Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Awards! Helplessly Hoping Edition

The newly founded Helplessly Hoping Award goes to:

  • Anonymous whose friend is addicted to heroin
  • Sue whose headache is at 7 at 9:00. I hope it doesn't go to 11.
  • And to That Mommy. We are all helplessly hoping that your daughter gets to see the other specialist faster or get the idiot specialist you already saw to at least give some type of drugs or intervention. Thinking of you and praying that help comes soon.
The Singing The Mother-In-Law Blues award goes to Amy for having to deal with one who gets huffy and offended at the least little thing, like not being the first to know about the NEW BABY (squeeeeeee!) Nyah, nyah, nyah! We found out before she did!

The Waiting and Waiting and Waiting award goes to JenR. We hope you have a big anti-whine next week!

Madeleine wins the coveted Style Award this week!

The Golden Oops Award and a glass of milk goes to Eva for getting her cookies mixed up. I hope that your friend doesn't notice! (Hat tip to Madeleine for the award name)

The Old Skool Award goes to new whiner Ramblin' Red whose husband doesn't get the concept of cleaning up after HIS dog.

The What Was I Thinking? Award goes to DevilMacDawg. I have so been there, dmd. Hugs and hopes that the follow-up email you sent today will cover it.

DebAngel's husband wins one visit from the Clue Stick Posse*. And BitchyChurchLady wins another for being a spoiled toddler-like horror show and for making Sue have to deal with yet more crap.

And that covers it for this week. Tune in next week when our host will be the divine Kathy A.

*Hey, Deb? Can you post the recipe? 'Cause I want in on that baked chicken action.


kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, liz!

Diane said...

Hear Hear!

kathy a. said...

happy valentine's to all the pixies! xoxoxoxoxoxo and chocolate.

debangel said...

Three cheers for Liz, the Hostess With the Mostest! (mmmm, Hostess cupcakes...where was I?) is Ree's Pioneer Woman Cooks website. Try the cream-cheese stuffed, bacon-wrapped jalapenos. That's what I'm making as an appetizer tonight.

Yeah, I know, he doesn't deserve 'em. But the Clue Stick Posse is the only posse he's likely to run into tonight so I can afford to be generous ;P

Madeleine said...

Thanks for the prize! Some days need to be fit into a haiku and then they flutter away like ashes.

And here's to half price sweets tomorrow, to make up for a certain girl missing her school party. (The howling, the sobbing, the "I hate you!"s. Sigh. And yet I'm planning to buy her treats.)

liz said...

Madeleine, that's because you know that she is railing at the universe, not you in particular.

DebAngel, you're a more forgiving woman than I am. And those sound delicious.

And thank you all for the cheers. I'm blushing.

You Know Who said...

Can I have a late breaking whine? The husband, the one who wanted to divorce me because of all the bad history he didn't think we could over come? The one who would take off for nights at the hotel "to use the hottub" and who when asked if he was involved with a coworker because he kept talking about their "special relationship" that "everyone talked about" about five too many times? And who once she dumped him, started cozying up to me despite the fact I told him we. are. finished.? Who was gone all week which made it one of the best weeks ever as far as things went with getting stuff done and dealing with the kids?

Yeah. He gave me a fireplacing treacly fireplacing Valentine's Day fireplacing card.

Clearly his scintillating intellect and powers of observation are what's keeping his together.

Just send Jack Daniels

That Mommy said...

Lovely! I very much appreciate the honour and the positive thoughts.

I am going to get in on the baked chicken action and half-priced sweets action too.

kathy a. said...

you-know-who -- WTF? sending beverages and a clue-stick brigade.

liz said...

Oh good glory, you know who. I'm sorry and sending a clue-stick posse out to you right now.

liz said...

I mean, out to your husband.

kathy a. said...

liz meant, that Louse is getting a lot of virtual clue-sticking in the near future. jerk.

kathy a. said...

[he needs the proper title, is what i meant.]

You Know Who said...

Thanks. Now that he's in bed, I'm sitting here crying in utter frustration. That and I can't bear to go upstairs and sleep in the same room as him but the sofa hurts my back.

Well, my beer is finished so I better go upstairs. Morning is just a few hours away.

Anonymous said...

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