Saturday, January 18, 2014

Reunion Awards Show!

A hearty welcome back to KLee, CCW, and Andy! It's like 2006 this week! Seriously, it's so good to hear from all of you. Whine away, any week. We generally leave the post open most of the week, so no need to wait till Wednesday.

We were overflowing with funny, yet apt descriptions this week. We have combination Style/Mullet Awards for:
   Miranda, for coining the term "wasband"
   Miranda, for her extended metaphor with orcs and whatnot, but especially this gem: "generally less odious orc"
   and to Liz for this, which should be good for many occasions: "and nosy-parkers are the dung beetle cherry on that dog-pook [aka poop] cake."

Ralph and the Posse are busy with cluesticks and CAPITAL LETTERS for people who do not seem to understand the line between "this is your business" and "this is not your business" especially when it regards when/if/how many children someone else has. Good grief, people.

Cluesticks also to jerky kids and dish fairies who do not step up to the plate.

Work hugs for Miranda, Liz, kathy a and Neighbor Lady. You also get one of Sue's meditation hours.

Parenting hugs for anyone who needs one. Extra hugs to QWP's friend and her family this week.

I am quite certain I missed something and someone. Know that you are loved and we care about all whines, large, medium and small.

Tune in next week, when kathy a will do the honors.


kathy a. said...

Lovely ceremony, Esperanza!

KLee said...

Thank you for the hearty welcome back! I was glad to be virtually kicked in the tuchus by Liz as a reminder.

I'm lucky that Liz is a lady, and was not wearing her combat boots at the time. :)

I also give very high marks to the new lexicon addition of "wasband."