Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birthday Presents for All!

Happy Birthday to all of us! I am sending virtual presents out to all the pixies, and there will be no guilt attached. Special birthday hugs for Genevieve and KLee's Offspring who almost shares my birthday.

The idea of inviting people to Our House for my birthday hasn't come up again since Monday, and in fact just last night My Love said he'll probably need to work all weekend, finishing grading for last semester, so I think I am off the hook for party-level cleaning. Now I just need to straighten up a bit for my Mom's visit . . . She brings chaos so it is best to start with a clean slate when possible.

Now on to the prizes!

MysteryMommy Liz lives up to her name this week . . . She gets the Agatha Christie Award for her mysterious unbloggable anxiety about something good. But not any of the obvious things. We'll stop guessing, Liz, but let us know eventually, if you can. We're rooting for you, whatever it is!

Step Away from the ER Awards go to kathy a. for her julienned finger (Ouch! in style, no less) and KLee for her untreated bone spurs (with a side of cluestick for her non-treating doctor).

esperanza wins the coveted Remembering What It's All About Award for her post-pumping bra fit woes. We feel you. Though not literally, like the professional bra fitter will. (And our sympathy on the Return of Teh Period and the attendant existential questions.)

Old Skool Award for Elizabeth, for a trifecta of common complaints: weight gain, pinkeye, and crappy weather. Runner-up to Genevieve, whose own trifecta is a little bit old-skool and a little bit rock-and-rollWeb 2.0.

kathy a. gets this week's Super Hero Award for being Aunt Incredible.

Special This-Week-Only* Eeeeewwwwwww Award to Sue and her inappropriately dressed yoga classmate. Ewww. EEEEEEwwwwwww. EEEEEEWWWWWWW.

The Four-Is-Two-All-Over-Again Award goes to Amy and her LOUD DAUGHTER. So sorry, Amy. I definitely remember that stage. And I'm sad to report that while some of the other behaviors have improved, Snuggly Girl still has the voice immodulation disorder. Four years later.

The Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for best single sentence in a Wednesday Whine goes to . . . . PK and her mysterious computer ailment, which gave us this doozy:
I'm going t try tofx that tonight,because this is wht itends uplooking like with the constnt ttemtpat taking over my typing cursor if I don't make multiple repeated an freuent crrections.
And thanks for making the unknown number of corrections necessary to make the rest of your posts more readable!

Special Whine-free Zone Awards for Sue and Purple Kangaroo, who deserve it for a change!

Thanks for all of your birthday wishes. I'll be back next week to whine about my mom's visit, my satellite company's incompetence, and anything else that comes up. And you know something will. The talented and lovely kathy a. will host.

* We hope. Both for the award and for the cause of it.


kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, madeleine! hope that your birthday is wonderful.

Sue said...

Thanks madeleine. We can only hope it's a one-timer. If I see him in the room next week, I'm off to the other corner of the room.

*My eyes, they buuuuurrrrnnnnn."


liz said...

Thank you for my award. I completely promise to come clean as soon as I can.

esperanza said...

Liz, I've been thinking and thinking about this and I've got it: you've won the lottery, are awaiting your lump sum payment, and are going to start a new life on a Carribbean island. While somehow keeping your job. Am I right? Do I get a prize?

liz said...

Surprisingly close, but no cigar.

esperanza said...

That just makes me wonder more. I'll quit pestering you.

And I forgot to say that I sincerely hope my whine next week will not include the following words: boob, pump, bra. Because I think the "Remembering what it's all about award" really should go to someone else for a change.