Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glitter Gluestick Edition

It's been an action-packed week at Pixie Central!

JenR wins the Kids of Sibs Birthday Dilemma Award for her inquiry:
I have 6 nieces and nephews, and one child of my own. The parents of three of those nieces/nephews completely ignored my son's (1st!) birthday this year .... this isn't out of character for them, because I know they rarely, if ever, remember the birthdays of the other three kids. I'm sick of buying them and their children birthday gifts and not getting a thank you - and having my own birthday ignored as well.

Liz led the Glitter Gluestick Posse in response [thanks, Amy, for the name!], in which Pixies proposed that neices and nephews be gifted with: GLITTER! LOTS AND LOTS OF GLITTER!; toy drums; Drums, tamborines, maracas, glitter, and CONFETTI!; the biggest tub of Play-Doh; moon sand; Operation and/or Perfection and/or Taboo!

KLee wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for "All I can say is thank God phones are cordless these days, because I'm tempted to strangle either her or myself." Runner up is Sue, who states: "I vacuumed. I will do no more. Anyone who doesn't like my bathroom mirror can clean it themselves."

The Old Skool Award goes to Elizabeth, whose wonderful friend cared for the cats and held down the fort during her vacation, but also lost the gas cap on her car, effectively stranding her until a replacement can be found.

Baby Bottle Blues Award to Esperanza, who wants Sweet Baboo off the bottle pronto, but Baboo has other plans.

Liz brings the Bodily Fluids this week, in the form of her son's offering all over the back of the car. Peee-Ewww. Runner up is Amy, who received a visit from Aunt Flo for the first time since the baby. Bleah.

Madeleine wins the Cranberry Juice Addict Award, for overcoming the dreaded UTI.

Happy Birthday to Sue and her beloved, both celebrating the big five-oh! Our gift is a month's worth of virtual vacuuming, which gets you off the hook for cleaning up for the celebratory crowds.

Sibling Angst Award to Sarah at ratatat, for surviving a family weekend only to be faced with, "are we invited to XYZ?" Sarah also wins the Separation Anxiety Award, for soothing her daughter's meltdown at the summer enrichment class -- glad she is feeling better!

The Strange Sighting Award goes to Name Under Development, who spotted a decidedly non-glam family boarding a fireplacing limosine outside a Cracker Barrel, of all places.

Congratulations to Liz, for more superior canvassing and the No Cavity report; to Esperanza for no more VSB episodes, and the perfection of Mini-Baboo; to Amy, for fun times with an old friend; to Madeleine, for decluttering; and to Elizabeth, who enjoyed a nice vacation.

Condolences to all Pixies suffering this week from: queasiness; doctors bolting out the door; upcoming funerals; the horror of asking children to put a dish in the sink, or other outrageous abuses; husbands too buried to spend no-kid time wisely; overwork; crabbiness; involuntary celebration happy faces; basement and/or garage cleaning; challenging classes; potential orthodontia; long drives; and tiredness.

See you next week, when our host will be Ms. Doorbell-Ringing Superstar herself, Liz!


kathy a. said...

The Irritating Gifts Project spearheaded by the Glitter Gluestick Posse is giving me a serious fit of the giggles this morning. The possibilities are endless! Hammering toys. Marble games. Paint. Beading projects. Nerf guns. Anything with 8 million pieces, each of which is vital.

Sue said...

Thanks for the award and the birthday wishes! Especially the virtual vacuuming. There's a spot I missed by the couch....

liz said...

Thanks for the award! I got the minivan scrubbed yesterday and now it smells like grape shampoo. A big improvement!

esperanza said...

Oh thanks, and thanks for "Mini-Baboo"--I've been trying to figure out what to call him/her.

Madeleine said...

Happy happy joy joy!

Liz, SG is in early orthodontia for crowding. If you need commiseration you know how to find me. 8 is the new 12. (As in, I and my friends got braces at 12, but these days they hand them out to 8 year olds.)

amy said...

The most miserable game in the world for small parts is Hi-Ho Cherry-O. If you want four players, you MUST NOT lose any pieces. Clue, Jr., is pretty miserable for small pieces, too.

Lovely, wonderful, magnificent awards! :)

purple_kangaroo said...

I love the glitter glue posse. Any toy that makes loud electronic music fits right in there, too. Especially if it's slightly off-key, or off-rhythm. Like the Winnie-the-Pooh toy someone gave one of my kids, that played the theme song with slight irregularities.

I remember that someone once gave us a miniature electric keyboard that had built-in songs you could play, in an endless loop.

purple_kangaroo said...

Madeleine, my 8-year-old hasn't even lost her first tooth yet!

liz said...

PK, isn't it interesting the variation in ages for that? I know a four-year-old who lost 4 and a 9-year-old who just lost his first.

kathy a. said...

Electronic toys! I once had to pull off the freeway, confiscate all 4 furbies that my daughter and friends had, and put them in the trunk. The furbies, not the girls.