Monday, December 15, 2008

Pre-Holiday Blowout, Snowout, and Chain Saw Edition

Wooo, what a week so far! Sending virtual generators, warm gloves, hot chocolate, etc. to our freezing Pixies in the Northeast -- and elsewhere. Geez, there is snow in the Northwest as well, and apparently also in Arizona and who knows where else. I heard rumors of snow dustings on local mountains, but have no time to check that out. Will leave breaking news to Kermit.

Daughter came home! Worked on a fundraiser for a good cause! And, I'm thrilled with fabric donations to a quilt for a young local woman we know who is fighting leukemia -- an embarrassment of loveliness, and I hope to get the thing sewn this week. We found some decorations and got a tree, and might get to decorating soon. Way behind in work. I have almost no presents for anyone, even though Christmas and Chanukah are, like, sometime next week, I think. Whee!

We've had a rainstorm and cold weather, but the heater got fixed! And my holiday dream came true: my neighbor is having all the dead and dying trees in her yard taken down before they [a] cause the block to spontaneously combust in summer, or [b] fall on my house during winds/rains of winter. Thus, the chainsaws.

So, what's happening in your particular neck of the woods?


Miranda said...

My whine is that Christmas and Chanukah are inconveniently situated on my work calendar.

JenR said...

Four shiny new teeth on the way. The top ones... the whining around here tells me that they are much more painful than the bottom ones were.

redzils said...

Whine: *still* waiting on feedback on the dissertation. This is bad since I want to finalize the document before I leave for The Frigid North (and my family!) on Thursday.

Anti-whine: One of the jobs in The Frigid North wants to interview me while I am home! It's the post-doc, not the tenure track faculty job, but hey, the possibility of work in my home state is still really exciting!

JenR, you have my sympathy on the teeth!

Sadly, Miranda, I got nothing to offer on the calendar issue. Have some chocolate?

JenR said...

Wow... it's a quiet day here today.

esperanza said...

Antiwhine (?): progress has been made on the Breastpump Breakup. Boobs seem to be catching on.

Whine, and a request for help: I foresee that I will want to have some sort of Celebratory Occasion, when the breakup is complete. But I don't know what...any ideas?

Unrelated Whine: Crisis with Least Favorite BIL is causing havoc in MY house. Esperanza and Mr. E are unhappy with said BIL. But still fretting about him and situation. Vague enough for you?

Also unrelated whine: It's COLD! Well, at least for us. 80 on Sunday, 40 on Monday. 30-something today. Back to 80 by Thursday.

Baboo's Whine: You have been pestering me to get teeth, and so here is the first one. But no one told me it was going to hurt! JenR, sympathies to your baboo from ours...

liz said...

Idea for Breastpump Breakup Party: Kahlua milkshakes for everyone!

Sarah at ratatat said...

It is too cold. My son wants to play on the Wii, which might be OK if he didn't ask for help every 30 seconds. Why or why don't we have 4 year old kindergarten?

My older daughter has been making homemade gifts...The best of it has been a pile of broken seashells. The worst is probably the bib she tried to fashion for the baby from some fabric scraps. And so we've had some weird conversations about real gifts and nice gifts. And I think I have now said that you have to buy a gift for someone. Which I don't even believe, but I am stymied to explain why you can't call things found in the corner of your room a gift.

I think my husband's work to-do-before-year-end grumpiness has infected me. I am grumpy and just not up to leading my 4 year old in educational enriching activities on non-preschool days. Or somehow getting my daughter to understand gifts just need to come from love and the heart, not a particular store, but are not made from broken toys. I am just not walking the talk today. Maybe tomorrow?

And did I mention it is fireplacing cold? So no going outside, not even to the store if I can help it?

liz said...

The socks are killing me. They are like sirens, beautiful and alluring, but they lead you into a deadly trap from which there is no return.

