Saturday, April 13, 2013

Over Tired Awards

Somehow the over-tired hasn't disappeared this week.

First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Miranda! And kudos for throwing your own party! And getting your kids and friends to help! We wish we could be there to help you celebrate!

P-U Award to Liz, for Muffin Man's pits. And a tissue, to wipe away the "my baby is growing up too fast" tear.

G00gle Award to Sue, for finding long lost friends, some of whom might need to stay lost.

Ah-Choo Awards to all who have pollen and sweaters and mittens to all who do not. Umbrellas to the rain-bound.

I Feel Ya Award to Neighbor Lady, whose NB seems to be coping well at school, except for all the acting out at home. Sigh.

And, a new innovation this week. I am quite proud of myself, if I do say so. Running Toilets will now be inflicted upon any and all insurance companies who cause whining. Which is probably all of them, but I'm trying to be generous.

Chime in on the Wild Discussion over at the book club page. I just finished it, after devouring it the past couple of days.

And chime in with all of your whines next week, right here at the Whiner's Ball.


kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony! xoxo

Miranda said...

Thank you. I wish you wonderful women could have been there in person. There was so much love from truly lovely people. My daughter made sure everyone signed my guest/memory book and everyone had something beautiful to share. I am so honored to count these people as my friends.