Thursday, February 21, 2008


This week's fabulous prizes are brought to you by the month that will not end already. The Old Skool Award, therefore, goes to Madeleine, who stated the problem so well ("Still February"), and to a chorus seconding the sentiment, including Turtlebella, Sue, and Margalit.

Camera Obscura wins the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her ode to parenting during the flu season:
"ZOMFG, if this is the start of the gin-you-whine flu in my house, with all
that's happening in the next month, I will commit hari-kari right here and
now. With a Ginzu knife, or reasonable facsimilie thereof. (In the
garage, b/c I wouldn't want to ruin my new kitchen floor.)"

Honorable Mention in the Mullet category to KathyR, who helpfully suggested dealing with the garage leak by moving the dog's water dish to that spot. That's the kind of creative thinking we like to see.

The Bodily Fluids Award goes to Liz, whose son not only has strep, but it's not in his throat, and friends, it is just not pretty. Hope the little guy's feeling better. (Hint to future competitors in this category: pus is a serious vote-getter.)

Big Fat Hugs to Sue, whose headache plus insomnia are taking a toll; That Mommy, who has been working frantically to get a specialist appointment, and finally has one halfway across the country; Debangel, whose dad is in the hospital way the hell across the country, and decisions need to be made; Margalit, whose house is infested with teenagers who ran her bank account dry; and Purple Kangaroo, who is exhausted and in pain, and who wouldn't be grumpy with that going on?

Condolances to everyone suffering from illnesses, freezing weather, lack of GS cookies, tiredness, missing glasses, people who won't call back, long drives, guilt, impatience, trying to sell a house, and all of the other maladies of this endless February.

CCW wins the Marathon of Troubles Award this week, with her jaw-dropping collection of woes, including: sick kids, multiple school cancellations and delays, injured baby, whiney sick husband, and a dead hamster (whose funeral must await warmer weather, so he currently resides in the freezer). On the up side, she had 4 million boxes of GS cookies in the living room.

Congratulations to Esperanza, whose sweet baboo is sleeping more often at night! And to Uccellina, whose baboos have achieved 34.5 weeks of gestation!!

Thanks for playing this week! Start saving your whines now; next week's Brigadoon will be hosted by the delightful KLee!


ccw said...

Thank you for the award! I kept hoping for January to end and now I am just waiting for February to end because has to be better, right?

Congratulations to all the winninh whines. I hope everyone has a better week!

KathyR said...

Why, thank you! This is so unexpected!

purple_kangaroo said...

Great awards to a very deserving group of participants (especially CCW, of the "when it rains it pours" variety of whines).

Hugs to all, especially Debangel.

And I love the sense of humor and creativity of this group.

Thanks for the reminder that grumpiness goes along with pain and fatigue--I just wish I was a little better at overcoming it. Of course, this morning I have killer cramps as well. :)

liz said...

I hoped I'd win that award, "pus" being a four-letter-word and all. Thank you so much!

Madeleine said...

Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.

Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms anyone? Ooops. I just ate them all.

esperanza said...

Thank you, too. I'm afraid to say it too much--she might hear me and prove me wrong.

How is it that the more sleep I get, the tired-er I am?

Anonymous said...
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kathy a. said...

well, i don't know what to say about chinese characters in the comments here. if anyone is leaving them by accident [and someone here said she did, a few weeks back], please stop that.

one of our old friends here at WW is moreena. please check out her video for organ donation:

purple_kangaroo said...

Kathy A, those are spam. They are linked to various websites, if you check the source code.