Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WW: Comic Edition

It's finally summer here! After so much rain we've got mushrooms on the lawn, it is sunny for the second day in a row. 60% chance of meatballs. This change in the weather is good news, because it was getting pretty tiresome whining about the wet, cool summer. Now we can whine that we are too! hot! In fact as soon as I post this I need to close all the windows and turn on the AC for only the third time this summer.

My whiniest current whine is this:

Saturday night, as we ate dinner, Snuggly Girl noticed the reflection of my profile in the dining room window and delivered this line that is still making me sad: "Hey, Mama, you look like Jughead!"

On cross-examination, she allowed that my nose is smaller. Why thank you, dear.

Which cartoon character do you most resemble, pixies?


Sue said...

I've always thought of myself as a Peppermint Patty sort of girl. A bit serious, thoughtful, polite ("Charles" - never Charlie) and good at observing and assessing what is happening around her.

The only difference is that she generally wore sandals. Alas, my sandals have seen little use this summer. We have only had a few days when the outdoor temperatures reached ROOM TEMPERATURE.

That. is. wrong. Wearing socks to keep your feet warm in July is highly unfortunate.

I'm hoping for some sun in August. That would be nice.

Sue said...

I hate to be the first AND the second whiner this week, but hey, what can you do?

Whine: Headache status 7/10. Probably cause: fireplacing weather. Rain, rain PLEEEZE go away. Ouch.

esperanza said...

Heck, I'll whine about the weather. Clearly, you all need to come visit us. 36th day of 100 degrees or more this summer, which is a record. "Exceptional" drought, which is the top of the official drought scale (yes, there is one).

Whiny Whine: Sweet Baboo and I drove 15 miles to a fruit stand today and purchased peaches, plums, tomatoes, and onions. So far, none of it tastes any better than the local grocery store's produce section.

Cartoon character: probably Marcie, of Peanuts. Though I normally don't call women "sir."

I'm sure I'll be back tomorow with a Mini-Baboo whine.

Elizabeth said...

Mo, from Dykes to Watch Out For.

KLee said...

I most resemble Ursula, the Sea Witch from "The Little Mermaid". Maybe that's my whine. :P Aw, I just bummed myself out! (I hate when that happens!)

Well, I can counter that with my anti-whine: got back my last three grades: 85, 93, and a 95! Woot!

My current average is an 89.08. Not the "A" I'd hoped for, but damned close! Now, I'm just waiting on the grades from my midterm projects. *chews fingernails*

Had coffee and crafting time with a friend this evening, so that's another anti-whine.

Balance that with the fact that I have to see the oral surgeon next week for possible removal of an impacted wisdom tooth. Not *nearly* as much fun as the coffee with a friend.

kathy a. said...

i must be defective -- can think of strips i love, but not a particular character who's me. ah, well. far side; farley; bloom county; get fuzzy.

sue, that's awful about the fireplacing headache. you and esperanza definitely need to mix climates, right about now.

redzils said...

I'm so, so Lucy from Charlie Brown. All I need is one of those little tables with a "THE DOCTOR IS IN" sign. I even have the degree now :)

KLee said...

Don't get me wrong, kathy -- I really am not all that jazzed with being compared to Ursula. I have her body type, and lately dealing with the vagaries of teenager-dom, her lovely outlook on life.

I would most LIKE to be Opus the penguin from Bloom County. My fave comic character of all time. He's weird, he's strange, he's, he's a penguin! I had every plush Opus they came out with, and even an Opus telephone growing up. (I even made an Opus piece of flair on Facebook for myself.) I miss Bloom County.

Sue said...

KLee - I adore Opus, and Ursula too!

A song for this gloomy morning:

(sung to the earworm song of the century "It is a song that never ends" - y'all can thank me later...)

It is the rain that never ends
It just goes on and on my friends,
Somebody started pouring it
not knowing what it was
And now it just keeps pouring down forever just because....

It is the rain that never ends
It makes my head explode my friends,
Somebody stop its pouring
Or my brain will not be like
The pain-free one I had before
Too bad its just because...

It is the rain that never ends...

etc. etc. etc.

Anti-whine: Headache status down to 5/10 this morning.

Whine: have to go to work.

Whine: It's going to rain all day

Anti-whine: It's my last day at the office until holidays start on Saturday.

Madeleine said...

Ohmigod, Sue, it's raining again here, too! What a coincidence. The soundtrack in my head is Cowboy Junkies, though.

I've heard that into every life
a little of it must fall
If there's any truth to the saying,
Lord, let it be a southern rain

Wouldn't that be nice -- some rain for the dried out south instead of the soggy north!

I hope your headache continues to abate despite the office thing.

Sue said...

Madeleine - I love the Cowboy Junkies!

Yes, here's hoping for rain for the south..

liz said...

I think I used to resemble Veronica from the Archie comics (as can be seen here)

Now? I don't have a clue.

Sue said...

Yup Liz - No question - Veronica.

Madeleine said...

Liz, I love that pic, both because you are stunning, and because of the way it situates itself so accurately in pop culture -- after cute little bottles of juice became common, but before people would think you were nuts for lugging a full sized tape player around.

kathy a. said...

early style entries!

and liz, i agree with madeleine. plus, are those dr. scholls in the background?

AW: we had this great picnic last weekend, a lovely assortment of extended family and a few friends!

AW: a meeting i dreaded went really well! got some great backup and help with prep. yay.

W/AW: i'm still behind on this one huge project that needs to get done. but, the deadline-maker is being reasonable, so we're not talking multiple all-nighters.

W: daughter is leaving for a year on 8/23. she needs a credit card, for emergencies. she needs a visa. she needs to decide what's necessary and pack. i need to remember to breathe. we need to go see HP. we need a mom/daughter fun touristy day. breathe.

Madeleine said...

kathy a., ohmigod I missed the Dr. Scholl's. I felt so grownup banging down the sidewalk in those when I was, hmmmm, 11? (Yes, liz and I share a zeitgeist.)

Good luck with the breathing, and the holding tight and the letting go.

liz said...

Those are, indeed, Dr. Scholls. And because I have the World's Flattest Feet(tm), I spent most of the summer with bruises on my non-existent arches from where the fireplacing things would slip off and I'd smack my foot on the sharp edge of the back of the sandal.

One of that details that amuses me in the picture is the little loop you can see on the strap of my bathing suit from where it had to be shortened.

kathy a. said...

i've got a few years on you guys, but dr. scholls were the best because they were cool and adjustable, you could buy them in the drug store for something ridiculous like $11, and they lasted forever. they were my main shoes for one entire year of college. [sadly, that was the year it rained a lot in L.A.] remember the ouchies when they slipped off, too!

liz, i didn't notice the loop, but as a fellow short person, i am ever so grateful for the creation of "petite" sizes. they don't eliminate the need to make alterations or turn up sleeves, but it's progress, baby.

liz said...

Now those same shoes are $40.00.

Sue said...

I can't believe I missed the Dr. Scholl's!!! I had those, and yes, they hurt like crazy when your foot slipped back even a bit.

kathy a. - sending hugs for good mother/daughter time.

Whine: Why am I suddenly the contact person for a funeral/memorial service that is taking place a week after I start my holidays??? Why are people asking me about tiny church sandwiches and pickles??? I haven't even spoken to the family. They don't belong to our church, but to the other church we are sharing the summer months with, and aren't actually in town yet. The death took place in another part of the country.

Note to everyone: I'm not doing the service, so I know NOTHING. Less than nothing, actually.

I REALLY just wanted to coast this week into my holidays, but that apparently isn't happening.

kathy a. said...

oh, sue! it is lovely that people are calling and wanting to help. well, i'd just thank each caller for their intended contributions, start a list, and take phone numbers. you are a place-holder for their pastor, and you can pass all that along at the transition -- along with any prospects for a "reception coordinator".

[it would be a bad idea for you to designate a coordinator, since you probably don't know all the parish politics... but i'm guessing some people are saying, "is there any other way i can help?" and, i'm all in favor of taking people up on that offer, as appropriate.]

kathy a. said...

klee -- i also love opus! one of my friends in charleston [who was originally from texas] knew berke breathed from school. i had a cat named binkley, who went to live with my sister when we were overseas, and she never gave him back. another sister had a cat named bill, also named for a character in the strip.

$40 isn't so bad for dr. scholls. i'd probably wear them a lot. hmm.

liz said...

I like what Kathy A. is suggesting and would add only a reminder to each person who calls that you won't actually be doing the ceremony, or even be in town at the time (as per previous vacation discussion). Who would normally be the designee for this sort of thing? Does the church have a Yahoo group or Facebook page?

Elizabeth said...

whine: new site needs to launch on Friday. Communications person is leaving for vacation today. Millions of odds and ends still undone, with the assumption that "someone" will deal with them.


liz said...

Elizabeth, that SUCKS!

kathy a. said...

gaahhhh! elizabeth! the scheduling universe has some 'splaining to do.

liz said...

