Monday, January 7, 2013


This is my daughter, who decided to eat the big piece at her party all those years ago.  Her birthday happens again this week.   I should probably bake something, but it will not be as well-decorated as the one pictured. 

What's happening?


Miranda said...

I love this picture. They grow up so quickly. Sob. They change us completely. Hope you both can celebrate the anniversary of her birth.

kathy a. said...

We are going to Chez Panisse cafe for her birthday tomorrow! It is local; and the cafe upstairs is not so chi-chi as the main restaurant. But she's never been, and the food will be fabulous.

I don't know how to describe this place. It is in a fairly ordinary Berkeley neighborhood; it is built out of an old house; and it gets many stars on national and international foodie charts, while remaining a comfortable and relaxed place. Expensive, but what the heck.

esperanza said...

OK, now after I read that I have a whine. Kathy a has places in her town with fancy French names and chi chi food. Our fanciest restaurant is called (I am not making this up) Mr. Taco. Wah.

Sue said...

Happy birthday to your daughter kathy a!!!

esperanza - most unfortunate. Mr. Taco eh? Hm.

AW: Son from Way Out West is visiting for this week. It was so good to have all of us around the table for dinner last night!

W: Pulled a hamstring. How, you ask? Breathing. Seriously - I haven't even had time to go for a brisk walk in the past week, so I have no clue how I did this.

I cannot sit comfortably at my desk, so the laptop is on top of the thickest books in my office and I'm standing up as I type.

AW: I have a lot of books, so propping up the computer is no problem.


kathy a. said...

ouch, sue!

oh, esperanza. not even senor taco?? ;)

little w that isn't even my w: i'm worried that nobody else will remember it is her b-d. like, i think all the aunts and her grandma forgot. her friends are scattered. sigh. (she's an adult. but she has had a very lonely year...)

kathy a. said...

sue, that is great having far-away son home for the week!

to clarify -- daughter has spent 12 months looking for work and turning up zero, zip, nada. every suggestion you can think of has been made; and no way can i be a helicopter mom at this point. she may join the navy; i think all the application stuff is finished now. it will be better when she is out doing something.

Anonymous said...

Hugs to sue on the hamstring, and to esperanza on Mr. Taco. oy.
Kathy a.--I once went to Chez Panisse on a trip to your area many years ago. I was completely stuffed up from a cold (it was a travesty!!!! seriously!!! I had been wanting to eat there so long!!!!) and still the food tasted AWESOME!!!
Can't wait to hear the report on what you all order!
Living vicariously? Why, yes, I am!
Happy Birthday to your daughter!!
:) Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

here's the menu for tonight. i've looked up all the exotic terms, and am already in heaven.

the prices are crazy, of course, which is why we don't normally go there. but we're celebrating!

debangel said...

Kathy..HBD to your not-so-little girl! I've worked for years as a nanny, and I've always brought flowers to the mamas on their kiddos' birthdays..wish I could bring you some!

I was going to whine first, except..BWAHAHAHAHA Mr. Taco??? I'm not laughing at you, Esperanza, I am laughing near you. In deepest sympathy. Please come out to visit me and I will find the chi-chi'est restaurant ever to bring you to dinner!

Antiwhine: Esperanza! Who totally "got it" that I was freaked-out kissing my daughters goodnight, because of my surgery tomorrow, and added prayers for tonight in addition to sending them my way in the morning.

Whine: Totally squicked-out as well as freaked-out at the thought of having that D&C/polypectomy. And of course, BECAUSE I AM AWESOME, Aunt Flo arrived just in time. Tomorrow morning I get to wear baggy yoga pants, glasses instead of contacts, a gigantic diaper-like pad AND not have breakfast or coffee. Have I mentioned that I'm not a morning person under the best of circumstances ?? Somehow I think the "no sex for two weeks" thing is not going to be a problem, LOL. But just in case (other whine), James is leaving for San Antonio on Thursday morning for 10 days. Boo, hiss.

Antiwhine: Arianna came home today! She was so happy to see all of us! She was a little jet-lagged and whimpered and woke up a bit ago..I went in there to kiss her some more, and she said "I want Daddy". I about melted from Teh Cute. I am not looking forward to telling her that she won't see him but for an hour or so tomorrow morning, and then not again for over a week. She hates it when he leaves!

Ok, I"m procrastinating, because I don't want to go to bed, because I am a big old chicken and don't want to have surgery! I'm sure everything will be fine, and I'll update you ASAP. On my new iPad Mini, because my husband is ca-RAZY, and spoils me rotten ;-) Night night, lovely Pixies :)

kathy a. said...

