Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy ________ Day!

Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day, to the geographically relevant pixies. Happy Friday to the rest of you.

Happy Belated Birthday, JenR! Its sounds like the day itself may have disappointed, but we hope your next trip around the sun is a joyful one!

kathy a. remains a serious contender for the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award this week, as she is plagued with the “state budget rodeo . . . Too much work, not enough cash . . . and bizarre insurance hoops.”

esperanza is the lucky winner of the Overwhelming Life Award. Between the pregnancy and its tribulations, the move, the medical yuck, and the new church, it all sounds a bit much. Welcome back to teh Intarwebs , esperanza, and please pass many pixie pats-on-the-back to your mom.

KLee gets the much coveted Random Bullshit Award for reminding the Pixies that sometimes, that is what WW is all about. As kathy a. says, “this space is for whines big and small, so bring 'em on!” Once convinced, she shared her back-to-school woes, which deserve a Old Skool Award of their very own.

DevilMacDawg, whose spouse is one month away from taking the bar examination, deserves a flipping medal for sitting home with three children every night while he goes to class and waiting on any hint that he will land some sort of gainful employment before they run through the remainder of the cash on hand. Sadly, we here at Wednesday Whining are short on medals, but we hope you enjoy your crank-free vacation, DMD!

liz is now A! Celebrity! with a local newspaper following her on Twitter. How cool, liz, and how bizarre, all at the same time. I wonder what they would think if we showed up to cluestick their weather goons?

Sarah at ratatat, we hope your trip to the local waterpark capitol goes smoothly! Living in the Frigid North, I’m awfully jealous!

Sue sweeps Old Skool this week, with her bunion. We hear pre-teens can have bunions, Sue, so maybe it means you are really 11 again?

amy gets the Wallpaper Baby award to share with the little one who “needs to have every square inch of her body applied to mine like wallpaper.” We hope that need dials down a little soon, so you can make your way back to the keyboard.

We would like to award Mr. Purple_Kangaroo the Susan B. Anthony Award for suggesting his sister save her anti-suffrage opinions until his girls weren’t there to hear her shoot her mouth off. I am impressed by his assertiveness and diplomacy – what a great way to handle it!

And last but certainly not least, Name Under Development gets the Rational Mama Bear award for supporting her daughter through an unpleasant work situation. NUD, it sounds like ya’ll have everything under control, but do let us know if you need a Cluestick Posse.

I will wrap this post up with kathy a’s words: “here's a toast to the siblings we choose, and their humor and grace!” Thanks for being here, Pixies. See you next week, when kathy a will be hosting.


purple_kangaroo said...

Thank you on DH's behalf.

I found out this evening that one or two of his brothers were also joining in on the females-shouldn't-have-voting-rights bandwagon, at which point DH's mother (the newly-widowed) burst into tears. As DH pointed out, she is not too far removed from the battle for women's suffrage.

DH's sister said, "Mom, are you CRYING?" to which MIL replied, "I'm just proving your point about women being emotional, I suppose."

DH's siblings then CONTINUED the conversation, until DH stepped in and asked them not to discuss it in front of his daughters. He could not believe that they would be so insensitive to his mother, either.

It was interesting hearing him vent about it this evening, and how stupid such generalizations along gender lines are, etc.

I really love my hubby.

liz said...

Oh, PK, please give your husband a big hug from the group here. And your MIL.

And I'd like to give your siblings-in-law a swift kick in the keister, but that would just prove their point, as well.

kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, redzils!

PK, your poor MIL.

Madeleine said...

PK, that is in incredible story. Good for your DH for standing up for all of us! I hope your MIL chews out her children at a calmer moment.

Redzils, many hugs for your own whines, which would assuredly be award-worthy if it weren't for the host-exemption technicality. I hope you have a restful visit with your parents.

Sue said...

THanks for a great ceremony redzils.

Mr. PK should really be made an honorary pixie for this one. Holy moly.....~rolls eyes~ PK - I can only echo Madeleine and say that they all get a good chewing out over that one.

Happy Independence Day y'all!