Saturday, December 1, 2012

Better watch out!

Here are the first two stockings, made of glorious FELT, the best of all craft fabrics!  Your host is in danger of spending the next month making these, since they are so much more fun than paid work. 

This week's door prizes include a virtual stocking in the color and design of your desires, filled with chocolate from Liz, a rice pudding recipe from Debangel, purse-sized lotion from Sue, mistletoe from Sarah, and star decorations from Esperanza.

Sue wins the Five Minute Sermon Award, crafting a concise but pithy gem. 

The Ribbon of Highway Award goes to Esperanza, off on another loooooong drive.  Hope someone left her crankypants at home.  ;)

Congratulations to Liz, who wins the Pursuit of Justice Award for litigating openness in government.  Which is kind of win-win, even if she lost the first round, since this is gaining some attention.

The Looking Forward to 2013 Award goes to Sarah.  We're raising a toast to moving forward (or, getting "unstuck").  Sounds like you've met a nice guy in the bargain.

Esperanza wins the Ultimate Craftiness Award, for her several holiday-related projects.  Such an inspiration!

The You Can, Too, Do It Award goes to Sue,  who admits to making creations greatly beloved.

Debangel wins the Personal Chef Award, for all the deliciousness in her kitchen.

Best to all who are suffering from afflictions, including but not limited to:  shoulder pain; strep throat; the horror of having to visit the mall; losing stuff; upcoming procedures; headaches;  too little time; tiredness;  dry hands;  missing a beloved one;  sadness of any kind.

See you next week!


esperanza said...

Wonderful awards! And CUTE stockings. I'm impressed.

Full disclosure: part of the reason I make homemade gifts is that I detest shopping.

Miranda said...

Lovely stockings. I'm going to needle felt some snowman ornaments for gifts this year. It's part holiday spirit, part stress relief. You get to jab a blob of wool with needles until it becomes an appropriate three dimensional shape. I will try to post a pic when/if I finish.

Sue said...

Adorable stockings kathy!

Five minute sermon plus bonus Advent hymns - a hit!

kathy a. said...

Hi, Miranda! We'd love to see the snowman!

Esperanza -- who hates something that was made especially for them?

Yay, Sue!

liz said...

Woot for a fun advent worship! Terrific awards, Kathy!