Friday, June 10, 2011

Hail to the Winners!

KLee wins the Social Media Award for an invitation from a five-year-old student to be his f@cebook friend, so as not to limit his ability to ask questions to the school day alone. We are a little speechless.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Amy, for her response to KLee's FB lament: "I have a sudden need to know why koala spit is green and if ostriches eat meat all summer long, if at all."

KLee responds with answers to those questions, and the Random Bonus Fact of the Week, the length of ostrich intestines. One never knows when that kind of information might prove useful.

Amy brings a terrible tale of credit card cancellations due to a security breach, earning the Financial Shenanigans Award. This award comes with a complimentary and heartfelt cluesticking, and the advice that should this happen again, we want the branch manager to hand-deliver the new card immediately, with groveling.

JenR is the recipient of the Old Skool Award this week, since she forgot her whine. (PSA: please remember that small whines are good whines! We do not give awards for whines of substance, because really, who wants the distinction of being the most miserable person in a given week?)

KLee wins the Style Award for best use of a phrase usually ignored by the under-80 crowd, "and Bob's your uncle." The Pixie lexicon is hereby expanded with this excellent addition.

Neighbor Lady wins the Field Trip Award, with small medals of honor to supportive co-workers and the student who did not bark on the bus. YAY! Sounds like a great trip!

Esperanza and Days win the Swimsuit Follies Awards for their respective complaints of inadequately fitting swimwear. Congratulations to Sweet for graduating from swim diapers! And thanks to Liz for suggestions befitting those of endowment.

The Last Lost Pill Award goes to Sue, who saw it swirl right down the drain. Gah!

Sarah earns the Parenting Is Not for Sissies Award, for her chilling tale of a stomach bug hitting each and every family member, and her last. We are thrilled that it decided to vacate the household swiftly.

Practice Makes Perfect Award to PK, who used the practice tests to persuade her independent thinker to just move along to the next question if she believes the answer sheet is wrong. Progress!

Rosie the Riveter Award goes to Liz, who dealt with the bad combination of too little sleep and a too horrible boss. The Posse would like a word with the boss.

Occupational Hazard Award for Sue, who complains of Bridezillas. The Cluestick Posse has been notified.

Days wins the Parenting Brilliance Award for taking a potential weather whine (HAIL, in JUNE) and making it into a grand adventure -- the salvaged hail has taken up residence in the freezer, to entertain another day. And it sounds like the frosty fun will be welcome, given the other whine about it being too darned hot.

Bon Voyage and happy travels to KLee, who has worked for 2 years to raise the money for her GS trip! Wishing her beloved JF luck with the interviews -- our fingers are crossed. The Cluestick Posse plans an extended stop at the MIL's house.

Hugs to PK on the loss of a beloved pet; to Sue, who has struggled with the headache monster yet again; and to all other Pixies in need.

Thanks to all who offered support on pet-related, carsickness-related, and other issues. Thanks, too, toDays for passing the frozen beverages!


Sue said...

LOL!!! I am clearly in the "barely under 80" crowd. I didn't even blink at KLee's "Bob's your uncle" comment because both hubby and I say it All. The. Time. around here. Our boyz love to roll their eyes at us when we say it.

KLee said...

It just sort of slipped out, the Bob's-your-uncle thing. I didn't really think about it as I typed it.

I have many of these wise (and not-so-wise) sayings ingrained in me through many years of use by my father. A favorite of his is: "Shit and two makes eight." While the exact meaning is lost to me, it it often used to convey "That and fifty cents will buy you a cup of coffee." Obviously, this was before the advent of Starbucks.

Aren't you all glad that you don't live in my head?

esperanza said...

KLee, I am so glad you're out of school! You are cracking me up. I regularly hang out with the over 80 crowd and still haven't heard about Uncle Bob. Nor shit addition. Hilarious.

Back from retreat, which was nice, if hot. No a/c, 95-100 degrees, but a nice breeze and a nicer, coolish river. Mr. E is home, relatives are gone. Nice to be us, were it not for the laundry.

amy said...

Fantastic awards! Thank you for the Mullet and the Financial Division awards! When the cards came, I had to call in to activate them. I summoned Pixie Power and readied myself to unleash heck on the rep if they tried to sell me any services, like, um, card protection. They did not, I am happy to report, so I did not have to dip into the cluestick supply.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday!