Thursday, July 23, 2009


The Phoenix Rising Award goes to Sue, who enjoyed her 50th birthday with family, and celebrated another decade with a new tattoo. (See photo; she explains that the phoenix is facing an appendectomy scar, rather than some other anatomical feature.) Yay, Sue!

KLee wins the Home Improvement Goddess Award, for conquering the 1950's linoleum! We are hoping to see before and after photos, as several pixies have personal linoleum memories.

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to Esperanza, for her delicate description of exactly what kind of rest the OB recommends. We agree with Madeleine, that the visiting hordes of family don't need that much detail, and prescribe couch rest and letting them deal with what needs doing.

Old Skool Award to Sarah at ratatat, who complains: "I am off to the dentist tomorrow. And I know I didn't floss often enough." Runner up is JenR, with: "Every day this week, I have been convinced it was Wednesday or Thursday, only to discover that I was wrong and my work week was not almost over. Ugh."

Madeleine takes home the Style Award, and bonus aloe vera, with:
Q: If you go to the beach on Tuesday, how will you be sure on Wednesday that
your sunscreen worked exceptionally well? A: By the oddly shaped red,
burned patches on your inner calves, of course. Because you always miss a spot
somewhere, generally bilaterally symmetrically. Q: How can you tell it is
sure to rain for the next few days? A: We made camping reservations.

Condolences to Liz, who lost her favorite teacher and an amazing author, and to JenR, whose dad lost a close friend after a long battle with ALS.

Six Feet Under Award to Sue, who is about to perform her fourth funeral in two weeks, with another possible incoming next week.

Fine Line Award to Sarah at ratatat, for family stuff. As Amy says, "any time you can't tell where the whine ends and the anti-whine begins, you need an award. or pie. or cake. or an award, pie, *and* cake."

Remembering What It's All About Award to Amy, who is abstaining from pain meds for her foot because she is pumping for donations to the milk bank.

Crazy Week Award to Elizabeth, who laments: "I've been feeling like hell by the time I get home each day. Not sure if it's just fatigue or if I'm coming down with something."

OMG! Vegetables! Award to JenR, whose husband reached the breaking point over broccoli and garlic from the neighbor. Thanks to the Gourmet Pixies who offered cooking suggestions.

Big Girl Award to Esperanza's Sweet Baboo, who abandoned the bottle for a straw after some good peer pressure from cousins. Growth Spurt Award to Madeleine's Snuggly Girl, who sprouted mightily. Good Son Award to Sue's boy out west, who flew home to surprise the parents!

Host note: do not try this at home. It is bad karma, and does not effectively remove the cat from the desk.

See you next week, when the incomparable Madeleine will host!


Sue said...

Great awards Kathy - I laughed out loud at the kitteh with the sticky notes. The face says it all.

kathy a. said...

Third time's a charm; 2 drafts disappeared into the ether, so apologies if I forgot someone!

Persephone is the queen of the universe, according to her. Just behind the keyboard is a pair of bookends, a desperate effort to avoid keyboard floppage. Her bathing spot is just off-camera to the left, where she perches on anything I'm trying to read.

amy said...

Sorry the award process was such a hassle! Sheesh! Lovely recovery, FWIW.

I believe the caption for the kitty picture is as follows: "We are not amused."

Madeleine said...

Fantastic awards, charmed, indeed. The ether owes your brain cells compensation.

Liz Miller said...

Terrific awards ceremony!

I'm coming by on a rare Sunday to say that clear liquid diets are YUMMY! And filling! And satisfying!

And I'm totally looking forward to the outcome of the prep I'm doing for tomorrow's colonoscopy! TOTALLY!

kathy a. said...

LIZ! i have something yukky to do tomorrow, but trust me when i say that we aren't trading places.

after the ordeal, you can eat anything you want. in fact, the universe owes you the best meal ever.

Liz Miller said...

Well, I'm glad that while you are going through your yukky thing to do, you can think, "Well, at least I'm not liz!"

Knowing that I am cheering someone else up will definitely make my yukkiness more pleasant.

kathy a. said...

liz, i hope it is over and that your adoring family is waving palm fronds, bringing nourishment, showering you with love.