Saturday, January 25, 2014


This week's ceremony is brought to you by the letters S, for soup, and T, for tissue and tea.  Complimentary hand sanitizer, naps, and pain relievers for all!

Andy heads the Dissatisfied Shoppers Club this week, with his whine about no pants for tall thin people; and he wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for this:  "I wear pants until they disintegrate, which can be a little embarrassing if it happens in public."  Honorable shopping angst mentions go to anyone dealing with bras, baby pants, shoes, swimsuits, and/or other items for which fit is elusive.  Esperanza scores the Shopping Bonanza with a well-priced bra that fits!

The Big Pot of Yummy Award goes to Esperanza, for her Southwest Lentil Soup.

Sue wins the Polar Bear Award, for needing to wear the heavy coat at work, and not getting any of those fabulous snow days even though it is like 40 below.  

KLee wins the College or Bust Award, with an impressive save -- getting that financial aid information in and making contact with a helpful official!

The Overbooked, Overtired Award goes to Miranda, who has a plateful.    We are impressed that you're dedicating time to the youth group, too!  And that you said no to the church dinner -- boundaries are good.

Also attending to the youth of the Pixie Nation, Queen of West Procrastination wins honors for Surviving the Parenting Buttinskies.  Whatever works!

Liz, the Doorbell Queen, devoted her considerable talents to a candidate who WON, and was on Maddow!  Woot!

Condolences to everyone who is sleep deprived, missing a loved one, losing a loved one, dealing with depression or other challenging conditions of a spouse or loved one, wishing for warmer weather, raking leaves, victimized by credit card scammers, attacked by unreasonable persons, forced against their will to have the theme song of some program burned into their cortex, searching frantically for inspiration or organization, or otherwise struggling with stuff.   

Cluesticks to all deserving parties.  First stop will be the parent who blamed the teacher for her kid's pee accident.

Apologies for what I missed.  Here's to next week being smoother!


KLee said...

Thank you for the College or Bust Award! Now anxiously awaiting notification of all the culmination of that frenzied work.

Looking forward to seeing whether or not we will get the 1-2 inches of snow our local forecasters are predicting. Snow is BIG NEWS for our area -- the last time we got snow that didn't melt before hitting the ground was 1989. We've had flurries since, but they last merely seconds. If it actually happens, we'll all be amazed and then freaked out!


kathy a. said...

KLee, it snowed once when I lived in Charleston, and the entire city shut down. No joke! Even though it all melted in an hour!

It might take a while for all the processing, but your part's done! My experience is that schools try hard to come up with something workable for individual families. Offspring's GPA is pretty darned impressive, so that opens scholarship doors. Fingers crossed!

KLee said...

Our school system announced at about 5:30pm that we will have a 90 minute early dismissal tomorrow and no school for Wednesday. More alarming than snow is the prospect of icy roads. People in this city drive like hell normally, and adding slick conditions is a recipe for disaster.

Got confirmation late today that Offspring's FAFSA has been processed. Still waiting on the letter which tells us of the dollar amounts and such.