Saturday, January 4, 2014

Next week, maybe, with the focus...

Short ceremony this week.  Passing complimentary space heaters and snow days for those in need, and nice appetizing platters of food you don't have to cook yourself.

QWP's Lil E wins the Polysyllabic Wonder Award for her precocious phrase, "Yay biting!"  Kids say the darndest things.  ;)

Liz wins the Style Award, for her fabulous winter haikus

The Continuing Education March of Doom Award goes to Miranda, who somehow survived the drivel and emerged strong despite the effort to crush her mind and soul.

Ralph and the Cluestick Posse will be visiting Miranda's misguided church person, Purple Kangaroo's drainage commission, a school superintendent who can't call snow when there is major snow, the fireplacing cancer, and other deserving entities.  Also, whoever is in charge of temperatures in Middle Earth Canada -- go get your thermostat adjusted or something.

Many hugs and healing thoughts to Sue and her sister.  Fireplacing cancer.  xoxo

Many thanks for the kind thoughts about my friend S.  I miss her terribly.  She was such a remarkable person, such a good friend. 


Sue said...

Thanks for the awards ceremony kathy - especially on this difficult weekend as you're missing your friend.

Miranda said...

Thinking of you, Kathy. So many hugs for all those who loved S.