Monday, April 29, 2013

The Aunt is Back Whining

Longtime pixies may recall hubby's Aunt Silverware Rearranger. She's come for another visit.

She is a lovely person, caring and willing to come visit us once a year. She pitches in and leaves little gifts for us to find later.

But. There is the borderline obsessive tidying and cleaning. My strategy is to leave some obvious things undone, as to distract her from the silverware drawer. It's helpful that my strategy complements my laziness so well, don't you think?

What's happening at your house/school/place of work this week, pixies?

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Sorry, running late (again)!

Zits are the Ailment of the Week, making appearances on noses, eyebrows, chins, and backs of various otherwise-distinguished Pixies.  Kudos to Esperanza's Mom, for being the only adult human of her entire generation to tell the truth:  zits never go away.

Sue wins the Weather Whine Restraint Award, for not even complaining about snow at the end of fireplaceing April.  And also the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for explaining:  "I've decided to become one with the FIREPLACING SNOW. Ohhmmmm......"

Runner up for Mullet is Esperanza's Mini Baboo, who complains of the Great Waffle Tragedy.  Oy!  And syrup!  The humanity! 

Teacher of the Week Award goes to Neighbor Lady, who did great with her sample teaching session!  Fingers firmly crossed.

Miranda wins the Out of the Blue Award, for people noticing her workplace fabulousness, and the possible move that might flow from that. 

Meet the Mom Award also goes to Miranda, who has been summoned to the son's GF's mother's for a visit.  We think it will be great, but the Cluestick Posse is on call, should services be required.

The Posse is also ready for people who can't make up their minds, offspring who believe Mom is The Human Alarm Clock, work albatrosses, meddlesome and/or nasty people, and other needs.

Congratulations to Purple Kangaroo, who is expecting again! Passing the crackers, and many happy baby wishes!!!

Much love to the family and friends of the little girl who died so tragically after an accident at a birthday party.   xoxoxo

Continuing love to Boston and West COMMA Texas.

Don't forget -- Wednesday Book Club, next book is May 1:  Native Tongue, by Suzette Haden Elgin, to be hosted by Liz.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Brand new week

This one's got to be better than last week. Happy Earth Day!

Nose zits are so not supposed to happen to a person of maturity.  We need the vacuum fairy.  On the up side, it's gorgeous outside.

How's it going for you?

Friday, April 19, 2013

And the verdict is: Mean as all get-out

This week so totally sucks that the only possible award is for the entire BOSTON metro area, and all its many friends, where ever they live.

Hugs, love, and comfort food to everybody.  XOXOXO

Keep on kvetching; this thread will stay open for whines and antiwhines.

ETA -- What happened in Texas was more deadly, and just as horrifying.  Love to West, Texas and all its friends.  XOXOX

ETA -- Next up for Wednesday Book Club:  5/1/13 - Native Tongue, by Suzette Haden Elgin (Liz)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring: happy cheerful, or does she have a mean sense of humor?


Also, Happy Tax Day to the U.S. Pixies.  Yeah, grumble grumble about doing the forms; kick of self if one's estimates were off.   Heck, yeah, there would be some different priorities if I was Queen of the Universe (or if you were).  But on the happy cheerful side -- this is the grand civic exercise that keeps the place running.  We collectively provide schools and libraries and hospitals and courthouses; we build roads and bridges; protect wonderful kids and our elders and core rights and hopes and dreams; we pay police officers and teachers and firefighters and engineers and scientists and safety inspectors and researchers; and on and on.   We could do even more, if the fattest cats were doing their fair share (in my opinion), but that's no reason to disrespect the tremendous good that millions of us do together, every day and every year.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Over Tired Awards

Somehow the over-tired hasn't disappeared this week.

First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Miranda! And kudos for throwing your own party! And getting your kids and friends to help! We wish we could be there to help you celebrate!

P-U Award to Liz, for Muffin Man's pits. And a tissue, to wipe away the "my baby is growing up too fast" tear.

G00gle Award to Sue, for finding long lost friends, some of whom might need to stay lost.

Ah-Choo Awards to all who have pollen and sweaters and mittens to all who do not. Umbrellas to the rain-bound.

I Feel Ya Award to Neighbor Lady, whose NB seems to be coping well at school, except for all the acting out at home. Sigh.

And, a new innovation this week. I am quite proud of myself, if I do say so. Running Toilets will now be inflicted upon any and all insurance companies who cause whining. Which is probably all of them, but I'm trying to be generous.

Chime in on the Wild Discussion over at the book club page. I just finished it, after devouring it the past couple of days.

And chime in with all of your whines next week, right here at the Whiner's Ball.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Over-Scheduled, Over-Tired Whining

AW: Sweet reportedly had a great day at school today, in which she talked (!), interacted with her fellow students (!), and may have looked interested in thinking about participating in group singing (sign of the end of the world).

AW: She also rode the horse for an hour straight.

W: Then she crashed. Hard. Meltdown at bathtime, which continued into bedtime. Sigh.

AW: We may be about 75% certain on a school decision for next year.

W: That's because the developmental pediatrician may have gotten it through Mama's thick head that Sweet simply isn't ready for Kindergarten, in any sphere. I've pushed her before, and it hasn't gone well, so I'm working on myself about this.

W: I'm afraid Mini is getting the short shrift right now. Working on that too.

What are your whines, pixies?

Awards, really really late edition

From out of a clear blue sky award goes to PK - so sorry about the damage done, the problems resulting from the publicity, and the flare-up from the stress. But so grateful no-one was hurt worse.

The cluestick posse is on the way to deal with Kathy A's SIL's ex who has as one of his less endearing character traits a habit of lying to SIL to avoid conflict.

Bug begone award to Esperanza's family.

Best anti whine goes to sue, for a successful treatment.

That's it for today folks. Pray forgive typos. I wrote this on my cell phone

Monday, April 1, 2013

Because I think it may come in handy edition

Putting up a post now, 'cause I know at least two pixies could use it right this minute.

Important Note For Pixies: there are very few rules here at WW, but one that is getting short shrift is one we started with. To wit: this is a place for bringing your troubles, big or small, and letting a supportive community buoy you up with love and cluesticks. If you feel any guilt about whining here, you may whine about that, but there is no-one here judging you. Whining is what Wednesday Whining is for. Banish any feelings of guilt, or I will have to cluestick YOU. Comprende?