Friday, June 3, 2011


Happy Birthday to Amy's daughter! Thanks to all the pixies weighing in on the important topic of gifts, particularly the thorny question of a special doll. We admire the judicious solution of letting her use the birthday money to choose another something special.

Congratulations to NUD's daughter, who is now a college graduate and employed! Kudos to NUD for a parenting journey well done.

Style Award to Liz, for sharing a joke about summer in Vermont.

Sympathy to all experiencing weather whines this week: rain and cold, blistering heat, cold to blistering in a matter of hours, high winds. The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Sue, for her observation that "rain does not need to be shoveled."

Old Skool Award, Brevity Division to JenR, for "My brain is tired today." Old Skool Award, Culinary Division goes to Sarah for her lament that she has "not yet mastered home burritos."

Dahlink,Your Hair is Magnificent! Award to Days, who has found the ideal stylist, someone so talented that even the wee boy now looks stylin'. Woot!

We have two awards in the Bodily Fluids category: Sue for the cat bark waterfall and associated dry cleaning, and Esperanza for "Operation Potty Train, Naptime Subdivision" and associated endless laundry.

Adventures with Mechanics Award to Esperanza, who discovered that the scary "check engine" light really only meant the gas cap was loose. Let's just send a little cluesticking over to the mechanical genius who decided this was an efficient way to inform drivers of a loose gas cap.

Name Under Development wins the Training Adventure Award for a slight mishap at an otherwise good conference, resulting in a hairline fracture, with an Impress the Boss and Peers sash since this did not occur in privacy. Ouch! Adding insult to injury, NUD is alone with the litter box this week, and scheduled for the rung of heck known as moving the office. We will cluestick anyone who declines to step up for box-packing duty.

Kudos to Liz' mom for the excellent advice that tasks be immediately delegated to complainers! A gentle, educational cluesticking to Esperanza's beloved, who complains regularly that she does not buy "the good stuff," and left to his own devices would spend a week's worth of grocery money on a weekend's worth of culinary delights. Beloved, let us introduce you to the budget.

While the Cluestick Posse is saddled up, we may as well pay an enthusiastic repeat visit to Liz' "friend" [redacted], who seems a little slow on the uptake when it comes to realizing she's doing something wrong.

Many hugs to Sue's friend, who has suffered one loss after another. In the tradition of black humor, at least they are able to joke that if they threw in a broken-down truck, they'd have a country song. But oh, such sorrow. Many hugs also to the loved ones of PK's friends; those poor children, losing both parents so young, and in close succession.


Purple_Kangaroo said...

Thanks again for the sympathy for my friend's boys.

I visited the program today. I parked at the wrong end of the campus and had to walk a long way in a hurry, then took notes during the meeting, stood around to ask questions after the meeting, and had to walk back to my car (which I took at a much slower place). Combined with overdoing it cleaning the kitchen last night and not getting enough rest in general lately, that threw me into a massive flareup/crash/episode of post-exertional malaise. Which cements for me why we were looking into school in the first place. More later. . . too tired& painful to keep typing right now.

Sue said...

Thanks for Mullet!!!

Name Under Development said...

Thanks for the dual awards, Kathy. I just got back from follow-up visit with the orthopedist and I'm healing well enough that I've graduated to needing just a sling--no more partial cast/wrap. I see a long shower in my future.

Co-workers have been very helpful w/r/t carrying, opening, etc.

Bert is home tomorrow, so at that point HE can rock the cat box.


esperanza said...

oh, p_k, rest well.

Thanks for the awards and the "educational" cluesticking for Mr. E. He exclaimed in delight over leftovers tonight, so perhaps there is yet hope for the "good stuff."

And I would really like to return the Bodily Fluids Award, because my laundry cannot compare to cat bark described with the word "waterfall." I say again, ew.

amy said...

Thank you for the kind words and birthday wishes for my big girl. I have only let her open one present so far, and it happened to be the non-fancy diary. She is having SO! MUCH! FUN! working the lock and writing in it that I wager it'll be Christmas before she realizes she didn't get the fancy diary.

Many hugs to you, P_K. I'm sorry you are suffering so. :(