Saturday, November 14, 2009

Awards: Just Not Happening Edition

Hey, pixies. I think you will understand when I say that I just won't be able to write an awards ceremony this week. I'm breathing a lot better today, but I still feel weak and get winded if I do too much. Any energy I've got needs to go into prepping for a work trip I might or might not take next week. (Even if I decide not to go, I need to prepare materials for a colleague who will play my role. His family is only 50% sick, and he isn't in the sick half, so it seems likely he can make it.)

I hear overall travel numbers are down lately and I don't doubt it. This wide-spread flu is for real.

I know several of the pixies manage chronic illness without much reprieve. I salute you!


kathy a. said...

Madeleine - much love and hoping for a swift recovery to all!

You have been a lovely host despite your own illness. Therefore, Huzzah!

purple_kangaroo said...

Big hugs, Madeleine, and thanks for hosting. I hope you feel better soon.

Sue said...

Oh Madeleine - I do hope you feel better very soon.

Madeleine said...

Thank you, kathy a., P_K, and Sue. I'm continuing to improve slowly. But SG is on her 6th day of fever, and My Love is puttering along between well and not-well. Eeesh.

liz said...

Sending love and chicken soup.

Elizabeth said...

Feel better soon