Today I discovered a mistake I made 7 rows (385 stitches) ago. In the immortal words of Slim Pickins, "I am depressed".

kathy a. said...

Note to self: quit writing smart-ass comments to people like Klee about how Teen Angst is just a phase and it all gets better.

Daughter has but 3 weeks left on her teenager career, and she has been utterly delightful in the 4 days she has been home, but we just had One Last Screaming Meltdown. At least, I hope to dog it is the last, because I'm too fireplacing old for this. So's she.

KLee said...

But...but...but -- Kathy! You said it would GET BETTER! Eventually! Man, you've totally harshed the mellow I had going. And I had a warm glow built up inside from the plate of holiday goodies that was laid out at school today -- you've sucked all the warm glow away!

One big anti-whine for the community -- for those of you who remember Halloweenlover from the first incarnation of WW, she gave birth Sunday to a beautiful baby girl named Josephine. Head over to her place ( check it out and wish her and her family well.

A whine for me: three more days of school. Complete with kids jacked up on sugar; coordinating and helping to make 16 individual, miniature gingerbread houses; and one holiday party with kids wearing pj's to school instead of uniforms -- yeah, it'll be a little slice of hell. A holly-sprigged, peppermint scented, *Christmas-themed* slice of hell, but a slice of hell nonetheless.

Sue said...

*snicker* vote for KLee on "Christmas-themed slice of hell" - yup, been there, done that, want the t-shirt.

This coming Saturday - 10:00 am rehearsal with Children's Pageant folk. Thankfully, I'm only a narrator. But really, it is a slighter version of KLee's hell. A gazillion kids, chaos, you know how it goes. Ugh.

More later - off to work for now.

esperanza said...

Sue, that whine will get my vote every time. NEVER has there been a Christmas pageant rehearsal that is not a slice of hell. Thankfully, the pageant itself usually turns out fine. If only the rehearsal was optional...

Sue said...

You're right esperanza, I'm sure Sunday will be fine. But oh, the Saturday thing I would LOVE to take a pass on. No such luck.

Whine: I am Teh Tie-Tie. Want to sleep for a month. I know, I know...everyone is tired this time of the year. But I still want to register it as an official whine. Just because I'm feeling bitchy and miserable today, and you, along with my ever-patient hubby get to share. Lucky you!

Whine 2: Today is my last structural integration session. I'm going to miss them. Sometimes it hurt (very deep tissue massage), but the practitioner was also kind of a therapist. She has this gentle way of pushing my energy and my thoughts in the right direction. I'm going to miss that.

Whine 3: Friday I have to say good bye to Wonderful Therapist who has seen me through the darkest days of my life. She has, in fact, saved my life at least once. How do I even begin to thank her? I bought her a little gift (it's an angel with her arms lifted up to the sky like a victorious gymnast - and her name is Courage) but it seems so trite. I am NOT looking forward to that session. I'm getting all weepy just thinking about it.

Anti-whine: I will not need to see the inside of a grocery store until after Christmas.

kathy a. said...

Bumper crop of whines so far! Is it too early to break out the ceremonial valium, and have a toast to good will, harmony, and some peace already?

Whine on behalf of daughter: laptop died [reason for meltdown]; flunked chemistry despite valiant effort in latter half of term; 1st ever jury duty today; spent nearly 1 frantic hour this morning trying to locate the courthouse, 3 miles from home.

Big hugs to Sue, because it has got to be hard having "last" sessions with 2 people who have done a lot to help restore you. Especially Wonderful Therapist.

kathy a. said...

Also, kudos to everyone working with Holiday Festivities involving sugar-loaded little ones; Sarah, for dealing with the broken-seashells vs. meaningful-gift ethical dilemma; and everyone struggling with teething and/or family dynamics and/or the great Holiday vs. Other Important Stuff crunch.

kathy a. said...

