Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Special Inaugural Edition

Bring us your tired feet, your poor chilled hands, your huddled masses on the mall yearning to see Barack Obama take the oath of office, and whine about them right here.

Antiwhine: I just got home from a ball, which was truly enormous fun.
Whine: The Governer did NOT show, in fact MS was one of two of the highest elected officials there.
Antiwhine: We met the second man to set foot on the moon, and we met several really nice local people with whom we hope to keep in touch.
Whine: My feet hurt.
Antiwhine: The LargeMuseumAtTheAirport was GORGEOUS with mood lighting. Space craft should always be shown that way.

Tomorrow, I plan to watch the Inauguration with the Young Democrats at a local restaurant.

What are your plans? Your whines? Come, tell us all!

ETA: Me dressed for the Ball last Friday. Unfortunately, you can't see the hair, which was done like a bouquet of brown curls. And I'm holding myself really stiffly, I don't know why.


Madeleine said...

Here's my inauguration whine: What is it with the constant recitation of what number president this is? There is nothing particularly special about the number 44, so why does the media endlessly repeat it? Both US and Canadian media, for weeks now, seem unable to mention Obama or the inauguration without saying "of the 44th president of the United States." Enough already. I really don't give a hoot which number he is, just give him the keys to the office so we can get on with things! After the big party, of course. I'm not a curmudgeon, just a whiner.

kathy a. said...

i don't remember anyone making a big deal about the number until bush II. whose sorry self will be shown the door in just a little while!

really, i'm too excited to whine about anything at all right now.

liz said...

I think it's 'cause of baby Bush AKA Bush 43.

amy said...

I considered creating a pseudonym for this whine, but because this is a safe place to whine, I decided to put my name on it and add a disclaimer so you all don't show me the door.

My disclaimer: I hope I don't rub anyone the wrong way. That is not my intent. I know and accept that I'm an outsider when it comes to this, and that's okay. I also believe that most everyone here will be able to find some empathy for my situation, even if they don't agree with me.

Okay, here goes. I'm sick of all the Inauguration cr@p. I understand the historical importance of this presidency (FWIW, I think that's why they keep repeating "the 44th" - to help solidify it in people's memory that the 44th is the first African American President), but seriously I cannot take it anymore. My daughter is loving life right now because it's all kid shows, all the time, because I cannot go near a news channel without fear that my head will explode.

It's not like I'm sad to see President Bush go. I'm not. I'm a Libertarian*, not a Republican or a Democrat, so I vote for my candidates and they don't win. I accept this. Welcome to Life As A Grown Up. But all the coverage and hype this past week is a little like salt in an aging wound.

Where I believe I'll find some empathy from some of you in the Whining Community is that all of us have had to live with a President we didn't vote for and I think we can all agree that it's a drag. A four- or eight-year long draaaaaaaag.

So, if you feel like I need to just shut my mouth, tell me. I get it.

Also, the baby (3.5 months) still doesn't sleep at night and my daughter has a cold and suddenly feels inspired to be a hands-on big sister. Shoot me.

*If you are unfamiliar with the Libertarian movement, please take note that we are not anarchists. The Libertarian platform is a socially liberal and fiscally conservative one. If I have a secondary political whine, it would be that the stereotype that Libertarians are anarchists is not even close to being based in reality.

liz said...

Amy, I do completely empathize with you about this. I love being able to go to balls (hooray for smilingsmilingsmiling!) but I am kinda bemused at people wanting to stand around for over 8 hours in 27 degrees F (feels like 15), when they could watch it on tv, like I'll be doing.

I do remember Reagan's first inaugural being this big a deal. I think that's what happens with landslides.

esperanza said...

All whines are whineable at the whining party. Thus says me.

My whine...still with the snot. Both Da-da and the Sweet Baboo. And then me yesterday. I'm starting to think this lingering bit is allergies. I was hoping for a cold, because they eventually go away, ya know?

And while I'm whining, how come she can say "da-da" but the closest she gets to "mama" is "nyah-nyah"? It doesn't seem quite fair.

Antiwhine: (Can you get an Old Skool Anitwhine?) I had fresh bread for my sandwich at lunch. It usually spends a tour of duty in the freezer before it makes it to the sandwiches. But I just went to the store yesterday and got a fresh loaf. It was good.

liz said...

Ooh! Esperanza! I know the answer to the "da-da" question!!!

"da-da" involves less muscle coordination than "ma-ma". You have to close your lips for the "m" sound, as opposed to open-mouthed vocalizing for the "d" and the "n" sounds. You'll get a "b" sound before an "m" too, because it only involves closing the lips, whereas "m" involves a little hum along with closing the lips.

Anonymous said...

