Sunday, August 10, 2014

Awards, music and mystery edition

This song speaks to me.

Mysteries of the universe: Why do mosquitoes like to bite under the under-wire of my bra and in my belly button, along with the aforementioned crease behind my knee? WHY? They get my husband in easy-to-scratch places, like on the bicep!

Awards today are going to:

  • Esperanza for dealing with scary church people who are exploding horror all over what should have been a relaxing vacation, which isn't too relaxing in any case due to High Energy Cousins bringing out teh over-tired worst in Sweet. 
  • Sue for dealing with dad and stepmom's temporary? break-up that is looking not so temporary. 
  • QWP for not being able to find a light-weight but sturdy umbrella stroller in all of Canada. I'll see about smuggling one in to you! 
  • Kathy A. for dealing with the dreaded REPLY ALL email chain. 
 Hugs to both anonymous commenters this week. I hope everything got better.
And hugs to those who didn't comment this week, but may have needed to.


kathy a. said...

Lovely ceremony, Liz!

kathy a. said...

OMG, the short person's anthem! LOL!

esperanza said...

Yes, you have captured it quite well, all in one run-on sentence. Thanks, Liz!

Sue said...

Thanks Liz!!

Liz said...

Proper grammar just couldn't convey it.