Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Total Eclipse Edition

Big deal happening this Wednesday night: a total lunar eclipse! The events of the solar system are not generally accessible to those of us who are suburban and <cough> less in tune with science, but this one is free and available to all, barring local cloud cover.

Getting down to business, I've mostly got an antiwhine: spent the weekend at a conference, and it was great! Good sessions, learned stuff, saw lots of people I wanted to see, nice weather, and I only had to leave one presentation because I wanted to bop a member of the audience on the head with a cluestick. And, I got to have dinner with my fabulous aunt!

On the whiney side: Ouch! Muscles hurt from walking the approximately 400 miles to the hotel I accidentally booked [thinking it was a much closer place], and my head hurts from how much needs to be done in the next year on a certain project. Also, someone should do something about the litter boxes around here. And the roof is leaking, right over the dog dish. Sheesh.

What's up with you?


liz said...

Sick. Fever. Still have school work and exams.

Plus MM's bringing the bodily fluids. He has strep...not in his throat. And it is oozing pus.


Anti-whine? Anti-biotics! Thank goodness we live in the now and not the way-back-when.

kathy a. said...

ewwww! you had me with sick + fever, not to mention school + sick child. but pus shoves you solidly into some kind of award category. poor MM. passing the antibacterial gel and some medicinal adult beverage.

who has the girl scout cookies? we need a couple cases over here, stat!

Madeleine said...

Whine: still February.

Anti-whine: Three-day weekend. And My Love spent more time with us than working.

Anonymous said...

I'm just plain old sick of being cold. I guess that falls into the category of "still February," like madeleine said.

I wish I had a better whine, cos I'd like some of those Girl Scout cookies....

kathy a. said...

turtlebella -- i want the GS cookies so everyone can have some! it's still february everywhere.

Madeleine said...

I wonder if the Canadian scouts are on a different schedule. I haven't seen any cookies yet, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

When my clock-radio went off this morning the first words I heard were "Wind chill of minus twenty." That sets a nice tone for the day, doncha think? Luckily the sun is shining.

KathyR said...

Kathy A: Put the dog's water dish under the leak.

Sue said...

Whine: Still February. Temp this morning -30C. Enough already. Really.

Anti-whine: The extra day off this week helped a bit.

Whine: I'm not sleeping much these days. Over time the sleep deprivation is really kind of scary. My head feels foggy all day and around 9:00 pm, I'm suddenly awake and sharp as a tack. I feel like a newborn who gets day and night mixed up.

And, of coure, the Headache. It's at its worst late at night, so I'm sure it has something to do with my non-sleeping.


That Mommy said...

Whine of it shouldn't take this much work to get a doctor's appointment. It's a saga, really.
Anti-whine of we do tentatively have an appointment next week.
Whine of the appointment being halfway across the country
Anti-whine of it being with a doctor that actually seems to care.

esperanza said...

Votes for Sue's headache and insomnia. Not a good combination, there.

Whine: still tired, but
Antiwhine: sweet baboo sleeps! at night! for sometimes six hours! but
Whine: not on Saturday night, the one night of the week Mama and Daddy both really need some decent sleep. How does she know?

Preacher's kids! What can you do.

I suppose our 70 degrees is an antiwhine, but we could really use some rain around here.

ccw said...

In the past 2 1/2 weeks we have had the flu, 7 days of school cancelled, one 90 minute delay, no preschool delays or cancellations, a baby with a busted nose, mouth, and chipped tooth. Now husband has been home whining sick for 2 days.

The cherry on top is that the guinea pig died. Now he is in the freezer awaiting warmer weather.

Anti-whine, I have Girl Scout cookies. Of course, I also had the entire troops cookies hanging out in my living room.

kathy a. said...

CCW! oh, my. xoxo

Camera Obscura said...

#2-Son came home from school complaining of a raging headache. Has a fever. ZOMFG, if this is the start of the gin-you-whine flu in my house, with all that's happening here in the next month, I will commit hari-kari right here and now. With a Ginsu knife, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. (In the garage, b/c I wouldn't want to ruin my new kitchen floor.) Because everybody's been smugly announcing that the flu that's going around is not covered by the flu shot we all got last fall.

Or, he could just have sinusitis. He sounded a little stuffy.

BONUS WHINES: Two weeks, still no new glasses.

The accompanist for Solo and Ensemble festival won't call me back to set up a practice time.

Repairing #1-Son's cello will involve driving 45 minutes each way and hoping it can be done the day I get it there. So I don't have to make the drive twice. And he doesn't have to use a loaner while doing final practices for above Solo.

See also today's whines on my blog.

Miranda said...

My anti-whine: I have great children.

