anyone (not that she did or that I even think she would). Being woken (awakened, awoken?) by the phone in the middle of a night when you child is out, is *not* a pleasant experience.

Antiwhine--my child accomplished all other middle of the night communication ("I got to the post-prom party", "I got to my friend's house) by text message, limiting the sleep disruption.

Whine--I'm still tired. Sleep was disrupted all weekend by itchy rash acquired by not poison ivy vine in yard. Serves me right for trying to weed!

Antiwhine--finally broke down and took Benedryl last night--got 9 solid hours.

Whine--Benedryl makes me groggy, even after it wears off. My brain did not read the label which says 4-6 hours. I can't drive while taking it, so I itched all day, until I was done driving for the day.

Whine--my child's last "regular" day of school is tomorrow(she's a senior, the other kids go for a while longer). For the rest of this week and part of next, she will need to be driven to/from the HS for various tasks (finals, rehearsals, etc.). We pay our taxes, shouldn't they have to transport and keep her all day, 'till the end? (rhetorical, dumb question)

[This item was posted under the influence of a sedating antihistamine, and as such cannot be expected to be either clever or sensible!]

esperanza said...

Wow, fierce whine competition so early in the week.

Anon, I hear you.

Emily, I hear you on the benadryl. I usually take *half* a dose and am groggy for the rest of the day. Or if I take it at bedtime, I have a hangover-type effect the next morning. What is in that stuff?

potty training whine: is Sweet not ready? or, like most things in her life, does she just want to take the easy road? Seriously, she'll let me do something for her that she is completely capable of doing herself until the cows come home. No "me do it" here.

And, why does Mini always need to eat while Sweet is on the potty? Or, alternatively, why does Sweet always announce "poo" while Mini is eating?

And why is bathroom tile so hard?

Anticipatory Whine: we go to the developmental pediatrician on Thursday. Anxious to hear what he has to say regarding speech issues.

If you see any extra patience running around, send it my way, please.

Days said...

Am with Anon re: procrastination.

Procrastination worsened by a series of things which I very much do not want to do this week but which must be done regardless. I will take a little of that Benadryl, if it's being passed around. I desperately need a solid 9 hours.

Votes for esperanza and sarah, and hopes for productive appointments.

Madeleine said...

OH, I'll join the procrastination club this week. I have to write a report and admit I didn't start one part of the project (except I won't, I'll just say it's still in the exploratory phase, like EVERYTHING ELSE). And who wants to write reports in the first place, anyway? I DON' WANNA. As liz would say.

Also stupid hotel internet is wired only and the wire is about a foot long which means I need to sit at the desk to be online, on two pillows 'cause the chair is too low. What is the point of having a laptop if I can't surf in bed? I ask you!

amy said...

Oh geez, people still have to use wires to get to the Intertoobs? Oy. Sorry about that Madeleine! I've been so spoiled by the wireless my husband put in at home that I literally forget that one could use a cable. He has to remind me periodically, usually when I'm pouting because my download is taking too long. *pout*

Jenevieve said...

Gahhhhhhh finals finals finals finals finals. Just let me die. My brain at this point feels like a tube; if something goes in one end, something else falls out the other end. Halp!

Other, slightly silly whine: My parents are, by all accounts, lame. However, I really hoped that they'd send a care package for finals, since that's the kind of thing my mom does for my other siblings all the time (not for school, since they don't go, but for other things). For some reason, I got all subconsciously excited for such a package, or even a letter, or even a 'good luck' email, but of course none came.

Also, I'm getting really sick of the 'yay everyone in my family is flying out for graduation! Who's coming from your family?' conversations. There's always a really awkward pause after my 'um, no one, actually.' Lame.

AW: Two dear friends are flying out after exams. That's gonna rock!

W: They get in the day I find out if I passed, so there's potential for major awkwardness.

I need coffee, and alcohol, but I've sworn off both until after exams. Gahhhhh.

Wow, could I get any whinier?

Madeleine said...

Wow, could you be any more entitled to whine, Jeni? (No.)

Finals stink. Stink, stink, stink. WIshing you luck and sleep. Then alcohol.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Jeni - let it all out. Good luck! Sleep and alcohol will make a nice companion after you're done. Yay on your friends coming.

Madeleine - is the wired internet free at least? If not, double your whine :)

Esperanza - my first two children never said " me do it" ever for anything. I feel your pain. Good luck with the training. And the doctor's visit.

Emily -anyone who doesn't work in an ER should not make anyone call their parents at 3AM. Ugh. And I've found children's benedryl (smaller dose and chewable =) is less oversedating.

Anti-Whine: just read a hilarious yet frustrating tale of 2 year olds escaping from their beds. And for once I felt OK with our pattern of sitting with the kids (under 8) until they fall asleep. Not that I'm going to go back to sitting with the 8 year old. Fireplace no.

JenR said...

anon, I'm with you on that. I have a bad case of procrastination-itis as well.