Is anyone else blue about not being able to go to the Sock Summit?

Sue said...

Sorry folks - I should have been clearer. The people who have called have all been ringing me up to say they WON'T be available to help with the lunch and to ask what I planned on doing about the lack of help.

I would gladly take calls and record names of volunteers but so far I've only heard from all the people who feel a need to tell me that they "take a break" from funeral lunches during the summer.

And this is my problem because....?????

Sorry - I know I sound like a b*tch, but this really isn't any of my concern at this point. I did a REALLY good job of juggling four funerals in the past two weeks - it's work I'm proud of - but I really can't help here.

That's why I wish they would just wait until we all have more information. Heck, the family might not even WANT a lunch at the church! Then all the "take a break" people will be off the hook anyway.

kathy a. said...

sue, i'm volunteering for the cluestick posse, then. what a bunch of losers -- it takes something special to say "oh, too much for me! in the summer!" and then ask you who will cover for them.

on the up side, having lost both parents in the last few years -- it's not a bad thing when the busybodies have something better to do than a funeral.

kathy a. said...

oh, liz -- i passed along the sock summit info to my daughter's best friend -- who is in oregon! and knits! and she says thank you!

Madeleine said...

I have to say I'm not the least bit tempted by Sock Summit despite following some of the hoopla on Stephanie's blog. I re-started knitting in January but I haven't attempted a sock yet, so I guess I don't get it.

So, pixies, got a question for you. When my annoying uncle (who chooses when he is and is not interesting in participating in family life according to whims I cannot explain) sends me this email, one in an occasional series:






Am I permitted to reply:

No, but did your shift key break?

It would be more amusing than my usual tactic of ignoring him or sending a polite email with a picture. Admittedly, this is in response to my "Mazel Tov" on seeing the pictures of his new step-grandson. So pictures are in the air. But my, he is annoying with the faux entitledness and the unintended SCREAMING.

One of his daughters used to send teh SCREAMS but I think she finally figured it out.

kathy a. said...

go for it, madeleine! [but maybe send a couple photos, too.] the all caps sounds just like yelling when i read it. at least he doesn't write much. ;)

esperanza said...

I love it Madeleine! Along with the photos, I suppose. I will happily join the cluestick posse for Sue's clueless church members. Better than joining a posse for one's OWN clueless church members.

Mini Baboo whine: look, kid, I get it. You're in there. No need to keep reminding me with the queasies.

Sweet Baboo whine: refused to take a nap this morning, though to all objective measures, she was tired. So I got her up and proceeded to take a shower. She proceeded to fall asleep on the bathroom rug. But she is really sweet and kisses every picture of a baby she sees. This is a good sign, right?

And I don't know how I missed owning a pair of Dr S's. I thought I was the same age as all of you?

Sue said...

Ick about the ongoing queasies esperanza. I hope they ease up McSoon.

I'll add an aaaaaaack for Elizabeth. I feel your pain sweetie. I think we are traveling in similar boats. Dear Universe: I would like our boats to land on the nearest beach where there is sunshine, warmth, relaxing and no stoooopid requests made of us, 'kay? Good. Glad that's taken care of....

Alas, I will have to skip the sock summit. I didn't make it past the woefully ugly scarf summit.

liz said...

Sue gets Mullet! Sue gets Mullet!

Esperanza, I'm 40. Dr. Scholls were late '70's thru mid-'80's.

esperanza said...

I'm 35. And probably tragically uncool in the late '70s thru early '80s.

kathy a. said...

ahem. scholls were mid-70's through whenever. i lost track when i moved to the fog zone in 1979. [52, if you must know.]

Sue said...

50 here - and fabulous I might add. Just sayin'.... :)

Clearly my head is feeling much better tonight. I would not have said those words 24 hours ago.

amy said...

Chin whiskers.

We have a ton of people coming over on Monday to cook out, and my husband is freaking out, but really? My chin whiskers are irritating me more than anything right now.

Sigh. When I was five, I never imagined I'd wish for electrolysis.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Sue - good luck with noncommittal stalling for the non volunteers. And I hope the headaches have gotten the vacation memo and take their own.

Kathy A - breathe. And hug. And remind yourself whatever you need to hear - you'll miss her, she'll be fine, she'll come home :)

Madeleine - UNCLE ANNOYING...gah I can't even do it. If the snark will be understood, then maybe? I am not sure I'd send photos either way. But I am mean.

KLee - the grades are great! You're awesome.

Elizabeth - wow. Good luck with the launch. Chocolate for stress relief stat?