Whine: I have no time to appreciate their greatness right now. Oy, the guilt!

KLee said...

I auditioned for a community theater production on February 9th. The show is still not cast. I have been waiting, VERY impatiently, for a notification of whether or not I've been cast for 12 days now. I REALLY want a part, and I hope I get one. I got very bummed when I thought I hadn't been cast.

The anti-whine is that I *should* know tomorrow. Hopefully. This director doesn't seem to be very prompt about stuff like this.

Uccellina said...

Anti-whine: 34.5 weeks pregnant!

Whine: Baby A breech, Baby B transverse. Doctor pushing c-section. SO not what I had in mind.

Anti-whine: 34.5 weeks pregnant!

Whine: 34.5 weeks pregnant with a horrible cold and cough so bad I broke blood vessels in my throat the other day and coughed up blood for an hour.

Anti-whine: I'd rather have this cold now than a month from now.

Anti-whine: 34.5 weeks pregnant! Aaaand . . . the anti-whines win.

Miranda said...

Uccelina, it's not uncommon for the babes to be all over the place at 34 weeks. Perhaps I could send them a "this way is out" sign?

I am so excited for you. :)

debangel said...

OK, Liz, you win. Pus is the royal flush of Bodily Fluids Poker, IMHO.

Whine: my dad (82,widowed, Alzheimer's, hard-of-hearing AND English as a 4th language) is in the hospital, again. I'm in CA, he's in FL. He has an ear infection and UTI with fever and confusion, except that it's...confusing? To know how much of this is due to illness and how much to the above factors. Anyhow, I am his durable Power of Attorney and he never made out a living will. Doc thinks something is wrong with his bone marrow but didn't really want to biopsy a man of his age and health and I agreed. I had to make that decision, though, and also to put the DNR in his file. I have no way of asking him about it or him understanding it if I did, so I just gave him what my mom wanted for herself, since they were always of the same mind. I still feel like sh*t about it, since it makes me think I'm treating my dad like a dog I'd just put down instead of paying a huge vet bill to treat. "If his heart stops, do you want us to resuscitate?" is not a question one should hear before breakfast =(

Anyway he is not critically ill but I see another trip to FL in my future, except I wanted to wait until our move to CO, except NOBODY WANTS TO BUY OUR @#$% HOUSE!!!

Ok, I feel better now! CCW, can you spare me a box of Samoas? Unless you've got 'em wedged right next to your poor late guinea pig, then I'll pass. (My condolences, btw, he looked like a real cutie.)

margalit said...

AW: Nobody is sick. Absolutely nobody. For the first time in 3 months. It's a President's Day Miracle!

W: However, it is February vacation, meaning no school and various teenagers hanging out at my house eating everything in sight.

W: Son decided to help himself to my debit card and take his friends to McDonalds on me.

W: Which was right after my daughter, sent on an errand for me, bought her FRIEND $40 sneakers at Marshalls on my debit card.

W: Which left me totally and completely broke, unable to fund my handicap transportation so I am stuck in the house until next month.

AW: Awesome eclipse viewing from our very dark yard tonight.

W: But it was freezing out.

W: We do not know any girl scouts and since I'm stuck in the house for the next 10 days, I cannot get my thin mints. WHICH SUCKS.

purple_kangaroo said...

My fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue stuff have been flaring up the last month or two, worse than they have in years. I'm tired and I hurt. I'm often barely functional. I hold up and manage to take care of the kids' needs until DH gets home, and then I crash. I pretty much sleep all weekend.

Worst of all I'm grumpy, weepy and short-tempered.

My poor family.

Sue said...

Hugs and votes for debangel. That's so hard. I can't imagine how difficult that must be - especially from a distance.

margalit - argh. Teenagers.

uccelina - yay!! for 34.5 weeks. I hope babies line up for exit to avoid the c/s part.

PK - pain and exhaustion = cranky. That's not bad or good - it just is what it is. Hope you get some relief soon.

Miranda said...


I received one of those calls at 6:00am before when the hospital couldn't track down my aunt or uncle. I was my grandma's next point of contact. We know our loved ones trust us to ensure they don't suffer, but it's hard to square that with the actual process.

Grandma pulled through and I tried to get her to file a living will because I didn't want anyone to have to deal with that situation AND she was very clear in her wishes (Leave me to die.) But, her mind wasn't the best that last year.

((extra hugs)))

kathy a. said...

seconding miranda's comments, debangel. xoxox

i was my grandmother's caretaker for many years, and she also had dementia. it was hard to make that decision about a DNR when she was in the hospital, but she had been clear earlier that she did not want intrusive measures. she lived another 6 years after that hospitalization.