Friday, April 19, 2013

And the verdict is: Mean as all get-out

This week so totally sucks that the only possible award is for the entire BOSTON metro area, and all its many friends, where ever they live.

Hugs, love, and comfort food to everybody.  XOXOXO

Keep on kvetching; this thread will stay open for whines and antiwhines.

ETA -- What happened in Texas was more deadly, and just as horrifying.  Love to West, Texas and all its friends.  XOXOX

ETA -- Next up for Wednesday Book Club:  5/1/13 - Native Tongue, by Suzette Haden Elgin (Liz)


Anonymous said...

One reporter has been stationed right next to the driveway to a parking area we used to use when we lived in a different town many years ago.
So weird.
Trying to be normal here in further out suburb. Had an ortho appt for Neighbor Girl.
Now, have to go get a snake due to a clogged drain. So very normal, and yet so very much not.
Not OK, world, to have to wonder whether going to the hardware store is safe. Can't imagine how people in areas where there is often conflict do it.
--Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

Kathy a., thanks so much for the open thread, and thanks for the Boston area award.
I must say, I am very very proud to call this place my home.
--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Very glad things have quieted down in Boston!

Hugs to Texas, too.

esperanza said...

Thanks from Texas, but there's just no measuring horrific.