Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Awards

Here they are, late but here.

A fierce competition for Old Skool has resulted in an award for JenR, because pregnant women should not have to deal with itchy tags. If I were making the rules, that would be one. Honorable mentions to Kathy a.’s mayo woes and Sue’s hubby’s golf pool going off in the weeds. (That was an attempt at golf humor, but I realize that I know so little about golf that it may be way off).

Medical Detective Award goes to purple_kangaroo, both for the research into her own condition(s), but for tracking down the bunny illnesses too. Half-baked Medical Detective to p_k’s hubby, for his secretive tallying of her energy level.

People! Respect Sue’s Time! Award goes to Sue, for people (once again) intruding on her day off, and for being late for a meeting. You’re grown-ups. Act that way.

Hugs to everyone having close encounters with the medical community this week, including Sue’s hubby, amy’s preemie friends, Sarah’s daughter (though kudos for the understanding psychiatrist).

Hugs also because of Father’s Day and the many families that can’t find the Dysfunctional Section at Hallmark.

Short, yes. Sweet? Probably not. Sorry for any whines and whiners I missed.


kathy a. said...

Lovely ceremony, esperanza!

Purple_Kangaroo said...

Love it! Especially the half-baked one. :) Thanks so much.

Sue said...

Great ceremonies!