Monday, January 21, 2013

Cabin Fever Whining

W: That's right. Sweet is *still* running a fever. She feels awful today. Back to the pediatrician. Secondary bacterial infection, throat. Penicillin. Fever should be gone by Wednesday or Thursday. Which, if you're counting, is a week straight. I'm hoping he's wrong and it will be sooner. I'd love for her to be able to go to school on Wednesday.

W: I expressed mild surprise and thankfulness that the clinic was open today. He said, "of course we are." I said, "but it's a holiday." And he said, "but not a real holiday." Sigh.

AW: um. It's a bit of a relief to get off of our hamster wheel.

AW: no one else in the house is sick.

AW: friend from hubby's church has now rescued us two Sunday mornings in a row. We have very flexible jobs, except for Sunday morning. And a feverish Baboo cannot go to the church nursery. Wonderful NG came and stayed with the Baboos and exposed herself to goodness-knows-what two weeks in a row. I think I'm getting her flowers tomorrow.

What's happening with you, pixies?


Miranda said...

AW: Today was a real holiday for m

W: I may need the Lego Strewing Posse to come visit the place that interrupts my leisure this week. It is my hope that things will be merely wryly amusing but knowing the Lego are the ready would calm my nerves over stuff ever so much.

AW: Why has it taken me so long to watch Downton Abbey? I am totally addicted. Can't I call in sick and just finish the 2nd series?

Esperanza, poor Sweet! Flowers for NG sounds lovely.

(Oh, the cheese guy is the seller of the small batch stuff at the local farmer's market. For as much as the man harassed me for soup the week prior, he could have been slightly more happy to see it Saturday. Hmph.)

liz said...

Aw: we made bagels. Real ones.

esperanza said...

Random question: leaving hormones out of the equation, is there a connection between being too hot and having bad dreams? After having a bad dream, I wake up all hot and sweaty. Sweet does too. But what comes first, is it the dream that causes the hot, or the hot that causes the dream?

Dr. Google is of no help, as entering "h0t dre@ms" gets you entirely different information.

kathy a. said...

oy, the fever! yay, the person unafraid of germs!

omg, liz. the bagels, yum.

esperanza, i think the hot and the dreams can work both ways -- dream makes you sweat, or hot makes weird dreams. waking up sweaty might also be ze bug...

but you shouldn't ask me, because the hot flashes are every night x years. only rarely startling dreams.

you can't award yourself, but that google? ~snort~ this is a google i won't try, because my imagination is already running wild!

kathy a. said...

also, downton abbey -- i'm in the addiction tank with miranda. i'm famous for not watching TV, but after all those years (decades!) of not having possession of the remote, i MUST see that show and also grey's anatomy. plus, i have online backup plans, in case of emergency.

esperanza said...

Confession: I didn't actually google that. My judgment/common sense intervened.

kathy a. said...

still gave me a giggle. :)

head-pop: c0mcr@p continues its excellent customer service by, ta daaaa! refusing to attach documents to email i am sending. my work is very document intensive. this means i am once again in for negotiating the Phone Trees from Hell (TM), pronounced "phhhhthhhh" by us insiders.

fortunately, i used some of my down time during the last c0mcr@p debacle to create an entirely new email address, because my "personal" email address contains a not-professional fake name. so now i have 3 email tabs open.

W: am so incredibly badly horribly behind on something. but AW: tide is turning; making some progress. also AW of solidarity: just had a conference call where all 3 professionals are feeling similarly mired on separate projects.

Sue said...

AW: Working at home this week as Con-Ed.

W: Back in the day (as in almost 15 years ago) I worked at a highly dysfunctional church. I mean, more dysfunctinal than most. So on Sunday afternoon!!!! (ie my Sabbath time - my congregation NEVER calls me on a Sunday afternoon except in emergencies) a woman from Sick Church calls me out of the blue.

She hasn't lived in our city for at least 13 years.