(((( debangel )))) we're here; you whine away, sister.

i'm sorry, but i still think it was a feat of marketing stupidity to name the tech thing the ipad, on account of now you are talking about two kinds of pads right in this single comment, which is pretty prize-worthy.


debangel said...

LOL good point, Kathy! What's pathetic is that the maxi is almost bigger than the Mini!! (Really.)

kathy a. said...

don't mix 'em up! ~snort~

esperanza said...

bwahahaha! I say it's a good time for AF to come; that way she won't mess up your plans after you get the all clear. Let the surgeon deal with it.

esperanza said...

Also, W: when a certain person wakes you up a dozen times during the night, it is hard to be pleasant to that person in the morning.

Sue said...

Thinking of you today debangel and looking at the ipad in an entirely new way.

I hope the birthday dinner went really well kathy!

AW: I got a paid writing gig with our denominational magazine. It's not a huge amount of money, but it's great to be published again. It's been a while. My article will be in the March issue. I'll link to it when it is online.

W: Hammie. I prefer that word when it is the name of a pet hamster.

AW: I'm at least able to sit at my desk this morning. Yay - progress!

kathy a. said...

thinking of you, debangel. xoxo

yay, sue, about the writing gig! glad you aren't quite as ouchy today.

report for NL: it was heavenly! i had a shaved winter veg salad with apples, and then this fabulous tortellini. daughter had clams; beloved had petrale sole (but he envied the clams). we shared lemon sherbet. also delicious bread.

i'd love to figure out how to make the salad. the root vegetables (red radish; daikon; bit carrot; + ???) were cut very thin with a mandolin; apple a tiny bit thicker; and a light savory yogurt dressing to pull it together. there might have been a tad of celery. i know not from parsnips and turnips, but they could have appeared -- there was definitely a mixture of veggies, just a tad more of them than the apples.

kathy a. said...

bleah: i have to report my continuing professional education hours by the end of the month. have plenty of hours, but there are some special category requirements that i can't document. the due date is why everybody in my sector of the alphabet has gotten approximately 900 emails from providers who want to sell some legal education.

it's kind of like those online driver classes after you get a ticket, except there's no such thing as "comedy legal ethics." (which really makes no sense; you could tell a bunch of bad lawyer jokes, and after each one say, "don't do that.")

liz said...

Kathy A., I can recommend TRT (my husband teaches classes for them periodically.) They do on-line and telephone classes.

I feel confident that they would have something useful for you.

Did you know, btw, that if you _teach_ the classes, you get credit for your own CLE? Including credit for the prep time? My husband's set for the next two years.

Anonymous said...

Kathy a., now that I have wiped the drool off my keyboard, let me just say that that sounds DELICIOUS!
Glad you all had a fun night! Thank you for the living vicariously moment!

:)Neighbor lady

kathy a. said...

yeah, i used to get credits for teaching seminars. i'm just short some special kinds of credits, and the programs need to be certified by my state. grumble.

back to the food report: i did not grow up with bivalves; we don't cook them. daughter's dinner was tiny fresh clams, and lots of them -- oven baked, with chick peas and broth, spices, some aioli to the side of the dish. all the clams but one opened up; she had a bitty seafood fork to scoop out the loveliness. daughter fake-complained about how much work this dinner was to eat, but i noticed that she only let her dad have one tiny clam.

debangel said...

Hi Pixies! Home safe now, and doc sez everything looks good- not like uterine cancer at all, though biopsy by Wednesday to make sure :) Conking out now..probably more tired from eating a cheeseburger the size of my face than from the actual surgery! Having unfunny cramps so a nap should help me skip out of those until I am allowed to take more Advil in a couple hours. Love and hugs to you and thank you for all the love and prayers! Xoxoxo Deb

kathy a. said...

woot, deb!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home now and safe.
Hope the cramps subside soon.
Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

yay, deb. That sounds like good news. Napping is good. Adios to the cramps.

W/AW: It's 6:15 pm and both Baboos are in bed. Mini skipped naps two days in a row, plus was the bad sleeper last night. She needed to go to bed. i was all set to let Sweet play for a while, but she came in and said she was ready to go to bed. Who am I to argue. Please, baby Jesus, let them not be getting sick.

debangel said...

{{Esperanza}} I'm crossing my fingers that it's a growth spurt instead! I read somewhere that kids only grow when they sleep, so if their jammies are snug tomorrow, let us know ;-)

liz said...

