Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lazy Summer Awards

First, passing the guac and chips, watermelon, teriyaki kebabs, sweet corn, and -- because it's traditional, no matter what time of year -- chocolate.

Esperanza wins the Swimsuit Competition, for 3 days in a row of Baboos in bathing suits!  And no sunburn until the 3rd day!  Hope everybody's healed up, and sure, we'd love to take a dip with you!

The Good Camp Mama Award goes to Liz, whose MM is -- yay! -- enjoying a camp that is up to an hour away, depending on whims of traffic fate.  But we are sad, too, about the kid MM likes moving the heck across the country.  xoxo

Sue wins the Stepping Up Prize, for first doing the heavy lifting on a joint (but successful!) service, and then saving two weddings (which turned out to be inadequately planned) when emergency struck a colleague.  Obviously, a halo comes with this one.  ;)

The Unseasonably Muddy and Cold Award goes to Queen of West Procrastination, whose local weather deity is totally ignoring instructions to turn on the summer weather, already.  Runner up is Sue, whose leaky roof is not leaking, seeing how roof replacement is set to begin shortly, and the Universe has a perverse sense of humor.

KLee wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, and a free trip to Chicago, for her adventure with the Cloud of Doom.  We're so glad your aunt is better.  Hope Offspring's feeling better, too.

By popular consent, Andy wins the Style Award for his song about the fleas.  Well done!

Sue wins the Old Skool Award for her coffee stop being closed for remodeling, a disaster forcing her to drive 5 more blocks -- and if that isn't enough, just hearing about this coffee stop makes QWP crave crullers from an entirely different location.

See you next time!  Same bat-time; same bat-channel.


Sue said...

Great award kathy! Thanks!!

esperanza said...

Thanks to Andy, I dreamed that we had fleas in our house last night!

kathy a. said...

I also have been particularly itchy. ~scratch~