Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sorry I'm a little late with the awards ceremony, but I've just started a boot class at the gym down the road and it took some time today to recover enough from it to type. Since it's now Thursday, I won't whine about how much my arms feel like rubber or about running wind sprints uphill. Really, I won't.

The Glad to Hear That You're Alive award goes to Margalit after her 5-day adventure in the hospital followed by a less-than-joyful return home.

The Old School Awards go to Sarah for "feeling oh so lazy" and having "a mild cold, and to Jenr who has a shy and/or stubborn baby on the way.

For the Style Award, all the pixies unanimously chose YT's "Ode to a Good Friend" as deserving distinction; however, seeing as how her ode was entirely an anti-whine, I don't believe it qualifies in this category. Therefore, I'm awarding the prize to kathy a for her silly haiku about the cat going in the tub. Honorable mention to Jenevieve for the alliterative whine/antiwhine "colic" and "cookies."

The Remembering What It's All About Award goes to michaela, who may not have brought the nipples to the Whiners' Ball, but she did bring the bodily fluids in the form of sweat behind her knees.

And the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Amy for the line "My daughter is only three and she has beaten me." Some sort of honorable mention for the inversion of that phrase by K: "Hugs to [...] the parents whose children are beating them." I just find that amusing.

Finally, thanks for all the well-wishing and support for my friend. I have not heard much of anything about what's going on since the end of last week, so I'm feeling pretty nervous. Hopefully, I'll have an update in next week's whining thread, and hopefully it will be an enormous anti-whine.


kathy a. said...

boot camp at the gym -- better you than me, my friend!

Miranda said...

Lovely awards ceremony, Scrivener.

Yankee T said...

excellent job, Scriv. Thinking of your friend and hoping for a serious anti-whine next week.

amy said...

Fabulous awards ceremony, and I'm not just saying that because I've won ERM. Honest.

Thank you for the Award and thanks to all who wish my beaten carcass well. It did make this afternoon's PullUp/diaper argument seem more ridiculous yet, which I didn't expect.

Hoping for some good news and soon from your friend, Scrivener.