Esperanza: hang in there mini baboo! I am 33 and I don't get the Dr Scholl's thing at all. I was picturing the moleskin pads my mom would wear to cover rough shoe edges.

Liz - what a great photo. Did you have an Archie in the wings?

Cartoon character...hmmm...I have been told I am like Willow from Buffy, but that's not a cartoon. And I will never be as thin as Alyson Hannigan. Maybe Velma from Scooby Doo?

Whine: I am not nearly good enough at motivating my daughter with positive reinforcement. I seem to come back to bribes and it feels, well, I know why bribing public officials is illegal.

Madeleine said...

Sarah, in my non-expert opinion, it's a very fine line between bribes and positive motivation with kids.

However, if you have the time for an amusing but useful book on the topic, by an actual expert, look for "Don't Shoot the Dog." It's a book on positive reinforcement from a woman who says that everyone should be required to train dolphins before having children. There is no negative reinforcement that works on a dolphin; if they aren't happy, they swim away. So trainers learn to do positive reinforcement real quick.

esperanza said...

Squeaking in an additional Mini Baboo whine Thursday morning. More bleeding. Back to butt-on-couch. Wonderful Mr. E is staying home to lift the Sweet Baboo all day long.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Hugs for Esperanza. And some good (very bad) daytime TV?

amy said...

Hugs and virtual ponies for everyone this week!

Sue said...


kathy a. said...

(((( esperanza )))))

liz said...

my comment disappeared. Hugs and crossed appendages for esperanza. Is there anything we can do to make the butt-on-couch easier?

KLee said...

Amy, while looking at your link, I discovered this one:

Too bad it's STILL not big enough, 'cause I'd buy that sucker!


kathy a. said...

late whinety whine: i mentioned upstream that i'm 52, right? you all have graciously endured me whining about hot flashes from hell and flinging cats in the night, right? after a 6 month hiatus that i hoped would last forever, guess who came for a fireplacing visit, with bells on? this. is. so. not. OK.

liz said...


(wonders if The World's Best Campaign Manager (tm) would allow me to wear it in public before Wednesday, Nov. 4th)

purple_kangaroo said...

Squeaking in before the thread closes . . . .

We had a visit from animal control yesterday. Animal Control received another report about our rabbits--this time the complaint was that it was hot outside (really!) and they were "worried the rabbits might be hot." Yeah. Especially since we have air-conditioning in there, and all.

The AC officer inspected our rabbit area (and looked at the dog) and said everything looked great and she was pleased to see someone taking such good care of their animals.

She couldn't/wouldn't tell me who made the complaint, but she did read me the wording of the complaint. And there was one little detail in there that shouted Creepy Neighbor. Because there's one particular comment he keeps making that's not true, but which he seems to have stuck in his intoxicated mind no matter how many times I correct him. And that exact comment was in the report.

On the bright side, he's been studiously avoiding us ever since the first complaint was made several weeks ago.

I need to decide whether to talk to him or not. I'm leaning toward perhaps talking to his wife, if I talk to anyone in the household.

Whine/antiwhine: I finally blogged about my daughter's diagnosis, but as far as I can tell nobody is reading my blog regularly anymore, other than dear sweet Liz. Maybe I should start blogging more often than a few times a month again.

liz said...

Your neighbor really creeps me right the heck out, PK.

liz said...

I asked TWBCM(tm), and he says, "Love the shirt.
No way can you wear it."


Sending life-boat sized maxi-pads to kathy a. for the crimson tide.

liz said...

PSA: Yarn Harlot tweets,

"SS09 volunteers wanted: Got time on the 6th-9th? Send email with when you're free to"

kathy a. said...

PK -- oy oy oy about your neighbor. sure does sound like he is the complainer. on the up side, [a] he is staying away from your kids, and [b] he has so far managed to build a record that you are a good pet owner, and he is a crank with a vendetta. i think it's fine to just let animal control communicate part B to him -- for someone so stuck in his own mind, anytime you complain will just give him more ammunition. his poor wife must be in an unhappy place, though.

liz, have passed along the sox info. will soon be setting out for a certain aisle. daughter is used to the feminine products fairy stocking the drawer at home; that hasn't happened a lot lately. sigh.

esperanza said...

Today's emergency ultrasound (do I really need a collection of these? No, I do not) showed "a baby with a good heartbeat." THat's all the fireplacing ultrasound tech would tell me. "Your doctor will get the report within 24 hours." AND she wouldn't turn the screen so I could see it to. But, I'll take baby with a good heartbeat at this point. I had to ask about 4 times before she'd tell me that. Harumph.