Thursday, January 15, 2009


Folks, it is the end of an era here at the Whiner’s Ball. Yes, Esperanza does not win an award for Remembering What It’s All About, having no nursing or boob-related whines this week!

Plenty of boobs in the lineup, though, and they are all waiting for mammograms. The Cluestick Posse is hereby dispatched to all the insurance people and scheduling people who make it easy to say, "to hell with it." Sue generously offers use of her SuperHero Cape, as well.

Liz sweeps the Style category, with her elegant, overwhelming List of Now It Can Be Told. Nine out of 10 Pixies are still feeling faint just from reading it. Best with all of it, Liz!

Elevated Risk of Mullet to Sarah, whose baby is sleeping so well that she worries "she'll be a boring conformist with no insomnia problems." We shall not remind you of this (very often) when the little sweetie-pie decides that 2 a.m. means time to par-tay!

Competition is fierce in the Old Skool category this week. And the winners are: Genevieve, whose family and the cast of kiddo’s performance are victims of the stomach plague; Madeleine, who whines about dog pee in the snow, arguing that "those dribbling yellow spots" are "disgusting"; and Esperanza, whose Baboo was gifted with a "CD player" that is "sucking every last brain cell out of my head."

Hugs and much love to Elizabeth, whose mom may get a transplant soon. Our thoughts are with you and mom.

Too Much Information Award to Klee, and wishes for a quick improvement.

Front Row Seat Award to Margalit, who planned a simple trip to the vet, but ended up seeing a firetruck accident. "I didn't even know the city HAD that many cops," she reports. (Thanks to Madeleine for suggesting this award.)

Magical Sleeping Crib Award to JenR! The Pixies suffering from insomnia (personal, or feline) are lining up for a little nap!

Sympathy, condolences, and a bit of what is soothing for what ails you to all Pixies suffering from: going back to work; pressure to go back to work; deadlines; houseguests while the hostess is suffering from the plague; snipe-ish friends who don’t return calls then get irritated they didn’t hear something first; budget cuts; spelling errors; pressure to adopt a dog; political frustration; war; teenagers; ice and cold; loss of services; colds and the attendant snot; illnesses of any type; diets; clothing complaints; flat tires; moving and all its glory; scheduling things; forced smiling; and/or impending nervous breakdowns.

Thanks for playing! See you next week, when our own political maven, the incomparable Liz, will host a Special Inaugural Edition of WW!


kathy a. said...

Apologies for posting later than usual.

esperanza said...

Lovely ceremony.

And a clarification...I *have* boob whines, I just didn't whine them. Surely you're as tired of hearing them as I am of whining them!

kathy a. said...

You're holding back! I meant to do something witty about transitions generally, but my 3 remaining brain cells are leaving that to Liz next week. Anyway, this was definitely boob week at the Whining Palace.

Madeleine said...

Hugs to all the mammo-schedulers. And now that I think about it, the big 4-0 means it's time for me to join the club. Eeep.

Thanks for the award. Still cold. Still staring at desecrated snowbanks. But now I can shake my award at them.

Genevieve said...

Great ceremony, Kathy, thanks!
I had my first mammo a couple months ago, Madeleine, so I'll lead the pack.

kathy a. said...

We can henceforth refer to the Club as "the Sisterhood of the Squished."

Sue said...

Yup, nothing quite like placing the boobs in the waffle-iron machine. Youch!

Which reminds me, it's almost time for my own appointment with squishitude.

Great awards KathyA.

liz said...

I'm putting my boobs on display twice in a week. Pictures will, with any luck, be posted in next week's Inaugeral Special Edition.

kathy a. said...