Saturday, January 5, 2013

Awards: late is the new early

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  (You can see why I always flunk New Year resolutions.)

First, kudos to all for making it through most of the first week of the year!  The other 360 days will be totally achievable.  ;)  

And in the spirit of getting things done, Esperanza wins the You Can Do It Award, for the various youth conference speeches she's writing at a furious pace in "non-Baboo" time.  Go team go!  How do we know she can do it?  Because Esperanza just spent two solid nonstop full-time unbroken weeks with the Baboos, through the holidays, leading to her winning the Great Escape AwardHubby came home early from work today, unexpectedly. I said, "I'm running away from home." Went shopping (boring household stuff) and now at his office working on aforementioned keynote speeches. Thus bringing to an end the TWO WEEKS I've been with the Baboos nonstop.  Very inspirational!

Congratulations and a toast to Debangel, who is off snuggling with her sweetie in the snow, on a grownup getaway!  Awww, you love-birds.  We like lots of little honeymoons -- the same way we used to take a nibble at a time of the chocolate, and savor it, so it would last and last.  

The timing could not be better, because The Jerkface Ex is upping his game.  Our own Liz rode to the rescue, reviewing the e-mail evidence and winning this week's coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award with her report:  "True fact, debangel's shower sac ex is one of the top five biggest assholes I've ever heard about that hadn't been elected to something."   Obviously, the Cluestick Posse will be on regular rounds, honing our skills with an example of exceptional assholishness.

Meanwhile, back at the cubical farm (or its equivalent), Liz was busy winning the Big Corporate Software Geniuses Suck Award, because something got really screwed up, big time, and she was doing a line-by-line to find out how bad and in what way.  So, the Cluestick Posse is also assigned to various corporate entities and the responsible minions lurking therein.  It will be good exercise, if that was on anyone's list of things to ramp up this new year.

Best Year-End Report was from Sue, who noted that she had a great sabbatical, and "Migraine treatment that works. Discovering food triggers and managing to avoid them almost all of the time. Reading LOTS of good books. Writing a good research paper. Feeling loved."  Yay!

Greatest FB ResolutionLiz's friend is posting only in haiku!

And, Yay for the Wednesday Book Club, which to date includes Liz, Purple Kangaroo, Esperanza, Sue, and Neighbor Lady!  And a bunch of suggestions; we'll figure out a schedule. 

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