Saturday, April 27, 2013


Sorry, running late (again)!

Zits are the Ailment of the Week, making appearances on noses, eyebrows, chins, and backs of various otherwise-distinguished Pixies.  Kudos to Esperanza's Mom, for being the only adult human of her entire generation to tell the truth:  zits never go away.

Sue wins the Weather Whine Restraint Award, for not even complaining about snow at the end of fireplaceing April.  And also the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for explaining:  "I've decided to become one with the FIREPLACING SNOW. Ohhmmmm......"

Runner up for Mullet is Esperanza's Mini Baboo, who complains of the Great Waffle Tragedy.  Oy!  And syrup!  The humanity! 

Teacher of the Week Award goes to Neighbor Lady, who did great with her sample teaching session!  Fingers firmly crossed.

Miranda wins the Out of the Blue Award, for people noticing her workplace fabulousness, and the possible move that might flow from that. 

Meet the Mom Award also goes to Miranda, who has been summoned to the son's GF's mother's for a visit.  We think it will be great, but the Cluestick Posse is on call, should services be required.

The Posse is also ready for people who can't make up their minds, offspring who believe Mom is The Human Alarm Clock, work albatrosses, meddlesome and/or nasty people, and other needs.

Congratulations to Purple Kangaroo, who is expecting again! Passing the crackers, and many happy baby wishes!!!

Much love to the family and friends of the little girl who died so tragically after an accident at a birthday party.   xoxoxo

Continuing love to Boston and West COMMA Texas.

Don't forget -- Wednesday Book Club, next book is May 1:  Native Tongue, by Suzette Haden Elgin, to be hosted by Liz.  


Sue said...

Great awards kathy a!

esperanza said...


kathy a. said...

one of my daughter's good friends just posted on FB (via mobile) that her fiancee says she is boring, and he hid her laptop so she would find other hobbies. this is squicking me out. no no no, i do not like this.