Sunday night found me letting my husband come back for the night (sleeping on the couch) because 2 1/2 hours after bedtime my boy was still awake and crying for his daddy. I couldn't take it anymore. Daddy came in and the boy was asleep in 10 minutes.

esperanza said...

oh, JenR, that is heartbreaking in so many ways. Hugs.

liz said...


Sue said...

(((JenR))) I'm so sorry.

Anon - I'm with you on the procrastination. I'm wondering if anyone would notice if I just procrastinated all of my work until holiday time in August. I have my doubts, but it's worth a try. Later.

esperanza - I hear ya, but I'm the last person you want giving advice re: potty training. I'm sure I sucked at that back in the day. In the meantime, I'll just sit with you on the tile floor 'kay? With margaritas?

Jeni - yes. Finals are the ultimate stinkage. I hope your visit with your friends is good in every way.

Sarah - how about 1/2 a claritin? They are non-drowsy and may do the trick if the headaches are allergy-related.

Liz = syle.

Kathy a. - I found a spray for sandals at the running shoe store. I sprayed it on my tevas and they lasted an extra two years.

My whine: Earworm. Of the worst variety. Again. The yogurt commercial that shows all the happy work people eating yogurt while "Whistle While You Work" (a la Seven Dwarves) is playing in the background.

Extra Whine: Every time it comes on in the morning, hubby turns up the volume and sings along.

Whine: Happy morning people. Ugh. Pass the whisky - my coffee needs a little help this morning. (kidding).

Anti-whine: my weekend head-cold seems to have cleared up. Now I'm just stupidly exhausted.

liz said...

Sue for Mullet!!!
"I'm wondering if anyone would notice if I just procrastinated all of my work until holiday time in August. I have my doubts, but it's worth a try. Later."

Emily said...

Jeni, I see you've given up alcohol and coffee, so I would recommend large amounts of chocolate. Here--I'll pass you the box! Good luck with the finals!

esperanza said...

Seriously, potty training gods? A tummy bug? You thought that would be *helpful*?????

liz said...

Esperanza, oh NO!!!! Quick: back into Pull-ups and put a potty in every room.

Emily said...

oh, esperanza, that just doesn't seem fair! You should get the "bad timing" award for sure!

kathy a. said...

oy, esperanza! potty training is a process, so any progress is good. when sweet baboo starts kindergarten, 100 years from today, you will find that they ask for spare undies, and perhaps an entire change of outfit to keep on hand, because accidents happen.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Esperanza, that's terrible.

JenR - hugs and sympathy.

The pediatric neurologist reports that my daughter is neurologically normal. She advises we should see a psychologist. Oh wait, we're doing that. Maybe a psychiatrist.

And the allergy diagnosis is my wishful thinking. She has been on claritin and the like off and on, but it really doesn't do much.

I feel like laughing or drinking. If only I had the energy for evil plotting, mwa-hahaha.

Anonymous said...

A different anonymous...

Can I tell you how annoying it is to have the controller of my husband's company, who I know and like, complain to me at a wedding over the weekend about all the moms/wives who take their kids to the doctor all the time, for every little thing?

kathy a. said...

Dear Anony-mice --

Worthy complaints, friends! But please identify yourselves a little more distinctively. A fake pseud is AOK.

Love, Kathy

esperanza said...

Here is my Old Skool contender for this week:
For eons upon eons (I'm 36, so however many eons that is), I have worn a ponytail in my hair, especially when exercising (ha! like that happens any more) or cleaning house. For some reason, in the last 18 months or so, every time I pull my hair up, I get a headache. It goes away when I pull out the ponytail. Hm. But when I pull out the ponytail, my hair is IN MY FACE.

Isn't it nice to read a whine from me that does not involve any bodily fluids whatsoever?

Days said...

One of the things I very much did not want to do this week was my annual physical. On-going complaints of exhaustion and feeling hurty(as my daughter says) have given me the chance to really exercise my anxiety muscles with a panel of bloodwork. I think that I prefer the "I don't think there is a problem but I'll humour your request for testing" attitude to the "I'm very concerned" attitude. Hate bloodwork, hate the lab, hate waiting for results, and waiting for the phone call and most of all hate that tape they use to hold the cotton ball on your arm after they suck your lifeblood out of you. I can't be the only one who gets a nasty rash from it. Ugh.

Am hurty and exhausted. Again. Still. Whatever. Definitely whiny.

Votes for stomach bug/potty training whines. It brings back a vivid memory of my childhood, one that is definitely TMI, and as such, will remain untold.

(((Sarah))) - Neurological normal! Hooray! So sorry the appointment didn't hold any headache relief for your DD though.


Jeni - Congrats on the graduation! A virtual round of celebratory martinis on me, once you swear the alcohol back on.

May I have the pleasure of cluesticking the necessary parties this week? I think it might keep me motivated to move through my to-do list.

amy said...

Blogger ate my earlier comment to esperanza regarding potty training. It was pure genius, I tells ya! :(

In a nutshell: potty training is a journey with many setbacks. Here's to hoping this stomach bug fades into history as one small blip on the potty training record.