She chewed me out - seriously, she was NOT happy with me - because I didn't remember her name.


And she was calling to ask me a favour.

Sometimes people are stupid.

AW: My response: "I'm surprised you remembered MY name."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that ex-parishioner needs a shipment of legos...
Hugs to you.
will return later--time for dinner

aw: husband made dinner!

Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

oooh, NL scores dinner!

wow, sue. legos for sure. i assume she was under a lot of stress, and she forgot that you have had a lot of special parishioners since she was around. (i always assume that people will not remember me, after a gap; i mean, there are so many kathys...)

kathy a. said...

news of the unimportant: when sue says "con-ed," it makes me think of the electric company, even though i am so not a NY person. and even though i just finished a continuing education blah blah (which we call MCLE -- mandatory continuing legal education).

jingo jargon makes
my day; silly language, each
to say. laughs for all.

Sarah said...

ConEd made me think power company too! For no good reason.

Esperanza - flowers for you too for dealing with the never ending sickness.

Kathy - Sounds like a frustrating fight. And I'm amused how many email addresses I have lately.

Sue - Wow, just wow for your former parishioner.

Liz - yum!

I am resisting Downtown Abbey...not sure why ;-) Too much TV already>

AW: things are going well with the BF.

AW: silent for a while cause of extra drama filled life and that seems quieter...yay. Missed you all!

esperanza said...

yay for quieter drama, Sarah.

AW: NO fever for Sweet today!! She felt much better, too. You know what that means...she gets to go to school (preschool) tomorrow! Yippee!

Sue said...

*waves* Hi Sarah!! Yay for less drama.

Yay for Sweet and no fever.

kathy - I wish it were stress on the caller's part. She was calling to ask me to preside at her wedding next year. When she asked about the cost, she balked at the price. When I invited her to call around and compare (she will find us lower than most) she got agitated again.

She said she would call back if she wanted to book the wedding. I don't think she'll call.

Lol re: ConEd. I never thought of that!

kathy a. said...

oh, my. well, she smells like bridezilla from here, so we might need to do something special with the lego posse offerings.

kathy a. said...

of course there are lego weddings! they just need the pieces, disassembled, between the bed and the telephone.

Sue said...

Yes, bring on the Lego Posse. Please!!

LOL - LOVE the Lego Wedding. Is there anything that cannot be found on these intarwebs???

kathy a. said...

BOOK CLUB -- we have pushed the schedule back a week -- Venetia is the first selection, and the discussion is set for January 30 and thereabouts.

liz said...

Re: ConEd. I'm from NYC. I couldn't for the life of me figure out that you meant Continuing Education until Kathy clued me in.

"Working at home this week as ConEd" Sue said. "As ConEd what?" I wondered, "Refits the gas pipes? Redoes the wiring? WHAT????"

And now I are feeling quite stupid.

W: Sinus infection (self-diagnosed). Headache. Vertigo. Bleah. Went to bed at 6:00 PM last night, and didn't want to wake up when the alarm went off this morning.

AW: Able to work from home.

kathy a. said...

liz for mullet! and hope you are feeling better.

well, a woman who got snow-shoes for christmas is capable of doing anything! (outside the kitchen, of course, although i suspect sue of occasional slight comedic exaggerations re teh kitchen.)

Anonymous said...

Liz--don't feel bad, I didn't figure it out until I read your post!
Yay for no fever for Sweet!!!

also yay for pushing back book club timeline, as I just couldn't get done!

:) Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Sorry I confused folks with my ConEd comment!

Feel better soon Liz.

Kathy - no exaggeration re: the kitchen. Hubby is the most easy-going person I know. He is not inclined toward worry at all. However, when I'm in the kitchen doing anything more complicated than making tea he gets this furrow in his brow and leans forward in his chair out of concern. Ya. Too many hot and sharp things for my clumsy paws.

