Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kindergarten Awards Show

Crayons, glue, pink erasers (seriously, have you smelled one of those lately? Instant transport to elementary school), and manila paper for everyone this week!

Hugs and sympathetic thoughts to anyone who is depressed, has been depressed, or lives with someone who is depressed.

A new week at Magic Accessible Cabin to anyone feeling like wilted lettuce. And hoping Sue's hubby feels better soon. (I almost said "crisps up soon" but that sounded creepy).

Hugs to Liz, dealing with car stuff.

Hooray for kathy a's daughter and the new job offer! And we all stand in amazement at your computer skills.

Potty Training Award to QWP and Lil E this week. Ugh, yuck, and sorry that it is so consuming.

Hoping QWP's head feels better. Perhaps an application of lettuce might help? But--hey--at least the new stroller isn't pink!

More hugs to anyone experiencing teacher anxiety, especially Neighbor Lady. (Sweet's teacher confessed she was "nerbus" also).

Kathy a wins the Old Skool Award this week, with the shattering news about the little rod that holds the toilet paper in the toilet paper holder thingie. I know you are devastated.

The posse is armed with a car pickup line this week! And they are headed to kathy a's credit card people. It's simple people. Get it straight, or wait in this line, just because we told you to.

Sorry for the scattered and somewhat unorganized awards this week. They reflect the state of my brain.


Sue said...

Great awards esperanza!! Thanks!!

kathy a. said...

Lovely ceremony! Thanks, Esperanza.

kathy a. said...

Also, go Sweet! Kindergarten was my favorite year (with my kids; I personally was a widdle nerbus, but ended up adoring it).