My whine: I tried to burn my house down, during the fabulous Inauguration. I left a pot of oatmeal on the stove (not turned off, as I thought) when a friend arrived to walk downtown with me.

Anti-whine: somehow I failed, despite being gone for 2.25 hours and coming home to a house full of smoke.

Whine: now everything in my house *reeks* of smoke.

Anti-whine: I am so, so thankful the dog is at my parents' instead of trapped breathing the smoke, with the beeping fire alarm causing her to freakthefrak out.

Whine the secondary: I can't tell *anyone* in my life about this because they will ALL yell at my for being that stupid (note: I know it was stupid. It was an accident, first one of its type, never to be repeated. I am at least as scared as they would be, etc.).

Anti-whine: all is well, enough, and we have a new president!

kathy a. said...

amy, i don't think anyone can or will hold your sentiments against you. and i'm glad you talked about them. my beloved is really sick of it all, too -- he isn't quite libertarian, but doesn't trust any politician. i don't think of libertarians of anarchists, by the way.

i hope you will forgive my excitement -- i am over the top for a lot of reasons, some big [this guy believes in the constitution, for example] and some silly [he went to my college for 2 years]. it's not that i think there will be a miracle cure for what-all ails us, but these last 8 years were so bad on so many levels. much of my emotion today is relief that at least we can start making inroads on the pile-up of problems.

kathy a. said...

esperanza -- what liz said. plus, fresh bread is the BEST antiwhine.

redzils! you must get a prize for that whine. was it an electric stove? i once almost set my apartment on fire by putting a plastic lid down on the burner i thought was off. apologized at length to the fire department, who showed up after i got the burner off and threw baking soda on the mess.

Anonymous said...

kathy a. - yes, an electric stove, and an ancient one at that.

kathy a. said...

liz, dahlink -- you look gorgeous, positively gorgeous! i'm very jealous that you are local and having such excitement.

liz said...

Thank you, dahlink!

And redzils, I could have totally done that. You are definitely there in the whine of substance category!

And Amy, always feel free to whine here about ANYTHING.

esperanza said...

Yeah, I guess it was a rhetorical whine. I knew that. Plus, she either has "an enlarged tongue" (diagnosis of some) or just a lazy tongue, so it frequently hangs out of her mouth. Thus making "b" and "m" that much more difficult. She'll say mama sometime...

amy said...

kathy (and others),
i don't begrudge anyone their enthusiasm and excitement. if my candidate had won, you'd better believe i'd be jumping out of my skin with glee. it's the media and the coverage that's making my head hurt.

i guess i must be just young enough to not remember reagan's inauguration because i remember him being elected but this seems to me like the first time for piles of hoopla.

and, on a side note, it hardly seems fair to obama in that the expectations the media and some people are putting on him are so high. the stakes are already very high, and now people are piling on. i might not agree with him, but i do wish him the best because we're all in it with him, whether we like it or not.

Madeleine said...

Even My Love, who was an Obama supporter while I was still rooting for Clinton last winter, is pretty whiney about the hype this week. I promised him that today is for teh hype but tomorrow he gets to work, and then we can see what happens. Please, Universe, let things happen.

Madeleine said...

And now, liz, we need a picture of The Hair and also the second gown. So we can live vicariously through you, ya know?

liz said...

Alas, there is no picture of the hair. Because I am an idiot.

I'm waiting for the official photographers of the other ball to upload their pictures.

liz said...

If you're curious how things went for those who were there in person, here's a link to a chat hosted by Marc Fisher of the Washington Post

KLee said...

Liz, like everyone said -- you look FABULOUS! I love the gown! Glad your smilingsmilingsmiling has paid off!

Amy -- feel free to whine. If this isn't the appropriate place, then NOWHERE is safe. Let me reassure you that I don't think Obama is the savior of the free world. He's a human being, and flawed like the rest of us. I did vote for him because I thought he was the best choice of the two, and I'm also a Libertarian. The reason that I chose not to vote for the Libertarian candidate is because I thought it was more important to vote for a person that I thought would bring us closer to change, and for me -- McCain was not that man. I could not vote for McCain. I could not "waste" my vote on the Libertarian candidate. Plus, Sarah Palin scares (and still does) the absolute hell out of me.

I have an online friend who is feeling the hype like you are -- who did NOT vote for Obama, and who mentioned that she was getting flak for her opinion. That's the great thing about America -- YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE A DISSENTING OPINION. It's part of our heritage. It's okay to be in the minority. Many of us here remember all too well what it felt like when Gore was declared the loser to Bush. We know. It's okay to be sick of it all. It is a bit much, but it's a bit much because, hopefully, it proves that we've moved on collectively, as a nation, from the hatred and bigotry that once tore this nation in two. Let's pray that the feeling of hope and change stays with us. I think we all pray Obama does well for America, and manages to get his message across through deeds as well as words.

Never feel bad about speaking your mind. Feel bad if you stay silent when you don't want to.

liz said...

Yeah, what KLee said.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Whine: My comment disappeared. Darn.

Whine: I am sick. Knocking on wood seems to be no match for a persistent cold virus. I think I am the sickest one in the house, but that means no sick baby, so woo!

Anti-whine: new president!

Liz--you looked terrific! And Rezils--what a nightmare. Good luck getting the smoke out.

My head is too stuffed to ramble on more.

Anonymous said...

The fire thing is actually a minor detail around here, which tells you something horrible about the rest of my day.

I defend my dissertation on Monday, five days from now. I am not ready and dont know how to be ready and woe is me, etc.

In my procrastination I am getting all sorts of other life business done, and I created a new blog, because of course what I need is another obligation. I make no promises that I will ever make content there, but I can now be found at, as well as livejournal. Whee, or something...

Sue said...

In honour of the late Ricardo Monalbon - Liz, you look mahvelous!

Whine: 4:47 - the time my bladder woke me up for a pit stop this morning. 4:48 - the time one very bad cat decided the entire household should be awake.

Whine the Second: I have a breakfast meeting at 7:00 am and it's still dark outside. No meeting should start before the sun is up. Just sayin.... they had better not expect me to be chirpy and happy and engaged like the morning people on this committee. I'll just stay at my end of the table and get someone to hold my head up so I don't end up covered in eggs. (yes, at least it's at a restaurant and we get food).

Whine the Third: Lost my fireplacing passport this weekend. Had major freak-out. Almost have it sorted out except for....

Whine the Fourth: The Commissioner for Oaths who signed my statuary declaration (finally, after I found her) said that the passport office may have a problem with my not knowing the number on my lost passport. The whole point is that it is LOST. How am I supposed to have the number when I lost the darn thing? Argh.

The Crankiest Morning Person ANY of you have ever known or ever will know, fr rls.

Anonymous said...

Dammit. Yesterday was FIRE! I almost burned the apartment down, then burned the bread I was making to a crisp.

Today seems to be ICE. I woke up to frozen pipes and no water.

I hate this garret today.

And I still have that little dissertation-defense thing going on in 5 days! Ack!

amy said...

sheesh, the competition is steep for the when it rains it pours award this week!

Madeleine said...

Redzils for some kind of apocalyptic award. Fire, Ice, Dissertation Defense, Apocalypse. (And mucho sympathy on the frozen pipes! Eeesh.)

Anti-whine: I determined that I could smash the icicles hanging directly over the mailbox with a broomstick from my office window. Risk of impaling one of the people in my neighborhood is significantly reduced.

Whine: Just occurred to me that Snuggly Girl would have enjoyed that immensely. Ah, well.

Remaining winter whine: In other, less reachable places, we've got icicles on our icicles.

But other than that I'm pretty whine-less today. It's a new day, yo! Show us what you've got, Mr. President.

kathy a. said...

second the apocalypse award for redzils. best with defending the dis!

my whine is really from last week, but my head was spinning too much to whine it then. it turns out my sister's cancer is stage 2, and a fairly rare and aggressive kind that does not respond to a lot of treatments -- so she is in for 18 weeks of chemo. so, that is kind of scary.

part 2 is that she thinks i'm "into cancer" and "too depressing," and wants no contact from me. [she also has just loads of complaints "going back to day one," according to my fabulous aunt, who conveyed all the news.]

both of these whines are kind of kicks in the gut. part 2 provoked a personal freak-out, because it is true a lot of people in my life had the misfortune of fighting cancer; but also true that i've always tried hard to give support and buoy them up. anyway, there is nothing to be done about her feelings -- all i can do is comply with her wishes and hope for the best.

Madeleine said...

{{{kathy a.}}}

As you say, there is nothing you can do, and nothing I can do but send you these hugs.

Elizabeth said...

Anti-whine: Had a marvelous day yesterday as one of the crazy people hanging out on the Mall to see it in person.

Whine: Things were totally disorganized and chaotic around the lines.

Anti-whine: My 8 year old had the judgment to pass on coming downtown with me, so I didn't have to deal with a cold and cranky child all day (but I would have done it for him if he had wanted it).

Whine: need to get back to work after 4 day weekend.

Anti-whine: Taking another 4 day weekend next week.

Whine: 8 year old is home with a cold.

Madeleine said...

Elizabeth, congrats on your incredible foresight in leaving your son home for the big day -- because if he'd come down with this cold after being out all day yesterday, you'd have blamed yourself, but since you didn't take him, you know he was just bound to get sick anyway. Hooray for small victories, I say.

esperanza said...

