Saturday, June 14, 2014

Slightly Past-Due Awards

Don't really know what to do with a week like this, but passing the pizza and quantities of chocolate.

The Cluestick Posse shakes its collective fists at the Universe, and intends visits to less celestial offenders.

Congratulations to KLee's Offspring, on the occasion of graduating with much distinction!  And perhaps a side of valium to get Mama through the transition summer.

Andy wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for:  "The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness informs us that "'One rage every three months is permitted. Try not to hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it.'"

Good Luck to Miranda, with her new chunky business and an all-expense paid trip to the Mothership.

Seconds for Neighbor Lady.

The Burn-Free Vacation Success Award goes to Esperanza!

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Adventures With Canines Award, for a slight accident involving a previously unsullied baby item.

The Keepin' It Real in Politics Award goes to Candidate Liz, who gets our vote.

Sue wins the Burnout Be Gone Award, for making the most of a week off!  Also, some sunglasses that will completely block inappropriate undergarments on the line.

Kudos to the Homeless Turtle Rescue crew!


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Homeless turtle update: Elvis will be going to a new home on Monday!

liz said...


And dear God, Sue. No one should ever have to see their parents sexy-fun-times underwear. EVER.

Sue said...

So true Liz. So true.

Yay for Elvis!!!

Sue said...

Thanks for the great awards ceremony kathy!

kathy a. said...

A forever home! For Elvis!

Liz, voice of wisdom as always.

kathy a. said...

My husband got rid of a bunch of SIL's decorative items, but he put some in the yard. I just learned about the duck-shaped giraffes, which he thinks are "cute" and are now parked behind a rock near the porch. At least behind a rock, but seriously?