Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mile-high Awards

This awards ceremony is taking place at cruising altitude,* when I shoulda been home by now, courtesy of two (count 'em, two) flights in the same day with mechanical problems. But it is no longer Wednesday, so let's smile and move on. Pixies can haz mini kit-katz, no matter what KLee's brother thinks!

Creeping Crud Awards to all the pixies who are sick, have kids who are sick, are trying desperately not to get sick, or have friends with kids who are very sick. This is nearly everyone, but the verifiable list is: Sarah, esperanza (with bonus whiney husband!), Amy, Neighbor Lady (bonus throw-up phobia *and* fake sunburn), Sue, Jen, and maybe I missed someone. It's been a long week.

Future Michael Jackson Award to Amy's Tater, who learned to clap his hands and dance last week! When he does both them at the same time please make the pixies a video.

Old Skool Award goes to Elizabeth and Sue for Grumpiness of Unknown Origin (hat tips to Sarah for the diagnosis). And to Jenevieve who can't find a chocolate ice cream she loves. That *is* hard.

Second Verse, Same as the First Award to esperanza, for the second round of messy window-replacing right when the house was getting cleaned . . .

Much empathy to Emily, whose kids don't load the dishwasher but get offended when she points it out. (Did I ever tell y'all about the time during Senior year of college when I offered to show one of my roommates how to change the TP roll? It was a tricky mechanism and I thought maybe she hadn't figured it out in all those years. Ahem.)

Stylish Whine Award to kathy a., for her ballad of incompetent street repair schedulers. Bonus points for sending her song to the Powers That Be and actually getting some action from them! Sometimes whining is its own reward, and sometimes it Gets Things Done. Huzzah, kathy!

All of our accumulated patience points are on loan to Purple_Kangaroo, until such time as her girl gets some effective treatment so she can stop the constant worrying about POISON. So much to deal with, P_K. We wish we could help.

It's the Stupid Economy Award to Amy, in anticipation of the imminent job loss in the family. Let's hope the lead time is useful for more than just extended worrying. And a side of Silver Lining for the expected improvement in whining content.

Elevated Risk of Mullet is a tough competition this week. On the one hand, we have Jenevieve with "I will not accept this full-sentence-speaking, guitar-playing, potty-training, sous-chef." (Send him over here -- I could use a sous-chef!) On the other hand, there's Emily's succinct description of Liz's corporate fun day: "Nothing says "team building" like handing out sharp knives and inviting competition!" But on my third hand, available due to extensive parenting experience, there's Elizabeth's nomination of Emily's entry in the category: "Elevated risk of milk coming out my nose to Emily." Gah! A richness of pixie wordplay this week! Prizes for everyone!

Pixie condolences to kathy a. on the loss of your stepfather. I hope the family funeral extravaganza is the best that it can be.

And more condolences to KLee and her co-workers for the loss of a co-worker and the attendant group anxiety.

Hugs to Margalit on the loss of her Worthless (but much loved) Pet and her continuing medical uniqueness. Don't you feel special?

The cluestick posse has been detached to deal with the unreasonable medical billing person who is making kathy a. crazy. And probably a return visit is due to the therapist who made P_K's daughter worse. P_K is still dealing with the fallout, so why should the therapist be spared?

Join us in nearly no time at all, when Liz hosts the Election Week Extravaganza.


*Most of it, anyway.


kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, madeleine! sorry the week turned out to be so very hectic.

liz said...

What Kathy A. said!

purple_kangaroo said...

Hugs to all and thanks to Madeleine and all the pixies.

I would like to announce that I have appointments with two different counselors this week for DH and me to meet with them and hopefully evaluate which is the best fit. Also, I found out that the play therapist now does more than play therapy. Last time I talked to her she seemed to think that she wasn't able to do the type of therapy required, but this time she seemed to think she could (and also has learned a few new techniques, it sounded like, in the last couple of years--like EMDR).

So we'll need to decide whether to go back to her (we did like her) or try one of the new ones.