Sunday, December 30, 2012

'Twas two days 'til New Year

And all 'round the hoose
The wind was a-whistling like a rampaging moose
The Pixies had all whined their holiday moans
And now were awaiting awards for their groans
So I in my turtle-neck and flannel-lined jeans
Sat down to my computer and keyboard and screen
Thirty-four whines! It's a tough bunch to master
But to give no awards would be a disaster
So I've got my rhyming dictionary out of my stash
To perhaps give these awards just a little panache.
Esperanza reports that Sonic did fumble
Gave burgers, not grilled cheese! Causing a grumble
Kathy's shirt some cranberry sauce did attract
Which is all kinds of wrong after her generous act
PK has come down with some kind of bug
On top of concerns needing a soft gentle hug
Debangel's hubs' boss needs a clue-sticking badly
As does her ex (AKA Ari's daddy).
It seems that of all us of, Sue fared the best,
Figuring out the open-house test
Gossip, and nibble, but stay at the fringes
So as to avoid social anxiety whinges.
I hope I missed no-one in my award-giving spate
If I have overlooked any, please forgive...not hate
I wish that my poetical awards may have given some cheer,
And that all of the Pixies have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


kathy a. said...

liz! stylin' x 2!! lovely awards, my friend.

debangel said...

What rhymes with "Style Award"?

Sue said...

Yay Liz!
Great awards in rhyme!