Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Oh, It's My Turn" Awards Ceremony

I kept refreshing the Wednesday Whining page, wondering when someone would do an awards post. Oh. That's me.

First, before we get started, there is urgent business for the Posse. Armed with TeeVee Guides , the Posse will cluestick the following Buttinsky Busy Bodies (and they are legion this week):  Miranda's relative, kathy a's relative, QWP's grandpa, QWP's friend the parenting expert, and people who say dumb things when someone has died--aka "grief buttinskies." If you don't back off, you're going to have to go to a chunky meeting with mullygrubbers.

Hugs to everyone who is tired of snow, tired of shopping with children of all ages, tired of proofreading, tired of being behind, tired of being "gentle nursemaid mama," tired of waking up adult children, tired of being tired, tired of not sleeping despite being tired, tired of motivating actors, tired of over-eager double clicking mice, and tired of "gifts" from pets.

A special Most Canadian Award this week to Sue, who whines about the lack of a snow day despite an abundance of snow, and antiwhines about taking a meeting break to watch the Olympic curling match. (is it a match? I'm so non-Canadian I don't know the proper terminology).

Hugs for Diva Cat and her person kathy a, and for Andy with depression and/or sudden onset good taste.

anD anootHer Speshul Award, 4 our faverite Proofreeder Liz, wif this commendashion by Nieghbo(u)r Lady: "I have never loved typos as much as I do now, for Liz's job's sake." (That was really hard to type like that, and harder to hit publish!)


kathy a. said...

These may be the best awards evah. Thanks, Esperanza!

esperanza said...

Ha! Thanks. There was lots of good material.

Liz said...

Toes are awesome awards, thank you so much for mine. Amazingly enough, the document I'm working on was typoier than the award. Srsly

Liz said...

Not toes THOSE

esperanza said...

Liz, be careful! It must be contagious!

Anonymous said...

Awesome awards!

Sue said...

Wonderful award esperanza!

The chunky meeting was better than anticipated - more good moments than agonizing ones. Win!

Yes, curling match is a proper term. And thanks for adding a bracketed "u" to neighbour. :)

And now - nappage.