Saturday, February 8, 2014

Awards! Oprah Winfrey Edition

This week, awards are going to:

  • Andy, for life just being rotten right now. We are all so sorry.
  • Sue, for braving the cold to see a parishioner off to the great beyond.
  • Neighbor Lady, for offspring melt-downs at home (but not elsewhere).
  • QWP, for finishing the chapter, while sick and at home with the baboo.
  • Miranda, for having to go to the darkest depths of Mordor. For a week. Before the retreat. That she is organizing.
  • Kathy, for standing up and doing a great job despite frustrations and mutterings.
  • Esperanza, for getting a preview of what life is like with a teenager. Gah.
  • KLee, for the wonderful news that daughter got into dream school with a fabulous scholarship and the scary news that it won't cover everything. I know that you folks will make it happen.

The cluestick posse is going out to: muttering attorneys; difficult siblings of nice clients; depression and anxiety; directors who misstate the size of roles; and bullies.

These awards were brought to you by the serial comma, by courier font, and by the literacy poster that incorrectly used the word "it's" as a possessive.

I don't THINK I missed anyone. Please let me know if I did.



kathy a. said...

Lovely awards!

esperanza said...

Nicely done, with a lot of comments/whines to get through.

Sue said...

Applause! Applause! Thanks so very much Liz!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

You did it, Liz! Well done sorting through all this comments for the awards.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous awards!

Andy said...

Truly a capital performance.