Friday, June 24, 2011

New Tools for the Posse!

Once again, this forum proves to be a fountain of wisdom, even on the topic of bugs.

Sue wins the Fearless Warrior Award for encountering a bug on her desk, and refusing to scream. ~~ Wild Applause ~~

Liz wins the Terminator Award for sending Sue a virtual size 13 shoe, and also sharing the gripping tale of using junk mail and jumping thereon to squash a bug right into flatness, impressing her son with real-life skillz, a vision that will no doubt affect him for his lifetime.

Esperanza earns the Stingie Extinction Award for an impressive two dozen wasps flyswatted to oblivion so far this season. Wasps!

Days and her daughter win the Summer Bummer Award, for finally achieving warm weather only to be bitten unto distraction by hordes of black flies. Not! Fair!

The Ms. Manners Award for best suggestion about houseguests who have overstayed their welcome goes to Liz and Amy, who advocate starting a rumor about LICE. ~shudder~

But this week's top prize, the coveted Wonders of Technology Award, goes to Purple Kangaroo, who alerted us to the existence of the electric flyswatter, a powerful step forward in household bug elimination which we only wish came in In-Law size.

Naturally, all this talk of Death to Bugs led us to some collective contemplation about theological matters, namely that many of us suspect we'd make lousy Buddhists so far as indoor bugs are concerned, as Sue first mentioned. Liz wins the Style Award for her fabulous link.

Sarah wins an Old Skool Award for too much summer chauffering, and Neighbor Lady for an ouchy fingertip next to her nail.

The Cluestick Posse's first stop, of course, is to Esperanza's Outlaws, who managed to arrive early, disrupt whatever harmony they used to have, and keep extending their stay at 3 p.m. each afternoon. 700 years is long enough, we think.

While we're on the subject of annoying persons, The Posse announces the following Public Service Message for People (including but not limited to Days' Caller) Who Do Not Leave Messages: Would it kill you to leave your name and number like a person who seriously wants contact with the person you are calling, over and over?

That's Just Wrong Award for Liz, who had to spork her own.

Anti-Whine of the Week Award goes to Sue, who got her insurance to review her meds, and they admitted a mistake, plus are giving her the supply she needs in case. Great work, Sue!

Congratulations to Esperanza, for [a] getting a steady job offer, and [b] recognizing that it's not right for her now!

Hugs and Crossed Fingers for Days, who is waiting on test results which apparently need to be hand-carved into stone and delivered via donkey, and PK, who is waiting for various medical mysteries to be unraveled.

Refreshments of choice to all who have suffered from the weather, relatives, illnesses of any sort, scheduling problems, miscommunications, disappointments, ill temper, etc. Cheers to all!


esperanza said...

~applause~ lovely ceremony. And thank you for all the sympathies, pixies. In case you're wondering...still here.

kathy a. said...

cluesticks, cludsticks, magic wands, LICE, and cluesticks, esperanza. sigh.

Sue said...

oy esperanza.... :(

Great awards kathy a!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

amy said...

Let the record show I advocated a *rumor* about lice, not an actual lice infestation.

Also, thank you for the award. I think this one might a first for me, ha ha!

Anonymous said...

What Amy said.

esperanza said...

They left today! Poor Mini, who had been ousted from her own bed (her room doubles as the guest room), asked to get in her bed and played there for 15 minutes. Thanks for all the giggles, and the *suggestion* of lice.

kathy a. said...

woooo hooooooo! happy dance!

esperanza said...

Yes, it's amazing how the anxiety level in this house has diminished considerably, even though it's Saturday night (night o' stress for preachers).

liz said...

Doing the happy boogie here for you, Esperanza!