Thursday, January 22, 2009

Awards! Enough Already Edition

This week's Awards are being held in honor of Amy, who is justifiably sick of all the inauguration crap, and Madeleine who doesn't give a hoot which number we're on, and to Redzils and her college campus. Redzils, I thought of you the moment I heard this morning.

Now to the Ceremony:

KLee gets a Brevity Award for "I am so freaking tired of getting in trouble for doing my damn job. That is all." KLee, I've got the cluestick at the ready, point me to the blockhead(s) that need(s) a good firm whacking and I'm there.

JenR and Esperanza get a Go-Go's single and a time-turner so they can go back and stop themselves talking about how well their babies are sleeping. NEVER TELL ANYONE HOW WELL THE BABY IS SLEEPING.

Redzils gets the (un)coveted Morton Salt Award ("when it rains, it pours") with Apocalypse Clusters for her adventures with fire, dissertation defense, ice, and, as stated above, a rider on a pale horse. What's next? Pestilence? Oh WAIT! She already had that!

Margalit and Elizabeth get the Intrepid Adventurer Award for actually BEING THERE. My dears, I salute you both. Thank you for representing WW. Now go check your toes for frostbite.

Kathy A. wins the Hands Tied Award for what is just a horrible situation.

Esperanza wins the Silver Lining Award for her Baboo's new assessment. On the one hand, she's not meeting some of her milestones; on the other, she now qualifies for intervention. And she's a charmer!

Amy gets Elevated Risk of Mullet this week for "Also, the baby (3.5 months) still doesn't sleep at night and my daughter has a cold and suddenly feels inspired to be a hands-on big sister. Shoot me."

And finally, Sue gets the Catch 22 Award for dealing with a lost passport, on top of which she has morning meetings.

Jumbo boxes of Kleenex to all those dealing with colds.

That's our show for this week. Thank you all for joining in and sharing this Whiner's Inaugural Ball with me.

Tune in next week when our host will be the lovely and talented Madeleine.


amy said...

Lovely ceremony, as always. I especially liked the pestilence connection. I had forgotten that was also her story.

Am grateful for the mullet award this week. As it turns out, the baby has caught the cold but so far, mama's milk is holding it at bay.


kathy a. said...

Fabulous ceremony! Such grace and kindness.

I'm invoking my super-powers to also recognize LIZ for Style, in that she had a totally gorgeous gown to wear to one of the festivities!

And AMY deserves a Remembering What It's All About Award for fending off the worst of the cold.

Madeleine said...

Hooray for mama's milk! And hooray for our lovely, glamorous, and dedicated activist hostess.

Pestilence, that's the one I forgot. Much sympathy on the fright and everything else, Redzils. Bust a leg on Monday!

Sue said...

What's a Wednesday without pestilence? That's what I always say...

Great awards Liz.

Good news on the passport front! Apparently, once I contact the Passport Officer personally, she/he can access my missing number. I only need a few pieces of id and a signed affadavit from James Bond ensuring that I am indeed not a member of any spy network. Ok, I made that last part up, but the rest, no problem.

esperanza said...

Good news, Sue.

And I'm happy to report that last night the Sweet Baboo, never mind, I'm not supposed to talk about that.

liz said...

Whine: The new ball gown looked HORRIBLE in pictures. Sincerely totally horrible. But live it looked fabulous. How does that happen?

Further whine: The hair doesn't show in the photos.


Genevieve said...

Liz, apparently the same is true of Michelle Obama's dress (see Margalit on the whining thread, plus I didn't like it in the pictures either). So you're in extremely good company!

liz said...

Madeleine said I looked good. You be the judge. Keep in mind that I am generally a 14-16 in shirts and an 8 in pants, 'k?

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liz said...

Here's another

kathy a. said...

liz, you look great!