Kathy, TRT is certified for California. Here's their list for CA:

And my husband is not teaching there this year, so it's not to get your money in his pocket (teachers get paid by how many students are on the call).

esperanza said...

AW: Yes, they stayed asleep. Only up, briefly, with Sweet, once. Thirteen hours, and Mini had a dry diaper. Yippee!

kathy a. said...

yay, esperanza! oh happy day! night. whatever.

thanks, liz!

so, today features Further Adventures in Messups of Email (FAME!). i stopped getting email from this work-related list-serve; have been talking to the list admin people for a week, they've gone up the tech / organizational ladders, blah blah. (no, it's not in my spam folder.) so now i have thrashed my way through c0mcr@pstic's alleged "help" options, including the online option that won't post my inquiry and the telephone tree from heck, and someone was supposed to call a while ago. and i have only gotten 3 robocalls so far while waiting for the callback.

AW: the prof running the list has been great, and he actually called me this morning! which was funny and wonderful, since we have communicated via email for 15 years or more.

Miranda said...

Debangel, so glad you are home safely. Hope the cramps ease up. A pillow around your tummy will help since the gas is worse the cramps.

Kathy A, the dinner looked amazing. Drool.

Sue, yay on the writing gig!

W: Sucky work politics. Delusional coworkers. Sucky hours. Sick offspring.

AW, professional: My brain is in demand for its smarts. I field a lot of "Hey, I hear you iz smrt. Can you look this over and advise?" emails from hither and yon. It's good for the career at this stage but it is also exhausting.

AW, personal: My friends are keeping me really busy. The first week of 2013 included social engagements for 6 out of the first 7 days of the year and all with different social groups. 2013 is going to be my year!

Miranda said...

I forgot. I took a bonus day off which turned out to be the funeral for a dear colleagues mother. However, because work people will be there, it will turn into a work thing. I would skip but it would be rude to Dear Colleague who often came into my office for tissue and hugs during her moms long illness. There was a Big Announcement at work last night that changes how we operate so I have reason to believe that if I stay for lunch, I will be expected to participate in that conversation since I am directly involved but it is a funeral for crying out loud. The last time I went to a work funeral with work peeps, I ended up defending the honor for someone who was not there when those assembled wanted to talk about this person behind his back in a way I felt was inappropriate to both him and our deceased colleague.

liz said...


Repeat after me, "We are not here to discuss work issues. This is a funeral. We can discuss this back at the office on Monday."

"We are not here to discuss work issues. This is a funeral. We can discuss this back at the office on Monday."

"We are not here to discuss work issues. This is a funeral. We can discuss this back at the office on Monday."

Miranda said...

I agree. I am trying to find some other suitable conversation topics to gently lead people away from discussion of The Big Thing Announced Last Night. Or, I will listen to others look jerky. Or I can hope that one of my sane colleagues will be there and I will sit there instead of with those I am trying to avoid (senior management).

Sue said...

Yay Deb - hope you are recovering well.

esperanza - yay for long sleeps and dry diapers! Go Mini!

kathy that salad sounds delicious!!! Good luck with the con-ed.

Miranda - Gah! Go with the excellent mantra suggested by Liz.

kathy a. said...

((( miranda ))) things sound really great -- appreciated at work, busy with friends! except for the crappy work politics + funeral part. the mantra is good. as part of your important role in keeping things going, it is totally legit to avoid the ugly persons, comfort the bereaved, and have light conversation with more tolerable people. xoxo

i'm still dealing with my ISP on my issue, which appears to be IN THEIR SERVERS. but today so far i had to talk to 4 employees, and the last one said he'd call back in 5-10 minutes, and it has been an hour. grr.

esperanza said...

Ugh, kathy a, computer issues not fun.

W: changing insurance providers (not our decision) in March. Presto, Esperanza has a new part-time job, trying to figure out coverage, networks, etc. Especially nerve-wracking with regards to all of Sweet's therapies, etc.

W: middle school retreat starts in about an hour. I'm here and (AW) have my own room with internet. But, (W) nervous.

kathy a. said...

esperanza! you will rock the place. plus -- seriously, your own room and internet on a youth retreat!? score.

esperanza said...

I know. Fame has its privileges. I requested it (go me! *not* something I would have done even a couple of years ago).

One keynote down, three to go.

esperanza said...

Two down, two to go.

Me: allergies like crazy. Cold front supposed to come in this afternoon. Maybe that will help. Or not. Hard to speak when you are sneezing. Drugs make me sleep, so that's not an option.

Lots of others: FLU! Eek. About 10 people sent home already. Washing my hands constantly, trying not to get close to anyone.