AW: The weather warmed up to -27C today. Seriously, I stepped outside and thought "Not bad!"

kathy a. said...

oh, canada! negative temperature numbers seem impossible to me.

i'm passing some nice hot soup to everyone! apparently the east coast is particularly shivery at present.

in my quiet little suburban town, 2 kids shot 2 other kids on a path on the greenway under the bart tracks. just horrible. i hate guns.

kathy a. said...

little amazon splurge: i bought a cut-resistant glove for when i use the mandoline. the last injury wasn't so bad as the one before that, but who needs a sliced thumb? or finger, if we are talking regular slicing and dicing. (i'm multi-talented when it comes to sharp object injuries.)

and i have fallen in love with this kitchen tool. truly. thin slices of root vegetables are the way to go, and most gloriously with potatoes. (2 versions of pommes anna, this last week.) and omg, onions -- thin slices, a few chops, and a little saute? heaven, i tell you.

kathy a. said...

where is everybody?

esperanza said...

I'm here.

I like it when people are on time. That is all.

Yes, this is a passive agressive, unbloggable whine. Deal.

liz said...

W: My state Senator is Dick Black. I'm sooooo proud!

W: My state's being run by a bunch of out-of-control power-hungry douche-bags. And we're appearing nightly on Maddow, Colbert, and the Daily Show. And in the NYT.

AW: I am holding on tightly to the thought that these are the last, lingering farts of a dying breed.

esperanza said...

Awards spoiler: Liz's AW there is going to get Mullet.

debangel said...

I'd love to say that my new positive "attitude of gratitude" would make me declare "I can't stand to whine". Actually, the problem seems to be that I can't SIT to whine. My ob/gyn did my post-op and shrugged her shoulders at my pain and muscle spasms..yes, you can get 'em THERE. My reading says..pelvic floor dysfunction. It's exactly the same pain as when I broke my tailbone running from zombies this summer, and obviously my body decided to overreact after my surgery. the meantime, I am usually either walking around, or lying down, taking big old doses of NSAIDS and trying to get it to QUIT IT. Let's just say my long weekend with the hubby did not go quite the way we planned...le sigh :(

Antiwhine: Umm..the tummy bug I caught from Seph yesterday only lasted 24 hours? And Ari's snotty cold doesn't seem to be bothering her otherwise?

Oh, I know. My SIL thanked me for petsitting her kitties by bringing me my very favorite caramels from the Vosges-Haut store in Vegas. I would totally share them with you if I could, if only to get more converts for this fantabulous company. Dark chocolate-enrobed salt caramel with Sicilian blood orange and Campari, sprinkled with hibiscus flower powder. Have I mentioned that I'm a chocolate snob? I figure since I'd rather have a diet Coke than wine, I need a high-class vice ;)

Enough sitting..time to pace again...

kathy a. said...

no complaints about prizes for liz's whine.

legos to the late ones, esperanza.

glad you are feeling better, deb! and, mmm.

i've been trying to deal with el grumpo with more cooking experiments. so, there is some very rich veg stock in progress; once again, pommes anna (which is really too sinful, but i didn't use so much butter this time, OR cut my thumb), and leftover chili. nobody is starving. passing as needed.

kathy a. said...

ok, i have a real whine or two. these kids got shot in my town a couple days ago, on a public bike/pedestrian place, right next to the town library and an elementary school. both are OK! but you know, this is not OK. so, there have been a bunch of local stories.

and the latest one has my head popping: "Should gang-related Nikes be banned?" what kind of fireplacing piece of lego is THAT for a story? seriously?? i mean... seriously??? how fireplacing low can you go in talking about measures the community might take?

esperanza said...

Awards tomorrow night, maybe. My to-do list has gotten the better of me today.

kathy a. said...

thank you so much for hosting, esperanza! no worries about awards.

i finished venetia, the book for next week's book club! and i don't normally do romance, but this is a captivating story -- historic romantic suspense. like downton, except set a century earlier, and written a century ago. woo!