Thursday, February 28, 2008

Awards: The "Thank GOD This Is The LAST Wednesday in February!" Edition

Sorry to have both started AND ended late, but on the flip side -- it gave everyone extra time to squeak those whines in under the wire. See -- procrastination *IS* good for something!

This week, In the "Whine of Substance" category: Margalit sounds in with her woes about son and daughter's troubles; Amy's sickness (and lack of shortbread for the preggo woman, not that she could actually, you know, EAT them!); and anonymous' three kids with strep throat. Oy. 'Nuff said!

"Style Award" goes to Sue, for her woe-filled entry: "
Sadly, I have never tasted a Nutty Bar. Not that I needed any help making this day more miserable, but now I desperately want a box of cookies that I cannot have. *sigh*" Poor Sue. I'll mail you a box if it's THAT bad, sweetie!

And in the "Old Skool" category: we have kathy a.'s odorous rug and senior cat; Andy's epic lamentation of the rising price of Nutty Bars; and all those of you poor, unfortunate souls who've never experienced the gastronomic delight that is the Nutty Bar. Little Debbie, I hate you AND all your tasty snacks!; and to Uccellina for being pregnant to maximum capacity. Wishing you a soon and safe, speedy delivery, Uccellina!

The "PLEASE let February Be Over, Already!" Awards go out to: Miranda's scary episode with black ice while enduring a migraine; Elizabeth's entire entry, which made me more tired, just reading it. So sorry, and mucho hugs-o from the Pixie Posse!; and Redzils, who had me at "applied statistics." As if that's not bad enough, she still has relationship woes on top of that!

The "Cluesticks At the Ready" Awards go out to: Liz; who needs one for MM *and* one for the clueless people in her school district; Susan and her fireplacing performance reviews; and Madeleine's jerky, parking-place stealing contractor; and Fireplacing Hell, who needs to just burn the building down. That, or work out some sort of monetary scam where you steal fractions of pennies off a zillion accounts.

The coveted "Elevated Risk of Mullet" award this week g
oes to Turtlebella, who made my sinuses drain with the hilarity that was this entry: "Then again, I have some gay agenda! I swear, it's somewhere around here. Hang on a minute, it'll take me a minute to find it. Likely it's hiding underneath my latte-drinking Prius-driving agenda...." That's some funny stuff! Plus, it's like cosmic payback, since Google ate her whines, and then double-posted. An honorable mention in this category goes out to Esperanza, who is making the baboo smile and laugh, not the doctor.

Thanks to all for whining this week, and we send a special group hug out to Debangel -- you are NOT a crap daughter. And, even if you don't feel the love from everyone else, we got your back, babe!


debangel said...

::sniff:: thanks guys =)

liz said...

Thanks for the cluestick, KLee! It seems to have worked on all who deserved it around these parts.

On the other hand, I'm sick again.

Sue said...

Cool. A style award!

(*pulls acceptance speech out of pocket, tearfully thanks everyone she can think of until they cue the orchestra*)

Ditto on that group debangel hug. We're with you sweetie!

margalit said...

Another whine of substance. It is ALL February's fault.

One more day.

One more day.

One more day.

I can make it.

Fireplacing Hell said...

Thank you! Arson is frowned upon in the biz, but I'm trying to put my whining to some use in legal ways.

kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, klee!

Miranda said...

Great awards, KLee! Plus you opened the Ball early, so it just gave us lots of extra time to leave the GS cookie boxes mixed with the tequila bottles and tea cups strewn all over the floor.

kathy a. said...

i *still* can't find any GS cookies. maybe this weekend, since it isn't rainy.