AW: Daughter's jury service adventure didn't end with eventually finding the courthouse. She accidentally hit "a government car" [an unmarked police car] on the way home, got pulled over with lights flashing. And she is one lucky, very happy person -- no damage, no ticket, just a "be more careful" from a very nice officer who is clearly in the holiday mood.

Sue said...

Anti-whine: Good-bye episode of the week #1 with my Structural Integrationist wasn't so bad. She was actually kind of cranky today. The session hurt like crazy, she crabbed at me about not remembering all of my assigned exercises (about 6, small compared to the dozen I do for my physio every night, but whatever...)

Made saying buh-bye MUCH easier that she wasn't in a good mood.

Also, I'll be seeing her at yoga classes in the new year...

Now, Wonderful Therapist on Friday, that's a whole other thing. *sigh*

Elizabeth said...

Whine: Tired, crampy, working too hard.

Anti-whine: Office party wasn't IN the office this year, so got to avoid the emails for 3 whole hours.

Major anti-whine: Boss is giving us off the entire week of New Years with pay, w/o charging it against leave.

liz said...

Elizabeth, I am jealous of your major anti-whine and wish that we worked together.

Whine/Anti-whine: Woke up Sunday morning with a headache that started from the back of my neck and wrapped around above my ears to my forehead like one of the scarves Lisa Bonet used to wear. "Hmmm," I thought. "this is a different headache from my usual winter sinus one. But it feels oddly familiar. Didn't I get one just like this last month? And maybe one the month before, too?"

So, being one to take a hint from myself, I marked in my calendar for Sunday, "Got Headache". It laughed at an Ibuprophin/Tylenol/Coffee cocktail. And laughed at more Ibuprophin a few hours later.

Long about 11:00 PM, I got my period. Headache left immediately afterward. "Hmm," I thought. "That is a clue." And I marked in the calendar, "Got period."

And marked for January 11, "Got Period?" Now, let's see if I get a headache to go with it.

So, Whine: I may have a cyclical headache. Antiwhine: I am my own science experiment!

amy said...

Too tired to whine. Going to bed now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Madeleine said...

I brought the latkes. Too many, as it turns out.

I started my day by scrubbing a big bag of potatoes.

I middled my day over two pans of hot oil, which were of different types so needed different spatulas. Tactical error. Mistakes were made, but no visible harm, just annoyance.

[Interstitial anti-whine. Latkes. Ohmigoodness Yum.]

I ended my day very carefully answering a peeved off email from the other mom who made latkes who thought I hadn't served any of hers. There were a few leftover, 'k? Because My Love put 15 on my plate instead of 12, 'k? And I think at least one kid was absent. But I didn't throw your latkes in the corner and stomp on them! Geez.

I think the teacher told her daughter she shouldn't take her tupperware home because there were latkes in it, and someone interpreted that as "all the latkes were in it." Which they weren't. Because I served some of them.

Oh, and my house still smells like hot oil. It's kinda nice, actually.

Woo-hoo to liz's science experiment! And thank goodness the headache doesn't last all week long.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Liz--I too did that science experiment. About 2-3 months after starting Nuvar*ng for birth control, I noticed I would get a weird headache now and then. Mark the calendar. Hmmm. Pattern. Talk to my OB who diagnosed it as menstrual migraine. If I remember, mine started the the estrogen drop, so 1-2 days after taking out the ring. So the day I took out the ring (so the non-medicine week that triggers your period for the non 'ring users, sorry for TMI), I would start 2x Aleve 2x a day. And the problem pretty much went away. Then I stopped using the ring and went on a quest to get pregnant, but that is a different tale all together.

Good luck. Those were miserable headaches.

liz said...

Sarah, it wasn't a Sue-level headache...more a "no, you may NOT watch Spongebob Squarepants, or I will throw the TV out"-level headache.

Sue said...

Liz, any headache is nasty, but it's nice to know I've set the bar so high. I've never been 'best' at much of anything!

Seriously though - those sound like awful headaches and I know how difficult it is to move through your normal day with pain.