Anonymous said...

I love Days' comment about "anxiety muscles". Because if there are anxiety muscles, then at least one part of my body is "washboard".
Hope the blood work turns out fine.
Been there.
With me, and my kids. (and 8:42 anon, what the heck else are you supposed to do when your kids say something is wrong?! You check it out and hope it turns out to be nothing.)

Reminds me of the time I had a claim turned down when I went to the ER --after consulting my dr.--with what we suspected was appendicitis. Luckily, it turned out NOT to be. Reason for denial? It wasn't appendicitis. Fireplacing mumble mumble....But that's another long-ago whine, which was resolved in my favor eventually.

Anyway, we are on the same train of dr visits for concerns that may eventually turn out to be due to anxiety, but how can you know unless you rule out a physical medical cause?

Anway, I feel your pain....

Esperanza, you should get some kind of award for the tummy bug, because there is absolutely nothing else nice about it. SO sorry!


Hugs to all the pixies....

--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Sarah - "neurologically normal" is good news. One more thing to check off the list of possibilities. The only advice I can give is to keep advocating for your daughter. As is so often the case, if you don't do the footwork and research yourself, not much will happen beyond "Try to relax and take Tylenol". Some days it's hard to stay with it - looking into alternative therapies etc - but it's worth it if you find THE thing that will help.

I hate to sound all wet-blankety, but hey, been there, done that.

Esperanza - oh my. Thinking of you.

Nothing quite like a good hair whine though - so a vote for Old Skool for Esperanza.

Whine: Dang low pressure systems anyway - my head, she hurts today already and it's only 10:00. I cannot bear to think of what it will feel like at 10:00 pm. Bleeeehhhh.....

margalit said...

I am a proud member of the Procrastinator Club. In fact, I should be President because I win prizes for putting things off. Like have I started packing yet? NO. Have I found a place to live? NO...

Esperanza, I was a terrible failure at early potty training but have a friend with 4 kids, all trained by 18 months, so it can be done.

To all that use Blogger, let me recommend Typepad. SO much better and just as easy to use.

We have had an extremely eventful week. So eventful you probably think I'm exaggerating the horridness, but I am not.

Sunday we had a macroburst storm with 84 mph winds. Knocked down a HUGE tree in my front yard. Tree did not cross street or driveway, but is still laying on lawn because Landlady cannot afford to remove it.

Later that day my insane drunken neighbor got completely blind drunk and thought it would be a great idea to get into his pickup truck, drive to McDonalds at 10 pm, and on the way back up the hill, smashed into my little Tercel. It is now a vision in broken plastic reflector tail lights, smushed bumper and the side panel dented. NICE. He will be paying to get the entire car fixed.

Next my normally quirky daughter turned into Promzilla and went absolutely bonkers for a couple of days. I was waiting for her head to turn in a 360 degree circle with green vomit pouring out the orifices. It was BAD.

Son had court on Monday. We got there at 8, they opened the courthouse at 8:30, we signed in and then waited until NOON for the judge to deign to make an appearance. How rude is that?

We all got some stomach bug that my son dubbed Firehhareah. It was less than pleasant and it kept coming back for a week.

Guided by pure blood lust, the cats want to be outside all night so they can kill more bunnies. Adorable little cottontail bunnies that I have named Peter. All of them are Peter. Or Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail because I have little imagination and a real love for Beatrix Potter.

margalit said...

I forgot to mention the Craigslist scam. While looking online for a new place to live in ran into an ad for the PERFECT apartment. It was gorgeous, it was in a great city neighborhood, and it was CHEAP. I responded to ad and person sent photos that made me want to sob I wanted it so much.

And then she demanded $1700 to SEE the unit.

The good part is I got to play detective, something I very much enjoyed. I did a property search, and ran her IP address from an extended header in her email and found said person in CHINA. Heh.

amy said...

I'm going to be purposely vague. I think my mom is making a bad decision with her business (she's a small business owner), and I've talked with her about it, but she's going to do it her way anyway. I can foresee the whole thing going very poorly, and I'm trying to keep my distance, but the anxiety is eating away at me because I'm worried about her. [deep breath]

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Margalit - at least a win on avoiding the cam. But woe to the apartment, the tree, the car...

Amy - oh, hard to watch from the sidelines.

NL - I feel less alone, but it seems sad we're both going through this fight. The medical/psychological shuffle?

The last day of school is tomorrow. AW: No one is crying right now.

kathy a. said...

sigh. amy. i think maybe you have to do the same thing that parents of young adults do -- take a breath, and hope for the best. xoxo

JenR said...

My SIL's niece was hit by a car and is in an induced coma right now. I don't know much more than that, but prayers/good thoughts are appreciated.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh No, Jen, that's terrible. Thinking of you and them.

kathy a. said...

oh, jenr, how awful. definitely holding them in thoughts.

Sue said...



good pixie thoughts all around...

liz said...

Keeping your family in my thoughts, JenR.