Friday, December 7, 2012

Not very late Awards

 Some of the stockings.

And some more. You'll have to trust me that everyone will recognize whose is which.

I had this really great art teacher in high school, Mrs. B.  The very oldest ornament that will be on our tree is a diorama in an eggshell, which I made in 1974 in my favorite class, art workshop.  Mrs. B was a fine artist, and she also taught art history, but the main thing she taught was that we should not be afraid of expressing ourselves using whatever materials were at hand.  My kids were lucky enough to have Mrs. S as an art teacher, and her big message was:  "There are no mess-ups in art."  These are among the best pieces of advice, ever.  Work with what you've got.

That being said, Esperanza wins with a Baboo presenting bloody urine, then refusing to pee at the doctor's, leading to the Old Skool Award for this classic:  "So we're reduced to balancing on the potty, trying not to touch her bottom with the cup, and getting enough pee in it. I don't even care if she pees on me. Ugh."  Yes, our old nemesis UTI is to blame.  Yay, meds!

The Classic Parenting Award goes to Miranda, who observes with admirable restraint:  "One day I will have all three of my offspring like me at the same time."  Hear, hear!  Secret but heartfelt kudos to Tween Son, who is being especially sweet.

Liz continues to be Our Holiday Hero, making Seventeen Dozen Chocolates, and then worrying that is not enough.  Is she fearless and dedicated, or what?  The Pixie consensus is that we will do anything -- seriously -- if you'll make a few more for us.

The Truer Words Were Never Spoken Award goes to Sarah, for this:  "W: Sometimes I want things to happen really fast. And they don't."

Sue earns the Bringing Comfort Award, and the Loving the Memories Award, for doing what she does best.  A beloved matriarch gone after a good life; another friend in a long-term care home.  xoxo

Debangel and Liz win a Major Spa Day, for their respective upcoming medical encounters of the "oh dear no" varieties.  Once you are off the narcotics that we almost need just reading about it, we are sending quantities of nice wine, hi-test chocolates from reputable non-Liz sources, and a lot of house elves.

The Siverware-Rearanging Award, with complimentary cluesticking of white-gloved visitors, goes to Neighbor Lady.  Hope the visit/inspection went OK!

Cluesticks to stupid people, soon to be ex-spouses of the difficult variety, and anyone else deserving.  The medical profession in particular needs to watch its behavior, going forward, because we are taking notes.  Hugs and chocolate to everyone.


esperanza said...

No weird bacteria from the cultures, so I guess we didn't do too bad (prior experiences have had strange results, due to Mama's incompetence at potty balancing).

Lovely awards, and the stockings are awesome! I love the undersea one especially.

Miranda said...

I got a hug from Young Adult Son tonight and Teen Daughter is also happy. The glee may be ephemeral but I will remember always.

I love the stockings. :)