Sunday, November 29, 2009

No prizes this week. No time. Sorry

Thank you for coming! Sorry I was a poor hostess! Feel free to give awards yourselves in the comments!


Madeleine said...

Crazy Busy Fun Award to our hostess, Liz.

Weekend Work Woes 'Ward to kathy a.

Emily May or May Not receive an award. Only the giblets know.

kathy a. said...

no, liz -- you are a brave hostess to take on thanksgiving week. thanks!

and i'm sorry for whining so much.

kathy a. said...

best to anonymous. words of wisdom award to madeleine for her "15 minutes at a time" advice.

hugs to sue and klee, and i hope those awful headaches have retreated.

good luck to jenevieve on her boards today!

cluesticks to jenr's geek supervisor. and amy's husband, mr. clean.

pie and cheesecake all around!

KLee said...

Prizes to EVERYONE for showing up to share Thanksgiving whines with us. Sometimes this place is the only thing that stops me from heading up to a bell tower with a weapon of some sort. However, I'm so addled half of the time, I'd take a baseball bat, and then be out of luck.

(Sorry, everyone -- don't mean to offend anyone with the bell tower crack. Just my snarky way of saying I appreciate all of you and the WW.)

kathy a. said...

a baseball bat in a bell tower is almost like making music, and music is good. [isn't that what they mean by bats in the belfry?]