Thursday, January 29, 2009

Awards: no no No No NO NONONO Edition

Today's awards are in honor of
Sue, who has her eye bleach out again! I was going to recap, but really, do any of the pixies want to read those words again? Not I, nor my eyes. I'd suggest an intervention, except that then everyone in the class would need to sit in a circle and look at him. The horror!

Elevated Risk of Mullet goes, without question, to Amy, for: "Have you ever seen a jungle gym with a milk fountain?" No, we haven't. But if it spouted chocolate milk, it would be a real kid magnet. Except that the problem is, it already is.

Amy is also the recipient of this week's Old Skool Award, because MIL whines are about as old skool as they come.

Snow Day, Schmoe Day Awards to Liz and Margalit, who found the day at home with offspring involved too few snowball fights and too little teenage sulking, respectively.

A huge collective sigh of relief for the news that the Girl Scout peanut butter cookies are safe. And healthy! Sold by sweet little girls in uniforms, fundraising for a good cause. They're good for you, I'm sure of it.

A champagne toast to DOCTOR Redzils. We're so happy for you! And proud that we knew you way back when your dissertation was just a glimmer in your eye. I mean, a whine in a comment thread. We look forward to receiving your wise philosophical wisdom next week when you host!


kathy a. said...

fabulous awards, madeleine!

i'm back with an antiwhine of cultural graciousness. in japanese culture, it is very rude to just say "no." daughter's japanese teacher therefore, very kindly, told daughter that she thought the program to which she was applying would "not be the best one for her", and recommended another program [less challenging, and a later deadline, and they have term sessions instead of a full year as the only option]. and just to be clear, the teacher also regretfully does not have time to write the rec this week.

so -- daughter got the message, but from a non-parent, and in a way that makes her feel excited about a different opportunity. yay! plus, her 2 best friends asked her to share a place with them next year, so she may do that for winter/fall terms and leave for spring term only.

Madeleine said...

Phew! That's a good result, hunh?

Genevieve said...

Excellent, Kathy A! Good all around.

Nice awards, Madeline.

kathy a. said...


now we just need to find a way to get a japanese sensei into sue's yoga class, to suggest that mr. thong would be much better served by an entirely different and very interesting yoga class, one that assists the quest for manliness by dressing in loose sweatpants of ultimate coverage.

Sue said...

Great awards madeleine and another congrats to Doctor Redzils because she deserves a HUGE pixie party.

Yes, kathy a. - thong man would be well-served by such a japanese sensei. In the meantime, I'm just going to try to blend in and find the opposite corner of the room. I mean, really. Ew.

esperanza said...

And thank you for the good news on the Girl Scout Cookies. I could have googled it myself, but it is really much more fun to whine about it.

And Thong Man. Ugh. I just still can't think about him. Yuck.