And now I have a Wednesday whine. The Early Childhood person (you may remember her--not my favorite person) came today. It was Annual Evaluation time, so she brought both the physical therapist and the speech therapist with her. I like both of them, and they have seen the Baboo occasionally.

I had been asking for a few months now if she could be re-evaluated, because she seemed to be behind to me. I think the coordinator was trying to stall until it was annual eval time anyway. But whatever. So the Baboo, all along, has been about 3-4 months behind on all counts. But you take away two of those months because you adjust her age to her original due date. And then because she isn't more than two months behind, she didn't qualify for services. Whatever. Now that she is a year old, you stop adjusting her age, and poof! she qualifies. So PT is coming twice a month, and so will ST. On the whole, this is an antiwhine, because I think they can help. On the other hand....ugh...more appointments to schedule and my sweet baboo needs professional help. :(

But, antiwhine is that she is actually *ahead* in the social-emotional relations measure. However that is measured. She is a charmer.

kathy a. said...

((( esperanza ))) actually, that sounds all good, except the frustration factor! both the PT and ST will be fun for baboo; and a little bit can do so much, at early ages especially. also, a big WooHoo about her social-emotional engagement!

kathy a. said...

anti-whine of having pets: they are not just lovey warm creatures, but SUCH good entertainment!

my little spot, the feral guy, just performed an award-winning cartoon performance! he was in the middle of a CrazyCat 500 around the house, when he noticed i was Upright and Too Close. he tried to reverse speed and direction, but skidded 4 feet across the kitchen floor, all claws extended, landing accidentally at my feet. fortunately, i was too busy laughing to be a major threat.

JenR said...

Lesson for the week: When you procure a Magical Sleeping Crib, you must not talk about it. Do dare to think about how wonderful the sleep is. If you do, all of the magic goes away and you are left with just a crib. Pout :(

JenR said...

(not "do dare" ... should be "don't dare")

esperanza said...

Oh no, JenR. Who knew the magic would expire?

Conversation between my Mom and me last night:
Mom: Is {Sweet Baboo} sleeping better?
Me: Oh, that was just one night that was bad. She's been sleeping ten or eleven hours every night.

So last night? Sweet Baboo was awake and wailing from 11 pm to 1 am. And did not want to take her usual lunchtime nap, but was at least not wailing. And is now asleep in late afternoon.

If there are any other magic cribs, I'd like one.

Sue said...

What? The Magical Crib stopped working? How can that be????? Sorry JenR.

I'll be back later to read the rest of the whines, but I wanted to check in after a VERY long day.

I'm so tie=tie, I don't need the Magical Crib at all. Just a pillow will do thank you.

margalit said...

I am back home from DC. My only whine, despite from the weather which was way to cold for sitting outside for hours at a time, was that it snowed the morning that we left Boston and my stupid plow person didn't show up, so we had to drive the Jeep SUV as it was the only vehicle we had that would make it up my hill to pick me and my luggage up. I HATE THAT JEEP. My ass is permanantly numb except for the horrible sciatica running down my left leg, and the ache in my shoulders that run down my right arm all that way into my fingers.

Otherwise, I'm still on a total high. Our Blue seats were unbelievable because we registered for handicap seats, and we were in the very front by the west portico. I was on TV and a friend's daughter called me from New Hampshire in the middle of the Aretha song to tell me she saw me on TV, which was so weird.

We got to the capital about 8:30 and the mall was already packed, but we got right in due to wheelchair. I swear, I'm using that thing whenever I travel as it makes EVERYTHING so much easier. They even had someone wheel the chair for us.

The whole thing was so moving and I still have not processed it at all.

We went to the neighborhood ball and saw the first dance. I'm not a Beyonce fan, but she was wonderful and the whole place was in tears. Seeing Michelle and Barak dancing... OMG, they are just so gorgeous together. Her dress was beautiful but it looked horrid on TV. Those silk flowers were so delicate but they looked like they were made of toilet paper on TV. The ball was fun, but of course we all just kinda stood there with our mouths gaping open.

Then we went back to friend's dad's WAY TOO HOT apartment, slept, got up this morning and drove back to Boston. I'm so tired and so confuzzeled that it will take a while to get focussed again. But it was wonderful and I'm so blessed to have gone.

KLee said...

I am so freaking tired of getting in trouble for doing my damn job. That is all.

Sue said...


Anonymous said...

I have water again, which is good, since apparently there was a murder on my campus so we are all getting emails from the police telling us to STAY HOME.

Ugh. We had thirtysome people killed on this same campus a couple years ago, and this is just all a bit much...

kathy a. said...

omg, redzils. i had forgotten which campus, but need no reminding. holeee cow. i hope everyone is safe. xoxoxo

Elizabeth said...

eeek. Stay safe.

Whine: I've been working for the past 3 1/2 hours.